Yacht Charter Croatia With Skipper(2023)

Are you seeking to take a leisurely and at-your-own-pace tour of Croatia’s stunning coastline and islands? You and your family and friends don’t need to look any farther since we have the ideal solution: skippered boat charter.

Here we detail how to sail in Croatia with a skipper.

Common Questions Guests Renting a Boat With Skipper Ask

When will we know who our skipper is? Where do we Go? Can we have the skipper’s qualifications and contact details? Can we discuss and plan our itinerary with the boat skipper in advance? Will my skipper be good company? Is the skipper good with children?

All these common questions plague guests who want to rent a boat with a skipper. Not having a definite answer to these questions keep guests anxious.

Most charterers get anxious when they do not know the skipper beforehand.

Guests Renting a Boat

Understandably, after paying a significant sum of money for the services of a person so important to your sailing vacation, you will want to learn everything you can about them. However, a yacht charter with a skipper is based on trust; trust in the company the individual represents, and trust that they have the required skills and experience.

On the other hand, there may be situations on skippered charters where the boat and skipper are hired separately. In such situations, skippers come from a pool of qualified professionals and often allocate the service on short notice. To avoid uncertainties and anxiety, we recommend that guest rent a boat with a skipper from a reliable company with positive reviews.

Trusted Yacht Charter Company With A Skipper In Croatia

Renting a luxury yacht charter with a skipper is a new cruising adventure. Chartering a sailing boat with a skipper offers vacationers freedom and control. However, finding a skipper and a trusted boat charter company is a different ball game.


Croatia is on the coast of a thousand islands and is home to many skippered yacht charters. With a wide range of charter boats on Croatia’s seas, guests can comfortably sail in Croatia with a skipper from Searadar.

 Searadar is fast growing yacht charter with a skipper in Croatia and the rest of the world.

In Croatia alone, Searadar has over 20,000 yachts to charter from. Searadar is a global company with happy repeat customers from all over the world. Their skippered boat sails cater to guests of all ages and sailing abilities.

They help clients calculate the total price for a skippered charter, advise where and how you can save money, and tell you the trip’s final budget. They provide skipper and concierge services to guide you through the routes, help you book a shuttle to the marina, and offer expert advice on valuable cab services.

Searadar provides details information on the boat charter with skipper services in Croatia. The company is recognised as a trusted concierge service provider with a five-star rating on Trust Pilot and numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Searada provides optimal services and ensures guests feel comfortable in all cruise phases. The company is known to make vacationing in Croatia seamless, secure and easily accessible.

Reasons To Rent A Boat In Croatia With Skipper

  • Comfort: A skippered yacht charter is a stress-free, guided way to sail through the enchanting Adriatic Sea. Renting a boat with a professional skipper to sail you, your family and your friends offer great comfort.
  • No sailing experience required: You do not need nautical knowledge to navigate enclosed waters, including harbours and estuaries. Even with a licence, you may need to learn the rules of the road at sea, and this is where sailing with a skipper comes in handy.
  • Some Level of control: Deciding to charter a skippered boat in Croatia allows you to plan and choose your own sailing route. You can choose where to stop for lunch, snorkel or anchor.
  • Plan your itinerary: Depending on the cruise days of your charter and the requirements, you can plan your itinerary according to your interests and schedule. Skippered boats are open to suggestions from renters about where they would most like to go.
  • Optimal Service: You can relax while you are served a candlelit dinner under the stars and breakfast in the morning sun while you bathe without the worry of navigating the seas.
  • Endless possibilities: The Adriatic pearl is home to over 1000 islands and stunning landscapes decorated with sandy beaches, rugged mountain terrain and dense forests. There are so many places to see, and with a skippered yacht charter, the possibilities are endless.
  • Make the most of your vacation time: You can explore the turquoise-coloured waters surrounding the lush green island, anchoring your boat in the different bays while you swim and snorkel.
  • Maximum safety: A skippered boat provides the knowledge that an expert and a capable person can cope with any unforeseen event and guarantee the safety of all on board the boat.
  • Avoid breaking laws: While sailing in Croatia, you will most likely not break maritime and local regulations. As experts sailing familiar waters, they will be careful not to attract a fine.

Price of Renting a Skippered Boat Charter in Croatia

Skippered Boat

Different boats and vessels can be rented with a skipper. Here a few of them with their rental prices and sailing regions in Croatia.

Skippered  CharterKey FeaturesPrice To Rent Sailing Regions
Gulet yachtsThe main features of a gulet is an extensive lounging area on the aft deck, a large upper deck for those who enjoy sunbathing and a cozy seating area with cocktail tables on the bow deck.   A high level of privacy, a highly professional cr Check PriceKornati area, Split area, Dubrovnik area and Istria and Kvarner area  
SailboatThe most common modern sailboat has one mast and two sails. However, a sailboat is a broad term defining many different boats. There are several categories of sailboats with plenty of sail options. An example of a sailboat is Catamaran, DaysailerCheck PriceKornati area, Split area, Dubrovnik area, and Istria and Kvarner area
Deck boatDeck boats are distinct from other types of boats in that their hulls are designed to provide additional deck space.   They are stylish, convenient and very versatile for family adventures. Deck boats have large cockpit areas and spacious decks, making it a great choice for anglers.   The lightweight deck boats are ideal for beaching, family fishing, and basic watersports.  Check PriceKornati area, Split area, Dubrovnik area, and Istria and Kvarner area
Motorboat, Speed boat, and PowerboatA motorboat is exclusively powered by an engine. Some motorboats are fitted with inboard engines and ideal for cruising on the ocean or great lakes and navigating through large rivers.   Motorboats have one or more engines that propel the vessel over the top of the water. Motorboats vary in shape, size, and type. They are ideal for entertaining and going on adventures. Motorboats are the preferred choice for watersports.Check PriceKornati area, Split area. Dubrovnik area and Istria and Kvarner area

Difference Between Skippered Boat Charters and Bareboat Charters

The difference between skippered charters and bareboat yacht charters is that a professional skipper sails the yacht for you rather than sailing the boat yourself.

Skipper boat charters are specially designed for those who have never sailed before. Skipper charters allow you to relax, unwind and expand your knowledge while soaking up the beauty of the ocean.

A skippered yacht charter in Croatia entails hiring a professional skipper to oversee all navigational aspects of the yacht. Skippered yacht charters are specifically designed for those who have no sailing experience.

Bareboat charters or demise charters are popular with sailors who want to relax, explore the beaches and other lively, adventurous destinations, and expand their knowledge.

In a bareboat charter, the owner rents his vessel to a charterer for a while. During this period, the charterer remains fully responsible for the vessel. This means the charterer is responsible for the fuel, insurance and all vessel maintenance and repairs.  A bareboat charter has no provisions for a crew or sailor when chartering the yacht or boat and the charterer has to pay for any additional services.

Benefits of Sailing On A Skippered Boat Charter In Croatia

What better way to explore the delights and shimmering waters of the Adriatic than aboard a skippered boat? A boat skipper is a person who commands a boat and its crew and is liable for the care and safety of the ship, vessel, boat or yacht.

Boat skippers know their specialities are terrain and navigation of the Croatian waters. Your skipper will take care of sailing, mooring, safety, weather forecasts, and navigating your cruise and the guests’ safety. The skipper is often a translator, a local guide, and, if you’re lucky, a terrific angler, storyteller, and even a chef.

Peradventure, you have a nautical licence, and sailing on a skippered boat still offers great benefits. Taking advantage of a skippered cruise to learn additional navigation techniques and obtaining valuable advice from another capable professional is a great way to hone your knowledge and use it on another occasion.

Exploring the Dalmatian coast in a comfortable and private skippered boat charter in Croatia is an unparalleled cruising experience.

Dalmatian coast

Five Things A Skipper Will Not Do on a Yacht Charter.

It is best to know what is part of the rental agreement with the skipper and what is not to avoid disappointment.

At the same time, all boat charter services with skippers are different. There are some basic requirements of a skipper, which do not include the following:

  1. Serving drinks or meals. Your skipper will not serve food or drinks on a charter in Croatia. Instead, guests are required to feed the skipper. Guests are expected to provide a skipper with a cabin or a berth on the yacht and proper daily meals.
  1. Cook. While many skippers are excellent cooks, guests should expect the skipper to refrain from cooking meals. If cooking services are required, guests can either pay for a crew which includes a chef or make alternative arrangements. It’s a clear obligation for the charterer to ensure the skipper is properly provisioned.
  1. Babysitting: The guest must take care of their children and ensure they behave properly at sea.
  1. Sail If Unsafe. There is a level of control that guests enjoy when sailing in Croatia with a skipper. However, the decision to sail will always lie with the skipper. The skipper will always put the safety of the crew and boat before any practical considerations.
  1. Work all day. It is important to note that skippers are humans, and while they will work hard during your charter and will always be on duty if you are underway — they will not work for 24 hours a day. On a sail in Croatia, a skipper’s duties are considerably defined, and they will work a maximum of 8 hours a day.

Some Boats Searadar Has To Offer

  • Gulets – Atalanta, Trebenna, Alba, Andjeo, Stella Maris, Acapella, Dona and more.
  • Sailboat – Sea Breeze II (Motoryacht), Oceanis 35, Freedom 2020 (Oceanis 55), Whyknot (Jeanneau 57), Tourbillon (Oceanis 60), Sophie Emilie (More 55), Nada III (Jeanneau 64), My Lady (Sun Odyssey 45), Perla (Beneteau First 21.7), Vidra (Beneteau First 21.7), Strizh (Cobra 41), Jana (Sun Odyssey 32i), Emanuel (Bavaria 36), Diana (Bavaria 36), Four Winds (Elan 340) Bajka (Elan 333), and many more.
  • Motorboat – Get Lucky (Fairline Squadron 50), Adriatic Falcon (Frauscher 1017 GT), Katija (Prestige 36), Boha (Focus Power 44 Hard Top), and many more.
  • Catamaran – Saba 50, Aura (Lagoon 42), CAPTAIN MORGAN ( Lagoon 50), Cool Change (Lagoon 560), Marla (Lagoon 450 Flybridge), EMERALD GEMINI (Lagoon 52 F owner version), SUMMER STAR (Lagoon 50 Fly), Princess Claire (Lagoon 50) and more.


In Croatia, there are numerous skippers to pick from. When choosing a Croatia luxury boat rental, it is critical to trust your skipper and remain open-minded.

We recommend Searadar. They offer an all-year-round yacht charter with a skipper in the Croatian waters of the Mediterranean. With their extensive market experience and know-how, their credibility precedes them.

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