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$1.7 Million Ticket – The Record-Breaking Cruise of a Lifetime!

$1.7 Million Ticket – The Record-Breaking Cruise of a Lifetime!

Embark on an unprecedented journey with Regent Seven Seas Cruises in 2027, where luxury meets adventure on a 141-night voyage spanning 40 countries. From Miami to New York, aboard the lavish Seven Seas Splendor®, prices range from $90,000 to $840,000 per person. This cruise promises an exploration of the world’s most stunning locales, impeccable service, and unparalleled onboard luxury, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those seeking the pinnacle of travel extravagance.

A Cruise to See the World

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Are you looking for the ultimate combination of luxury and adventure? Then this cruise needs some serious consideration! If you have the money and time, you can take this chance – in 2027 – to board a ground (or ocean!)-breaking ship and travel the world in style.

The Cruise

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The cruise is a staggering 141 nights – that’s January to June! While certainly not the quickest way to get from Miami to New York, this cruise offers the chance to visit 40 countries from the comfort of the Seven Seas Splendor® Explorer Class Ship – “luxury perfected,” according to


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With the least expensive suite starting at around $90,000 per person and a top price tag of $840,000 per person, this trip isn’t a casual cruise getaway; it’s a serious investment for any adventurous couple.

Where You’ll Visit

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The 141 nights on board means this cruise will hit many of the world’s most stunning and desirable places. Starting in Miami and ending in New York, you’ll stop in various locations.

Exciting Destinations

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The stops include but are far from limited to Belize, the Cayman Islands, Colombia, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

More Destinations to Delight

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In addition to those countries, you’ll also stop in Jamaica, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Egypt, Cyprus, and Morocco. 

Traveling Without Flying

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Seeing so many countries, sights, and coastlines without worrying about a single airport is a minor miracle!

The Seven Seas Splendor®

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The ship is remarkable; it has 373 suites and can host 746 guests. With 548 crew, that’s more than one staff member per couple.

The Personal Touch

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The most exclusive – the Regent Suite – and eight other luxury suites have a personal butler.

Decisions, Decisions

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The ship offers seven restaurants, a café, three lounges, a casino, a club, and a theatre to entertain you. The most challenging part of your day might be choosing where to go!

Luxury On Board

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This 735ft ship has 10 decks, 52,000 ft of balconies, and a mind-boggling 46,000 sq. ft of Italian marble. There are over 500 chandeliers and beautiful common areas like the infinity plunge pool or pool bar.

A Class Of Its Own

Image Credit: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

The bed alone in the Regency Suite is worth $200,000. This luxurious 4,443 sq. ft suite and its record-breaking price tag include first-class domestic or business class international flights, an in-suite spa, welcome Champagne, and daily canapés.

On Top Of The World

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The Regency Suite also provides views from a 1,300 sq. ft wraparound deck and a glass-enclosed solarium on the bridge.

Hospitality and Amenities While You Sail

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Plenty remains to keep you entertained on the crossing days if you’ve had enough of the card room, putting green, and study. With around 50 days cruising the planet’s various oceans and seas, you’ll cover 35,668 nautical miles.


Image Credit: Shutterstock / YanLev Alexey

This also means you’ll have plenty of time to make the most of the fitness center, jogging track, and Serene Spa & Wellness Center, keeping you both active and relaxed.

Something To Do On Board

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Darryl Brooks

You can also attend cooking classes with expert chefs to learn about local cuisines. There’s also a Business Center, and perhaps most importantly – shopping.

Shopping On Board

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Alexandra Maria

Whether you’re looking for designer clothing, handbags, fragrances, or jewelry, there is undoubtedly room for spending once you’re on board and browsing the boutiques!

Excursions A-plenty

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Those 50 days of cruising leave almost three full months’ worth of days where you can visit a new port in a new country.  This includes an astonishing 73 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a possibly tricky choice between the 486 included shore excursions.

Exclusive Trips

Image Credit: Shutterstock / margouillat photo

Some offerings are exclusive to this cruise – a trip to Panama City, including a carnival-style celebration, a street festival in the bustling city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and a sophisticated 1920s-themed event in Málaga, Spain. This includes immaculately restored vintage cars and a show to dazzle you while celebrating the most elegant eras.

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