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Almost $500,000 for Michelin Star Meals in the Stratosphere – Space Travel Company to Offer Unique Experience

Almost $500,000 for Michelin Star Meals in the Stratosphere – Space Travel Company to Offer Unique Experience

A luxury space travel company brought a whole new meaning to the phrase out-of-this-world with its new dining experience. They offer a unique opportunity – suborbital travel with Michelin Star meals for nearly half a million dollars per person. This news comes on the heels of Elon Musk’s SpaceX achieving a significant milestone with their Starship program. Just last week, SpaceX successfully launched Starship on its third test flight. While the upper-stage Starship vehicle wasn’t recovered, the mission achieved several key objectives, including reaching orbit and performing a propellant transfer maneuver. This successful test flight is a major step toward SpaceX’s ambitious goal of developing a fully reusable launch system for deep-space exploration.

SpaceVIP Partners With Chef for Suborbital Food Adventure

SpaceVIP is the company that has come up with this innovative collaboration, creating a dining experience like no other, combining the thrill of space travel with the artistry of fine dining.

Partnered with renowned Danish chef Rasmus Munk, who will design a special menu for a six-hour journey above the Earth on a space balloon.

Witness the Sunrise From Above Earth While Enjoying Space-Themed Cuisine

The trip will allow passengers to witness a breathtaking sunrise over the Earth’s curvature while indulging in a specially crafted menu curated by Chef Munk. Bloomberg reports that the menu will be space-themed, featuring items like “aerogel-inspired food and encapsulated aroma.”

Spaceship Neptune Takes Flight in 2025

Spaceship Neptune, a pressurized capsule created by Florida-based business Space Perspective, will be used for the journey. Spaceship Neptune’s flight is made possible using a hydrogen-filled balloon rather than conventional rockets, providing a more comfortable ride. Test flights will start next month, with the first cruise planned for next year.

A Unique and Limited-Edition Experience

There are only six tickets available.  So, as you can imagine, they are not cheap. According to Bloomberg, qualified participants have already shown great interest in SpaceVIP. They expect to fill every seat in the next few weeks.

Space Travel for a Cause: Supporting Women in Space

In addition to receiving an amazing experience, passengers on this journey to the sky will also be helping a worthwhile cause. The passengers will wear custom-made clothing thanks to a partnership between SpaceVIP and the French design house Ogier. The Space Prize, an organization that supports women in the space industry, will profit from expedition proceeds.

This unique offering from SpaceVIP pushes the limits of good cuisine and space travel. This suborbital journey focuses on exclusivity, innovation, and social impact, making it an experience not to be missed. SpaceVIP provides a preview of what luxurious space travel may look like in the future, but Elon Musk and SpaceX are committed to leading the way in deep-space exploration.

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