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25 Taboos We Need to Rethink in America

25 Taboos We Need to Rethink in America

In a world where norms and values are constantly evolving, it’s time to challenge the status quo and embrace practices that foster inclusivity, understanding, and personal freedom. Here’s a list of 25 things that should be more socially acceptable, aiming to break down barriers and celebrate diversity.

1. Men Showing Emotion

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Expressing feelings should be seen as a strength, not a weakness, regardless of gender.

2. Not Wanting Children

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Choosing not to have children is a valid and respectable decision.

3. Asking for Help

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Seeking assistance, whether emotional or practical, should be normalized.

4. Mental Health Days

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Taking time off work for mental health is just as important as for physical health.

5. Non-Traditional Families

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Families come in all shapes and sizes and should be celebrated for their diversity.

6. Saying “No”

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The power to decline, without needing to provide an explanation, should be respected.

7. Gender Nonconformity

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Expressing gender outside traditional norms should be embraced and respected.

8. Public Breastfeeding

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Feeding a child is natural and should be accepted in all spaces.

9. Solo Dining and Travel

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Enjoying one’s own company in public should be seen as a confident choice.

10. Career Changes Later in Life

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It’s never too late to pursue a new path or passion.

11. Therapy

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Seeking psychological support should be viewed as a proactive step, not a stigma.

12. Body Positivity

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All body types should be celebrated without judgment.

13. Platonic Friendships Across Genders

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Friendships need not be limited by gender stereotypes.

14. Wearing Masks When Ill

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Protecting others by wearing a mask when sick should be a common courtesy.

15. Not Drinking Alcohol

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Choosing not to drink alcohol shouldn’t be met with pressure or surprise.

16. Living With Parents as an Adult

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Economic and personal reasons for cohabitation should be destigmatized.

17. Flexibility in Work Hours

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Work-life balance is crucial, and flexible hours can support diverse lifestyles.

18. Discussing Salaries

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Open conversations about compensation can promote fairness and equity.

19. Not Having a College Degree

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Skills and experience should outweigh the prestige of degrees in many fields.

20. Adult Education

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Learning and growth should be lifelong pursuits, encouraged at any age.

21. Menstruation

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A natural bodily function should not be a taboo topic.

22. Being Single

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Singlehood is a legitimate choice and can be just as fulfilling as being in a relationship.

23. Making Mistakes

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Errors are a part of learning and growth, not something to shame.

24. Personal Boundaries

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Establishing and respecting boundaries is essential for healthy interactions.

25. Self-Love

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Prioritizing oneself and practicing self-care should be celebrated, not seen as selfish.

Changing Norms

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Dean Drobot

Embracing these 25 practices can help break down societal barriers, fostering a world that values diversity, promotes understanding, and celebrates individual choices. Let’s challenge the norms and make inclusivity the new standard. After all, progress thrives where acceptance and understanding bloom.

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