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4 Vintage Wine Experiences – Exploring France’s Picturesque Vineyards and Chateaux

4 Vintage Wine Experiences – Exploring France’s Picturesque Vineyards and Chateaux

Outside of Paris, France’s storied wine regions, where every vineyard and chateau tells a tale of tradition, taste, and terroir, is the perfect destination for trips filled with wine and history. With enchanting landscapes of picturesque vineyards and majestic chateaux that dot the French countryside, the French countryside offers more than just wine but a journey into the heart of French heritage. Stays here go beyond luxury accommodations, providing exclusive experiences in vineyards and chateaux – from wine tastings with renowned sommeliers to gourmet dining featuring regional specialties. The rich history embedded in the walls of these estates, where every stone and vine has a story, offers a glimpse into the past while enjoying the luxuries of the present. In this article, we’ll go on a sensory journey where the taste of finely aged wine, the sight of lush vineyards, and the feel of historical luxury come together to create an unforgettable experience.

Auberge de Clochemerle, Vaux-en-Beaujolais, Burgundy

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Our first stop is Auberge de Clochemerle, a charming village inn that pairs a historic exterior with chic, contemporary interiors. The inn features ten simple yet chic rooms with vineyards or garden views. The gourmet restaurant is a highlight. It is known for its excellent selection of Beaujolais wines and innovative regional cuisine created by Michelin-starred chef Romain Barthe. To get the most out of your visit to this wine-centric region, spring through fall is ideal, as these seasons provide an opportunity to witness the vineyards in their full glory, from budding vines to harvest time. When not enjoying your stay in the inn, you’ll find yourself in the perfect location for exploring the Beaujolais region with wine tastings and local exploring, so take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the region’s local cuisine paired expertly with local wines.


Chateau Pierre de Serjac, Languedoc

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Next on our journey is Chateau Pierre de Serjac, an enchanting 19th-century chateau nestled in a traditional wine estate that boasts eight elegant rooms for guests, ensuring an intimate and luxurious stay. With its proximity to Montpellier, guests can enjoy cycling through the countryside, playing tennis, or simply relaxing by the pool for a blend of natural beauty and historical charm. When not exploring the local restaurants and cuisine, the Chateau Pierre de Serjac features fine dining in the hotel’s restaurant, emphasizing local flavors and ingredients. To make the most of your experience, spend an afternoon cycling through the vineyards for a picturesque and relaxing experience.


Château de l’Engarran, Laverune

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We’ll head to a winery set on a 150-acre vineyard near Montpellier. It is known for its beautiful gardens and a solid commitment to sustainability and biodiversity. Built in 1638 and renovated in the 1800s, it showcases French architectural and viticultural heritage. A true treat for those interested in sustainable viticulture and historic wine, the estate is not typically open for a stay. However, the venue can be hired for private events. While staying on the property might not be an option, the surrounding area offers plenty of gourmet dining choices. The mild Mediterranean climate makes it an inviting destination year-round, but some winter months might see the chateau closed to visitors. During your visit, make sure to inquire about the chateau’s sustainability practices and the role of Terra Vitis certification in their wine production for a unique insight into eco-friendly viticulture.


Château Cos d’Estournel, Bordeaux

Image Credit: Shutterstock / New Africa

Our last stop is Château Cos d’Estourne, renowned for its innovative wine production approach and commitment to preserving the natural environment in the prestigious Bordeaux region. Built in the early 1800s specifically as a winery, the chateau features luxurious rooms, each uniquely decorated with adjoining balconies and opulent en suite bathrooms, and unique Indian-influenced architecture, including elegant arches and elephant motifs. During your stay, you can explore the vineyards, indulge in wine tastings and gourmet cuisine in their impressive onsite restaurant, and unwind in the spa with a sauna and Turkish hammam. The winery is a significant attraction, known for its unique production techniques and historic beauty. It is the perfect place to stay for an all-inclusive experience.


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