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15 Ways to Avoid Other Americans on Vacation

15 Ways to Avoid Other Americans on Vacation

Sometimes, the whole point of traveling abroad is to immerse yourself in something entirely different from what you’re used to back home, including taking a little break from your fellow Americans. If you’re looking to truly blend in and experience a place without the comforting (or glaring) familiarity of American tourists, here are 15 amusing yet effective strategies to consider.

1. Ditch the Baseball Cap and Sneakers

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First things first, the baseball cap and white sneakers practically scream American. Opt for local or more universal fashion choices to blend in better.

2. Learn the Local Coffee Order

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Skip the grande latte with an extra shot and foam. Learn how to order a coffee like a local, whether it’s a “café” in Paris or an “espresso” in Rome.

3. Avoid Eating at 6 PM

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In many cultures, dinner is a late event. Eating at 6 PM is a dead giveaway you’re from the States. Try dining later to mix in with the locals.

4. Master the Metric System

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When someone asks how tall you are or discusses the weather, being able to switch to centimeters and Celsius will save you from immediate identification.

5. Turn Down the Volume

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Americans are known for their loudness. Practice speaking in a lower volume to not stand out in a crowd.

6. Learn Key Phrases in the Local Language

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Nothing says “I’m not from around here but I’m trying” like speaking the local language, even if it’s just please, thank you, and where’s the bathroom.

7. Refrain from Using American Slang

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Avoid phrases like “awesome sauce” or “y’all” which can quickly signal your American roots. Stick to standard English or try out some local slang.

8. Explore Beyond the Tourist Traps

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The further you venture from the beaten path, the fewer Americans you’ll encounter. Dive into neighborhoods where tourists fear to tread.

9. Adapt to Local Customs

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Whether it’s a siesta in Spain or removing shoes before entering a home in Japan, adapting to local customs can help you blend in.

10. Use a Map, Not a Smartphone

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Walking around with your face in a smartphone not only makes you look lost but also like a tourist. Try using a physical map for a more inconspicuous approach.

11. Avoid Wearing Athletic Wear Everywhere

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While athleisure is big in the U.S., in many parts of the world, it’s reserved for the gym. Dressing more like the locals do for everyday activities can help you blend in.

12. Practice the Art of Haggling (When Appropriate)

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In many cultures, haggling is part of the shopping experience. Doing it well (and not overdoing it) can make you seem less like an outsider.

13. Befriend Locals Over Expats

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While it’s comforting to find fellow Americans abroad, making friends with locals or international travelers can enhance your experience and keep it authentically foreign.

14. Skip the American Chain Restaurants

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Resist the temptation of familiar fast-food chains and dive into the local cuisine. Not only will you avoid Americans, but you’ll also discover new favorite dishes.

15. Learn to Enjoy Local Sports

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Instead of searching for a place to watch American football, why not try getting into soccer, cricket, or rugby? It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and camaraderie.

Embrace the Adventure

Image Credit: Shutterstock / fizkes

Avoiding fellow Americans on vacation isn’t about shunning your roots; it’s about fully embracing the richness of a new culture. With these tips, you’ll not only dodge the familiar but also open yourself up to a more authentic and immersive travel experience.

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