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WHERE TO STAY IN VUNG TAU: Resort, Hotel, and Hostels in Vung Tau

WHERE TO STAY IN VUNG TAU: Resort, Hotel, and Hostels in Vung Tau

Aaaah, Vung Tau, a city in Vietnam, separated from the mainland by a gulf river. It is well-known for its oil industry, but there’s more to Vung Tau than oil. It is surrounded by a body of water, after all, thus making it a peninsula that’s why it is also abundant with picturesque natural scenery, which attracts many tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Some of its tourist attractions include Vung Tau lighthouse, Hon Ba, a small island and Vung Tau back beach, which has a similar vibe to the famous Seminyak beach in Bali.

Other famous tourist attractions include Dinh Co Temple, a Buddhist shrine called Thich Ca Phat Dai, Worldwide Arms Museum and a night market. Basically, there are a million things a tourist can do in this city. In this article, we will answer the question, where to stay in Vung Tau?

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If you’re planning on staying for a couple of days, you will definitely need top-notch lodging, and that’s where this article comes in. This article consists of highly recommended resorts, hotels and hostels by the public and if you want some suggestions on accommodations in Vung Tau, then feel free to read on.

Best Resorts in Vung Tau

We’ll start with our most recommended resorts. These resorts aren’t only affordable but have scenic views and high-quality customer service as well. They have a lot of amenities and are near some of the city’s landmarks. Without further ado, here are some of the best resorts in Vung Tau.

Marina Bay Vung Tau Resort & Spa

The place Marina Bay might be familiar to you because of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands. However, there’s another Marina Bay that’s slowly gaining traction, and that’s Marina Bay Vung Tau resort and spa. This is a 4-star resort which is an excellent place for couples, friends and families alike.

  • near the beach
  • a wide variety of dishes from three of their restaurants
  • two outdoor pools
  • no pets allowed

Pullman Vung Tau

Pullman Vung Tau is the first-ever 5-star hotel in Vung Tau City. While staying in this hotel, you’ll get to wake up to scenic views such as The Back Beach and mountain ranges. You also won’t be bored because of the diverse activities that they offer.

  • various beach and water sports
  • fitness centre and golf course
  • babysitting services upon request
  • limited options for breakfast
  • the pool isn’t the best for a 5-star hotel

The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel is another 5-star hotel that has its own private beach and beach club. It is an art boutique hotel inspired by the Victorian England era to feel like royalty. We can confidently say that this place is an excellent accommodation in Vung Tau. 

  • complimentary access to their exclusive beach club
  • near the night market, cinema and amusement park, among others (farthest is a 15-minute taxi ride)
  • meticulously manicured gardens and lavishly decorated ballrooms
  • could use a little renovation

Best Hotels in Vung Tau

Next, let’s talk about mid-range hotels in Vung Tau. This list is filled with accommodations that are affordable yet still comfortable and relaxing.

ibis Styles Vung Tau

ibis Styles Vung Tau hotel is also under Accor Live Limitless which manages Pullman Vung Tau to know that this hotel will also be one kind. This 3-star hotel is located near The Back Beach area.

  • a rooftop bar and swimming pool
  • gym
  • breakfast is included upon your stay here
  • thin walls

The Wind Mountain Side Hotel

The Wind Mountain Side Hotel is a 4-star hotel that is 109 km away from Than Son Nhat international airport, but the good thing is they have a private airport shuttle service. 

  • provides currency exchange services
  • pool, sauna, and gym
  • they have hammam and barbecue facilities
  • quite a distance from the beach

Green Hotel Vung Tau

Green Hotel is a 5-minute drive from Vung Tau city centre. It is also 2.3 km away from Lam Son Square shopping centre and 1.9 km from Christ, the King Statue. This hotel is near various landmarks.

  • free use of bicycles
  • luggage storage, tour arrangements and currency exchange
  • laundry and dry cleaning services are also available
  • some rooms need renovation

Best Hotels in Vung Tau

You may already have a clear idea of where to stay in Vung Tau but before you make your final decision, check out these hostels first especially if you are on the budget.

Hostels are usually being painted negatively, but that’s not the case with these three hostels. We made sure that the hostels listed here are safe, cosy and have good customer service.

Tomorrow Hostel

Tomorrow Hostel has received raving reviews from the people who stayed there. The hostel is spotless, and the staff are polite and friendly.

  • tons of hot pot restaurants, cafes and rice shops around the area
  • they offer motorbike rental services
  • has a sun terrace, a shared lounge and a garden
  • limited shared bathroom; one bathroom per floor

Dream Box Hostel

Dream Box Hostel is close to the various landmarks in Vung Tao City. Less than a kilometre to Lam Son Square trade centre and stadium, as well as Bach Din. Big Mountain cable car house is also within walking distance from this hostel.

  • they have a wide selection of books and board games
  • bunk beds have blinds for privacy
  • they provide airport shuttle services
  • AC doesn’t work well, and there aren’t enough fans to keep the rooms cool

Gecko Hostel

Out of the three hostels, this is the best place to stay in Vung Tau for me because it is only 5 minutes away from the local supermarket, a 10-minute walk to restaurants and shopping malls and 800 m away to the Front Beach.

  • they provide bicycle rental services
  • the rooms are air-conditioned, and each room has a bathroom
  • they have a patio and garden
  • they are currently closed due to COVID-19

Now that you have the complete list of best resorts, hotels and hostels in Vung Tau, taking a pick on where you will stay will surely be easier for you. Keep in mind that these places are perfect not only for couples but also for a group of friends and families.

I hope that you found this article useful and most importantly, you now know where to stay in Vung Tau. If you stayed somewhere else and you think they should be on this list, let us know in the comment section below.

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