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The Soneva Experience – A Journey of Luxury and Sustainability

The Soneva Experience – A Journey of Luxury and Sustainability

Soneva, synonymous with ultra-luxury and sustainability, redefines the essence of sophisticated travel. Founded by Sonu Shivdasani and his wife, Eva, Soneva Resorts is a testament to their vision of blending opulent living with environmental responsibility. Each Soneva property offers a unique experience deeply rooted in the ‘Intelligent Luxury’ philosophy – where luxury and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Soneva Fushi 

Image credit: Soneva Fushi Julia NeesonLocated in the Baa Atoll, Soneva Fushi embodies a tropical paradise with its lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters. The resort’s villas, designed to merge seamlessly with the natural environment, offer privacy and luxury. Unique experiences include the open-air Cinema Paradiso, the Observatory for stargazing, and the pioneering eco-friendly waste-to-wealth center. The dining experiences are diverse, ranging from gourmet organic cuisine to treetop dining.

Insider’s Tip

Reserve a private dinner at the Observatory for a celestial dining experience. 

When to Travel

December to April for ideal weather conditions. 

How to Get There

Fly to Malé International Airport, followed by a seaplane transfer to the island.

Soneva Jani 

Image credit: Soneva Jani Ahmed Jailam

Soneva Jani, set within a lagoon in the Noonu Atoll, is known for its iconic overwater villas with retractable roofs for stargazing from your bedroom. This resort is a marvel of sustainable luxury, featuring the Maldives’ largest solar power plant. Activities include snorkeling in the vibrant house reef, water sports, and wellness treatments. The dining options are varied, emphasizing organic and sustainable sourcing.

Insider’s Tip

Choose an overwater villa for a direct ladder access into the lagoon. 

When to Travel

November to March for the best mix of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. 

How to Get There

Accessible via a scenic 40-minute seaplane flight from Malé International Airport.

Soneva Kiri

Image credit: Soneva Kiri

Situated on Thailand’s Koh Kood island, Soneva Kiri offers a blend of untouched beauty and refined luxury. The resort’s villas, nestled amidst the island’s lush tropical rainforest or along its serene beaches, provide ultimate privacy and luxury. Unique experiences include the Treepod Dining, where you are hoisted into the canopy for your meal and the open-air Cinema Paradiso. The resort also emphasizes sustainability through its organic gardens and conservation initiatives.

Insider’s Tip

Don’t miss the Treepod Dining experience for a unique meal among the treetops. 

When to Travel

November to February for the dry season. 

How to Get There

Fly to Bangkok, followed by a short flight to Trat and a speedboat transfer to Koh Kood.

Soneva in Aqua 

Image credit: Soneva in Aqua

Soneva in Aqua elevates the concept of luxury yachting in the Maldives. This ultra-luxurious yacht combines the freedom of a sea voyage with Soneva’s signature style. Tailor-made itineraries include diving in untouched reefs, visiting secluded beaches, and enjoying onboard wellness treatments. The yacht features spacious cabins, a glass-bottomed spa tub, and personalized gourmet dining.

Insider’s Tip

Customize your itinerary to include uninhabited islands and secret diving spots. 

When to Travel

Year-round, with the best conditions from November to April. 

How to Get There

Begin your journey at either Soneva Fushi or Soneva Jani, following a transfer from Malé International Airport.

Soneva Secret 2024 

Image credit: Soneva Secret Julia Neeson

Soneva Secret 2024, the brand’s upcoming project, promises to be a groundbreaking addition to its portfolio. While details remain under wraps, expectations are high for this new property to embody Soneva’s ethos of sustainable luxury in yet another breathtaking location. Anticipate innovative design, exceptional experiences, and a deep commitment to environmental preservation.

Introduction to the Founders 

Image credit: Sonu and Eva Shivdasani by Matt Porteous

Sonu Shivdasani, an Oxford graduate, and his wife, Eva, a former fashion model, founded Soneva in 1995. Their vision was to create a luxury resort that coexists with the environment, pioneering a sustainable and responsible tourism movement. Their philosophy of ‘no news, no shoes’ and ‘Intelligent Luxury’ emphasizes a return to simplicity, authenticity, and sustainable living, all wrapped in the comfort of opulence.

Soneva’s Sustainability Practices 

Image credit: Soneva Dan Kullberg

Soneva’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of its operations. Each resort is a model of eco-friendly practices, from solar energy to waste-to-wealth initiatives. Soneva deeply invests in community development, marine conservation, and organic farming. Their dedication to sustainability extends beyond environmental aspects, encompassing social responsibility and cultural preservation.

The Bottom Line 

As a discerning traveler, your journey with Soneva is not just about indulging in luxury but embracing a lifestyle where indulgence meets responsibility. Each Soneva property offers a unique window into how luxury and sustainability coexist, enriching your experience and the environment. The Soneva experience is a celebration of the founders’ vision, where every detail is a blend of opulence and eco-consciousness. As you embark on your Soneva journey, prepare to be immersed in a world where luxury serves a greater purpose, and your travels leave a positive imprint on the world.


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