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7 Best Tampa Beach Clubs FL (2024)

7 Best Tampa Beach Clubs FL (2024)

7 Best Tampa Beach Clubs FL (2024)

Tampa, Florida, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. But a beach day isn’t complete without a stop at one of Tampa’s fantastic beach clubs. Tampa’s beach clubs have everything from laid-back lounges to high-energy hotspots.

This article will explore the 7 best Beach Clubs in Tampa that will make your next beach day unforgettable.

Top Categories of Beach Clubs in Tampa Overview:

Tampa, Florida, has a diverse range of beach clubs, each catering to different types of travelers. Here are the top categories of Beach Clubs Tampa, along with one top pick for each category:

1. Beach Clubs in Tampa for Families:

If you’re looking for a family-friendly beach club in Tampa, Whiskey Joe’s Club & Grill is a great choice. With a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of food options, it’s a great spot for parents and kids alike. (number 1 on the list below)

2. Beach Clubs in Tampa to Party:

A great option for those looking for a lively atmosphere is Jerk Hut Island Grille & Beach Club, located on the island. This beach club will start the party with a reggae theme, live music, and delicious Caribbean cuisine. (number 2 on the list below)

3. Beach Clubs in Tampa on a Budget:

You can choose Hula Bay Club if you are looking for an affordable beach club that offers you everything you need. With its casual atmosphere, waterfront views, and affordable menu options, you can enjoy a great day at the beach without spending a fortune. (number 3 on the list below)

4. Luxury Beach Clubs in Tampa:

Jimmy B’s Beach Club is a top pick for those seeking a more luxurious beach club experience. Located on the 42nd floor of a downtown Tampa building, this exclusive club offers breathtaking views of the city and the bay, high-end dining, and a full bar. (number 6 on the list below)

5. Beach Clubs in Tampa for Couples & Honeymoons:

A romantic beach club experience is everything you’re looking for if you’re looking for a great place to stay at WTR pool. Its luxurious pool, private cabanas, and stunning views of the bay make it the perfect spot for couples and honeymooners to unwind. (number 5 on the list below)

Tampa Quick Guide:

If you’re considering a trip to Tampa, taking the time to plan your accommodations and transportation ahead of time is crucial for optimizing your stay. To assist you in discovering this lively area, we’ve put together a brief travel guide.

Stay in Tampa:

There are a variety of accommodations available in Tampa, from luxurious hotels to budget-friendly motels. There are numerous hotels and resorts along the Gulf Coast. You will never forget if you’re looking for a beachfront resort experience.

For a more urban experience, stay in the downtown area, where you’ll find plenty of hotels, restaurants, and nightlife options.

Getting Around Tampa:

You can explore Tampa in a number of ways with the help of one of our many transportation options. Several companies offer car rentals to those who prefer to drive themselves. You can also use ride-sharing apps such as Uber or Lyft to get around.

Public transportation options include buses and trolleys, and the streetcar is a great way to explore downtown Tampa.

Car Rentals:

Discover Cars is a great option for car rentals in Tampa. They offer a wide range of vehicles, and their prices are competitive. The car rental can be booked online, and you can pick up your car at the airport or from the central station.

Bike Bookings:

Consider booking a bike rental to explore Tampa on two wheels. A wide variety of bikes are available at Bike Bookings, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and cruisers. A bike rental can be booked online, and the bike can be picked up at a downtown location after booking.


Booking a tour to get the most out of your time in Tampa would be a good idea. Among the various tours offered by Viator and Get Your Guide are city tours, culinary tours, and tours of nature. You can book several tours online and choose from, depending on your interests and schedule.

It is a great way to learn about Tampa’s history and culture while seeing the sights, and taking a tour is a great way to see the sights.

What are the best beach clubs in Tampa?

If you’re looking for a beach day experience like no other, Tampa Beach Clubs won’t disappoint. Here are the 7 best beach clubs in Tampa for the ultimate beach day in 2024:

  1. Whiskey Joe’s Club & Grill – Tampa
  2. Jerk Hut Island Grille & Beach Club
  3. Hula Bay Club
  4. The Tampa Club
  5. Wtr pool
  6. Jimmy B’s Beach Club
  7. Bongos Beach Bar and Grille

1. Whiskey Joe’s Club & Grill – Tampa

beach clubs in tampa

Whiskey Joe’s Club & Grill in Tampa is a fantastic beach club offering beachgoers a unique and laid-back atmosphere. Located at 7720 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL 33607, the club provides a picturesque view of the bay and beach, creating an ideal relaxing ambiance.

The club features a tiki bar, a private beach, and a live music stage, making it a perfect spot for visitors to enjoy the beach and socialize with friends and family. Visitors can indulge in delicious seafood dishes and refreshing tropical cocktails while enjoying the beautiful views.

They can also participate in fun beach activities like volleyball and cornhole, rent a kayak, and explore the bay. With friendly staff and excellent service, Whiskey Joe’s is an excellent beach club to visit for a fun and relaxing day at the beach.

Address: 7720 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL 33607

Phone: (813) 281-0770



2. Jerk Hut Island Grille & Beach Club

beach clubs tampa

Jerk Hut Island Grille & Beach Club is a hidden gem in Tampa, Florida. The beach club is known for its unique Jamaican-inspired cuisine and beachy atmosphere. The club’s address is 1241 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, and you can contact them by phone at +1 813-977-5777.

As a part of the club’s menu, you will find jerk chicken, seafood, and plantains, all of which are delicious. A full bar, which serves a variety of tropical drinks, is also available at the beach club. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing beach day with friends and family in a laid-back and relaxing atmosphere.

A must-visit for anyone looking for a unique beach club experience in Tampa, the Jerk Hut Island Grille & Beach Club offers a stunning location and mouth-watering food to make your mouth water. Check out their website at for more information on the club and its offerings.

Check out these amazing Jamaica Beach Clubs to visit next.

Address: 1241 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, United States

Phone: +1 813-977-5777


3. Hula Bay Club

Located on the stunning Rocky Point Island, Hula Bay Club is a premier beach club in Tampa that offers a unique island-inspired experience. The club boasts breathtaking views of Tampa Bay, which makes it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The club features an expansive outdoor patio with plenty of seating, including private cabanas and a spacious indoor dining area. The menu features diverse seafood and land-based dishes, including sushi, salads, sandwiches, and steaks, all prepared using the freshest ingredients.

Hula Bay Club also offers an extensive wine list, craft cocktails, and a variety of beers on tap. With attentive and friendly staff, Hula Bay Club delivers excellent customer service to ensure you have a memorable experience.

Address: 5210 W Tyson Ave, Tampa, FL 33611, United States

Phone: +1 813-837-4852



4. The Tampa Club

The Tampa Beach Club is a private beach club in Tampa, Florida. Many amenities can be found at this member-only club, such as a private beach, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a tennis court, a restaurant, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and a fitness center.

Furthermore, the club hosts a variety of social events throughout the year that are open to the public. Located just minutes away from the heart of downtown Tampa, the Tampa Beach Club can be found along the Gulf of Mexico.

The club has a private beach open to members and their guests. The beach is equipped with chairs, umbrellas, and towels. Lifeguards are always on duty so that the public is always protected. It is possible to play tennis at night on the lighted tennis court.

There is a breakfast menu, a lunch menu, and a dinner menu at the restaurant. Throughout the year, you will find a variety of social events and activities offered by the Tampa Beach Club. These events include pool parties, tennis tournaments, and holiday parties.

You can enjoy the outdoors at the Tampa Beach Club. The club has a variety of amenities to make your stay enjoyable. If you are looking for a private beach club in Tampa, the Tampa Beach Club is a great option.

Address: 101 E Kennedy Blvd #4200, Tampa, FL 33602, United States

Phone: +1 813-229-6028


5. Wtr Pool Beach Club

Wtr Pool Beach Club is one of the most popular beach clubs in Tampa, known for its exciting party atmosphere and stunning waterfront location. Located at 7700 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL 33607, United States, this beach club offers a range of amenities to ensure a perfect beach day experience.

Whether you’re looking to lounge by the pool, sip on delicious cocktails, or dance the night away, Wtr Pool Beach Club has something for everyone. Their website,, provides all the necessary information to plan your visit.

You can also contact them at +1 813-265-1234 for further inquiries. So if you’re looking for a vibrant and entertaining beach club in Tampa, Wtr Pool Beach Club is a must-visit destination.

Address: 7700 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL 33607, United States

Phone: +1 813-265-1234


6. Jimmy B’s Beach Club

Jimmy B’s Beach Club is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a lively beach club experience in Tampa. Located at 6200 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL, this beach club is perfect for enjoying a cold drink and soaking up the Florida sunshine.

The beach club offers a relaxed atmosphere with live music, sports on TV, and a wide range of drinks, including local beers and signature cocktails. The staff at Jimmy B’s Beach Club are friendly and welcoming, adding to the overall vibe of the club.

If you’re looking for a fun and laid-back day at the beach, this beach club is a great option.

Address: 6200 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706, United States

Phone: +1 727-367-1902


7.  Bongos Beach Bar and Grille

A famous beach club with delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere, Bongos Beach Bar and Grille is located at 5250 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706. With its beautiful beachfront location, Bongos is the perfect spot to enjoy a cold drink and soak up the sun.

The beach bar serves a wide range of cocktails and beers, and its food menu features a variety of options, including seafood, salads, and sandwiches. They also offer live music and entertainment, making it a great place to hang out with friends and family.

Bongos Beach Bar and Grille is open daily from 11 AM to 10 PM. If you plan a trip to St. Pete Beach, check out Bongos Beach Bar and Grille for a fun beach day experience.

Address: 5250 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706, United States

Phone: +1 727-360-1811


Things to Do and Visit Places in Tampa Beach Clubs

Tampa’s beach clubs offer more than a relaxing place to soak up the sun. Your beach day will be enhanced by the activities and attractions provided by these clubs. In this section, we’ll look at some of the best things to do and places to visit at Tampa’s beach clubs.

Water Sports

Jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are among the water sports at Tampa’s beach clubs. For example, jet ski rentals and parasailing tours are available at the Beach Bar & Restaurant. The Whiskey Joe’s Beach Club offers paddleboard and kayak rentals.

Here are some water sports activities you shouldn’t miss if you want to explore Tampa’s beaches adventurously.

Live Music

Local musicians and bands perform in many of Tampa’s beach clubs. The Rusty Pelican, for example, hosts live music every weekend, and The Caddy’s on the Beach hosts live music every day. Listening to music while enjoying the beach atmosphere is the perfect way to unwind and relax.

Beach Volleyball

Tampa’s beach clubs are popular places to play beach volleyball. The Tiki Cove, for example, has two beach volleyball courts available. The Beach Bar & Restaurant also has a volleyball court available for guests. This activity is a great way to get active and socialize with other beachgoers.

Food and Drinks

The food and drinks at Tampa’s beach clubs are among its best features.

Many beach clubs offer a variety of delicious seafood dishes, refreshing cocktails, and cold beers. There are a variety of fresh seafood dishes and handcrafted cocktails available at The Rusty Pelican, for instance. A hot day at the beach is perfect for enjoying a frozen drink at the Sips Beach Club.

Sunset Views

Some of the city’s beach clubs in Tampa provide spectacular sunset views. For example, Jimmy B’s Beach Bar is known for its stunning sunset views over the Gulf of Mexico. The Rusty Pelican also offers stunning sunset views over Tampa Bay. Your beach day would not be complete without watching the sunset at a beach club.

Private Cabanas

Many beach clubs in Tampa offer private cabanas for rent. These cabanas provide a private space for you and your group to relax away from the crowds. The Tiki Cove, for example, offers private cabanas with seating, a fan, and a TV. The Rusty Pelican also offers private cabanas with stunning views of Tampa Bay.

Kid-Friendly Activities

If you visit Tampa’s beach clubs with kids, many offer kid-friendly activities. For example, the Whiskey Joe’s Beach Club has a kids’ playground and offers kids’ meals. The Caddy’s on the Beach offers a kid’s menu and play area. Kids can enjoy a beach playground at the Beach Bar & Restaurant.

Tampa’s beach clubs offer many activities and attractions to enhance your beach day experience. Whether you’re into water sports or live music, you’ll find something to suit your taste. There is something for everyone at Tampa beach clubs, whether you want a relaxing or adventurous day.

So, the next time you visit Tampa, check out these amazing beach clubs and their offerings.

Dining and Drinking Options at Tampa Beach Clubs

A Tampa beach club doesn’t disappoint when it comes to dining and drinking. Many beach clubs offer fresh seafood dishes, delicious cocktails, and cold beers. The Rusty Pelican, for example, offers a variety of handcrafted cocktails and fresh seafood dishes, including oysters, lobster, and shrimp.

The Beach Bar & Restaurant offers a variety of beach-inspired dishes, such as fish tacos, as well as refreshing frozen drinks. The Tiki Cove also offers a variety of seafood dishes and tropical drinks, perfect for a day at the beach.

In addition to food and drinks, many beach clubs offer happy hour specials and live entertainment. The Hula Bay Club, for example, offers happy hour specials Monday through Friday and live music on the weekends. The Sips Beach Club also offers happy hour specials, karaoke nights, and trivia nights.

Overall, dining and drinking options at Tampa’s beach clubs offer a great way to refuel and relax after a day in the sun. Check out each beach club’s menu and specials for an unforgettable beach day experience.

Tampa Travel Essentials:

If you are visiting Tampa, pack the following items to make your trip as comfortable and memorable as possible. Comfortable shoes are necessary, as many outdoor activities and sightseeing opportunities are available.

The Florida sun and mosquitoes will also harm your skin if you don’t wear sunscreen and insect repellent. You can reduce plastic waste and save money by bringing a reusable water bottle. If you want to capture the beauty of the scenery, you’ll need a camera.

It’s also recommended to bring a travel adapter, a portable charger, and a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings.

Flights & Hotels Accommodation:

When booking flights and hotels in Tampa, WayAway and are great resources for comparing prices and availability. Both websites offer a wide range of options and user-friendly interfaces to make booking seamless.

Airport & Hotel Transfers:

Airport and hotel transfers in Tampa are reliable and affordable with Kwik Taxi. They offer 24/7 service and can accommodate groups of any size. Kwik Taxi’s drivers know the area and can suggest things to do during your stay.

Rental Services:

When it comes to finding the best deals on rental cars in Tampa, Discover Cars is a great option. They offer many vehicles and have pick-up and drop-off locations at the airport and downtown Tampa.

Attractions, Museums & Shows:

The Tiqets and TripAdvisor websites are great resources for finding and booking tickets for popular attractions, museums, and shows in Tampa.

Tiqets offers mobile tickets and skip-the-line options for a hassle-free experience, while TripAdvisor provides reviews and ratings from other travelers to help you make informed decisions.


Viator and Get Your Guide are two top-rated websites for booking activities and tours in Tampa. Both offer various options, including water sports, outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences. Get Your Guide also offers a free cancellation policy for added flexibility.


In conclusion, Tampa’s beach clubs offer a unique beach experience perfect for anyone looking to relax, have fun, and soak up the sun. From the laid-back atmosphere at Whiskey Joe’s Club & Grill to the high-energy vibe at Jimmy B’s Beach Club, there’s a beach club in Tampa for everyone.

Other notable beach clubs include Jerk Hut Island Grille & Beach Club, Hula Bay Club, The Tampa Club, Wtr Pool, and Bongos Beach Bar and Grille. Each beach club offers something special: delicious food and drinks, stunning views, or live music and events.

Check out these top 7 beach clubs in Tampa for the ultimate beach day experience in 2024.