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In the Spotlight – Tina Slade, Galactic Channeler and Light Language Healer

In the Spotlight – Tina Slade, Galactic Channeler and Light Language Healer

Tina Slade combines her galactic channeling and light language healing expertise with a deep commitment to environmental conservation. As a third-generation psychic and an experienced practitioner in mediums such as Reiki and tarot, Slade has developed unique methods that promote sustainable living and elevate human consciousness through a connection with the cosmos. Her professional journey includes significant roles such as serving as an Oracle from Osterious Delta 3 and as a member of the Illuminated Melchizedek Council. Through her practice, she offers transformative healing experiences that aim to align individuals with their original energetic blueprints and facilitate a broader understanding of their role within the universe and its ecological balance.

Environmental Conservation

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Tina Slade is at the forefront of a unique intersection between galactic channeling, light language healing, and environmental conservation. Through her work, she endeavors to safeguard our planet’s future by facilitating a deeper connection between individuals and the cosmos. 

As a custodian of Earth and an advocate for awakening human consciousness, Slade utilizes her expertise to promote sustainable coexistence and the well-being of ecosystems and societies. Her practice, which encompasses Quantum Light Language Healing and Galactic Channeling, aims to activate inherent light codes within individuals, guiding them toward reconnection with Earth and the broader universe.

Journeying Into Galactic Channeling

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As a third-generation psychic with extensive development in mediumship, Reiki, and tarot, Slade’s journey into galactic channeling began with encounters with star beings and the perception of cosmic grids and codes. These experiences unlocked her ability to access detailed past lives and insights into civilizations across galaxies, establishing her as a unique conduit for interstellar wisdom. 

Slade’s role as an Oracle from Osterious Delta 3 and a member of the Illuminated Melchizedek Council positions her to lead others in exploring lost civilizations, ancient wisdom, and the mysteries of the universe.

Transformative Healing and Expansion

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Tina Slade facilitates transformative healing and expansion, guiding clients to rediscover their original energetic blueprint through a unique combination of sacred codes and Light Language. A third-generation psychic-intuitive, Slade’s personal journey through significant life challenges led to a profound awakening and discovery of her mission to aid others in their spiritual awakening. 

Her work is characterized by deep connections to the quantum field, multidimensional self-integration, and encounters with Star Beings, positioning her as a pivotal figure in spiritual and galactic healing. Leveraging her vast experiences and insights, Slade empowers individuals to heal, awaken, and embrace their true essence, contributing to the collective consciousness’s evolution.

Connections With the Natural World

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In her practice, Slade facilitates connections with lost civilizations and the natural world and enables clients to tap into the wisdom of celestial beings and the power of sacred geometry for healing and transformation. By guiding individuals to reconnect with their divine essence and elevate their vibrational frequency, she contributes to the collective upliftment of humanity and the vibrational resonance of Gaia.

Deep Healing

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Quantum Light Language Healing, offered exclusively by Expansion – Light, Soul, Spirit, is a distinctive healing modality that provides deep healing, DNA, and blueprint activations for individuals ready for their remembrance phase. Unique to her practice, these sessions explore clients’ energy fields to identify and clear blockages, employing trance-induced channeling from various cosmic entities and the practitioner’s Higher Self for tailored soul information. 

The process culminates in a powerful Quantum Light Language Healing aimed at clearing, recoding, and activating, with clients advised to record the session for repeated listening to fully grasp and integrate the extensive insights shared. Each session is unique, guided by the client’s Higher Self and personal blueprint, emphasizing a personalized approach to spiritual awakening.

The Bottom Line 

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Slade advocates for developing technologies inspired by advanced star races, emphasizing the potential for galactic channeling to offer solutions for environmental conservation and sustainable energy. Her work challenges conventional thinking and encourages the exploration of alternative perspectives on our relationship with the universe. By promoting an understanding of our cosmic interconnectedness and the importance of ecological balance, Tina Slade’s efforts aim to inspire a shift towards more sustainable lifestyles and a deeper appreciation of our place within the multiverse.

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