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WHERE TO STAY IN HOI AN: Resort, Midrange Hotel, Hostel

WHERE TO STAY IN HOI AN: Resort, Midrange Hotel, Hostel

Hoi An is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. It is home to several historic temples and assembly halls where travellers can learn a thing or two about Vietnamese culture and history. The city also offers activities unique to this part of the world, such as the famous basket boat riding.

And of course, foodies will also have plenty of opportunities to taste authentic Vietnamese dishes in Hoi An, including several local specialties unique to the area.

All that and more awaits you when you choose to experience Vietnam through Hoi An. But before you suit for your Vietnamese adventure, one of the first things to arrange your Hoi An accommodation. And that’s where this article can help. We’ll help you figure out the best place to stay in Hoi An. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!



The best place to stay in Hoi An is subjective. Each and every traveller has different preferences and needs. So what we’ll do is list several various accommodations that have garnered high ratings from previous customers, give our thoughts about them, and, of course, leave the decision-making up to you.

Luxury Resorts and Hotels in Hoi An

If you have a high budget to splurge on luxury accommodation and resort then check out these rentals.

Anantara Hoi An Resort

Anantara Hoi An Resort is situated near the Thu Bon River, making it an ideal place for travellers who have a special affinity to bodies of water, such as, well, a river. Boating and fishing are just a couple of minutes away, as it isn’t only near a river, but also near the Cu Dai Beach where you can soak in salty waters for as long as your heart feels like doing so.


  • each room is equipped with a private porch with stunning views of the garden
  • near Cu Dai Beach and Thu Bon River
  • fine dining options and in-house spa


  • the pools are relatively small
  • only serves instant coffee in a packet

Hoi An Field Boutique Resort and Spa

Hoi An Field Boutique Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels in Hoi An since it offers relaxation at its finest. From its rooms with a warm and relaxing ambience to its leisurely spa! They even offer free bike rentals, so you can explore the beautiful surroundings.

Its prefect location is just a few kilometres away from the places of interest, such as the Hoi An Historic Museum, and the Japanese Covered Bridge. Oh and some rooms offer breathtaking views of rice fields which are highly praised by previous customers.


  • centrally-located
  • continental and buffet breakfast available
  • spa and wellness centre
    Free bikes


  • limited dining menu

Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery

With designs that draw inspiration from a 16th-century love story of a Japanese merchant and a Vietnamese princess, Hotel Royal Hoi An exudes an ambience of royalty, making it one of the most famous and sought after hotels in Hoi An. Clearly, each of its rooms is designed with elegance in mind with the cherry on top being the spectacular views of Thu Bon River.


  • spa and wellness centre
  • rooftop bar
  • international dishes
  • complimentary bicycles


  • crowded during breakfast

Four Seasons The Nam Hai

Four Seasons The Nam Hai is located next to Hoi An Beach, making it an ideal place for beach-inclined travellers. Each room is equipped with a Bose sound system, iPod docking stations, flat-screen TVs and of course Wi-Fi. There is also an option to dine by the sea, which is an ideal setting for couples looking for a romantic evening.


  • located near the Hoi An Beach
  • badminton, tennis, and basketball court
  • bose sound system in each room


  • outdated room design

Mid-range Hotels in Hoi An

Don’t fret, Hoi An isn’t reserved for affluent travellers only. Check out these hotels for mid-range accommodation in Hoi An. If the luxury resorts are above your budget here’s a great recommendation of where to stay in Hoi An without spending too much.

Lantana Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa

Lantana Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa is one of the best places to stay in Hoi An in terms of convenience. It is near some of the tourist highlights of the city, such as the Japanese Covered Bridge. Coming and going is just as convenient as touring around because it is just 30 kilometres away from the Da Nang Airport.


  • centrally-located
  • on-site fitness centre
  • shuttle service


  • small rooms
  • bicycle use is not free

Silk Sense Hoi An River Resort

Silk Sense Hoi An River Resort is another hotel that’s a few minutes from the major tourist spots of Hoi An. It is 3.5 kilometres far from the Assembly Hall of Chaozhou Chinese Congregation in Hoi An, and the Hoi An Historic Museum and Assembly Hall of the Hainan Chinese Congregation are just 3.6 kilometres away. Each of its rooms features a private bath equipped with a bidet and shower, and they also provide complimentary toiletries.


  • free use of bicycles
  • on-site resto
  • private beach area


  • limited food menu

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Hoi An

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Hoi An offers a world-class hotel experience that won’t put a huge dent in your pocket. It has almost everything every traveller might look for in mid-range accommodation, such as an in-house wellness centre, on-site restaurant, and the convenience of being near the Da Nang Airport and other places of interest.

Their restaurant serves Asian and European dishes, so whatever your food preference is, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it here.


  • wide selection of food in their on-site restaurants
  • spa and wellness centre
  • complimentary toiletries


  • some distance from the beach

Best Hostels in Hoi An

If you are a budget traveller or just looking for a more intimate and personal way to experience Hoi An, then just like everywhere else in Vietnam, you can find some great hostels at very modest prices.

Tribee Cotu Hostel – Party Hostel

Tribee Cotu Hostel is a great hostel to stay at if you enjoy mingling with other travellers. They have a shared lounge and free Wi-Fi access. With many tours and activities on offer, including a free food tour, a stay at Tribee Cotu is perfect for the social traveller who enjoys experiencing life with new friends.

If a bathroom is something you’re uncomfortable with sharing with strangers, fret not, because each of their rooms has its own private bathroom.


  • private bathroom
  • centrally-located
  • nearby ATM


  • some rooms have no windows

Happy Monkey Hostel – Party Hostel

Save some money but enjoy your journey at Happy Monkey Hostel where you’ll only pay a fraction of a hotel’s price, meet fellow travellers, eat some good Vietnamese food, and maybe even get a bit tipsy.. All that excitement, plus convenience.

This hostel is located near some of the most famous tourist spots in the city, with Hoi An Historic Museum and Assembly Hall of Chaozhou Chinese Congregation being only 6 kilometres away.


  • swimming pool
  • on-site cafe


  • limited number of staffs that can speak English very well

Lazy Bear Hostel – Relax-vibe Hostel

Lazy Bear Hostel is an accommodation where you can relax and, well, be lazy all throughout your stay. It features minimalist-style, but nevertheless, cosy rooms, hyper-clean bath areas, and an overall relaxed vibe. If you feel like mingling with other travellers, there’s a common garden area where you can meet and greet tourists from different parts of the globe. And to top it all, they offer free bike rides.


  • free bicycle use
  • free parking area
  • shuttle service
  • on-site bar and restaurant


  • some distance from the tourist attractions

So we’ve covered some of the best places to stay in Hoi An from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. I really hope that we helped you answer the “where to stay in Hoi An” situation and you’ve found your own best place to stay while here among the list of accommodations above, or at the very least, have helped you find the hostel that suits your preferences.

In any case, you can share with us your thoughts about the article, or if you’ve been to Hoi An already, do share with us your renting experience through the comment section below. Wrapping it all up by wishing you safe and happy travels!


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