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5 Royal Retreats – Staying in Castles and Manor Houses in the English Countryside 2024

5 Royal Retreats – Staying in Castles and Manor Houses in the English Countryside 2024

Royal retreats in the lush English countryside create a scene of historic grandeur and modern luxury. The majestic architecture of castles and manor houses gives their guest a seamless blend of ancient designs with contemporary comforts. The cultural richness of such locations can not go unmentioned when appreciating the historical roots of these estates. Within these historical roots are the stories and legends that cloak these ancient dwellings with timeless allure.

However, there is far more to these castles and manors than history, as many have incorporated modern luxury and bespoke services for the modern traveler. Read on to enter a world where history meets luxury with unique experiences, historical insights, and luxurious comfort throughout the English countryside.

Langley Castle, Northumberland

Image Credit: Pexels / Lewis Ashton

Our first stop is Langley Castle, situated in the Northumbrian Valley with an imposing 14th-century architecture built during the reign of Edward III. The rooms of this castle are adorned with original exposed stone walls, heraldic patterned carpets, and a drawing room with stained-glass windows and a fireplace.

Aside from the traditional accommodations, it also features the award-winning restaurant Josephine’s, which serves world-class cuisine. When looking for activities to enjoy during your stay, you’ll find historical castle tours, including a visit to the rooftop chapel and battlements. The castle is open year-round; however, in spring and summer, the landscape surrounding the castle is green and lush. To make the most of your stay, opt for rooms in the castle proper for a more authentic historical experience.


Pentillie Castle, Cornwall

Image Credit: Pexels / Kadir Avsar

Next, we’ll journey to Pentillie Castle, a 17th-century Georgian mansion meticulously restored by the Coryton family nestled within a 2,000-acre estate on the banks of the River Tamar in Cornwall. Here, you’ll find tastefully decorated guest rooms with antiques, claw-foot tubs, and river views with hearty English breakfasts from fresh, estate-sourced ingredients.

During your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to explore famous gardens and 55 acres of woodland or enjoy the drawing-room piano. What sets this castle apart is its idyllic river views and proximity to Dartmoor, an area of moorland known for its stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and cultural heritage.


Bovey Castle, Devon

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Stephen Beaumont

Now we’re off to Bovey Castle, a country house dating back to the early 1900s that recently underwent a multi-million-dollar restoration in the Dartmoor National Park. The accommodations here give contemporary guest rooms with period details like huge fireplaces, mahogany staircases, and mullion windows. The Castle also offers fine dining with fresh local ingredients to bring regional authenticity to your stay.

There is also no shortage of activities during your stay, as the sprawling grounds blend history and natural beauty. However, if you’re looking for a bit more adventure, there’s a variety of options, from archery and falconry to swimming in the heated pool and golfing on the nearby course. Just make sure you explore Proximity to Stone Age hut circles, horse-roamed moorland, and timeless villages during your stay.


Cowley Manor, Gloucestershire

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Andrew Roland

For our next destination, we’ll nestle into the secluded Cotswold Valley for Cowley Manor. This country house hotel beautifully fuses historical elements with contemporary design. Here, you’ll find award-winning contemporary design, Victorian cascades, lakes, and gardens inspired by Alice in Wonderland while you stay in contemporary and stylish rooms suitable for up to four guests.\

This manor is perfect for those seeking tranquility and inspiration from the famous literary landscape, thanks to its modern spa, inspired gardens, and picturesque surroundings. During your stay, make sure you fully explore the gardens for a real-life experience of the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland.


Battel Hall, Kent

Image Credit: Shutterstock / JuliaST

For our last stop, we’re off to Battel Hall, a medieval manor house near Leeds Castle Estate in Kent, offering a dive into the splendor of the past. Here, you’ll be treated to a grand medieval manor house that offers luxurious accommodations and the opportunity to indulge in lavish banquets and genteel soirees, providing an authentic historical experience.

The manor is open year-round; spring and summer offer the estate in its full bloom and glory. The proximity to Leeds Castle also provides ample exploration and cultural immersion into the region’s rich history. Ensure you thoroughly explore the Leeds Castle Estate, as each corner holds a piece of history.


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