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Skyway Luggage Review (2023) – The Good, The Bad & The Top Picks!

Skyway Luggage Review (2023) – The Good, The Bad & The Top Picks!

Skyway Luggage Review (2023) – The Good, The Bad & The Top Picks!

Traveling can be stressful enough without having to worry about damaged or lost luggage. Having a quality, durable suitcase that can stand up to the rigors of travel is essential. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at Skyway Luggage review to see how their suitcases and bags stack up.

Founded in 2012, Skyway is a relatively new player in the travel luggage game. They offer a range of softside and skyway hard side luggage focused on the budget-conscious traveler. Skyway touts its “fashion forward” style and range of vivid colors as a core part of its brand.

But does Skyway deliver quality as well as style? Is their luggage really a good value purchase compared to premium brands? Read on for the full pros and cons of Skyway Luggage.

Skyway Luggage Pros

Here are some of the key benefits and positive features of Skyway luggage (Based on skyway luggage reviews):

Attractive Styling and Colors

One of the biggest selling points of Skyway is their focus on fashion and color. Their suitcases come in a myriad of eye-catching colors, from neutrals like black and gray to bright hues like hot pink, aqua, and purple. The colors are bold and vibrant.

The styling itself is sleek and modern, with glossy shells and chrome accents on the hardshell models. The softside bags feature stylish prints like carbon fiber or abstract geometric patterns.

For travelers who care about having a suitcase that looks good, Skyway delivers. Their bags will stand out at baggage claim!


Despite the hard shell, Skyway’s hardshell suitcases are impressively lightweight at between 6.5 to 8 pounds for most checked sizes. This makes them easy to maneuver when loaded up.

The softside spinners and duffels are also lightweight for their sizes and won’t weigh you down on travels. Even the large 30″ models are under 10 pounds.

Lots of Size Options

Skyway offers a wide array of luggage sizes in both the softside and hardside categories. For hardshell, you can choose from carry-on 21″ up to large 29″ checked suitcases. There are also medium 24″/25″ and medium-large 28″ sizes.

The softside spinners come in both medium and large, as well as a 30″ jumbo option. The duffels range from 40L capacity up to a whopping 128L storage. With this range, you will surely find a Skyway luggage piece to match your packing needs.

Good Interior Organization

The insides of Skyway luggage are neatly organized with zippered pockets, compression straps, and X-shaped tie-down straps. The lined interiors keep clothes clean.

The skyway softside luggage and hardshell suitcases feature a large main compartment with a full-length zippered divider wall for separating clothes, shoes, toiletries etc. There are also smaller zippered pockets on one side.

Durable Materials

While less indestructible than premium brands like Briggs & Riley, Skyway uses decent quality materials that can handle typical travel conditions.

The hardshell bags are made of durable ABS with a scratch-resistant texture. The softside fabric is polyester with PVC backing.

Skyway bags should hold up well for occasional and regular travelers alike. Expect them to be less than 100% impervious to dings or punctures.

Affordable Pricing

If there’s one feature that makes Skyway stand out the most, it’s the price. Skyway luggage costs significantly less than big brands like Samsonite while delivering comparable quality.

For example, a medium-size Skyway hardshell spinner costs around $80 to $100. Comparable Samsonite hardside bags start at around $200 to $300!

Skyway allows shoppers on a budget to still get stylish, functional suitcases without breaking the bank. For the price, they deliver great value.

Skyway Luggage Cons

While Skyway luggage has many positives, it’s not without some downsides to consider:

Durability Concerns in Extreme Conditions

The hardside and softside materials are decent but not the most heavy-duty. Very frequent travelers may find them prone to dings, scratches, and punctures over time.

The zippers and wheels also seem susceptible to breakage if subjected to extremely heavy loads and rough baggage handling.

For light to moderate use, Skyway holds up fine. But frequent fliers may want something more heavy duty.

Limited Color Choices for Softside

The softside spinner bags only come in solid black for now. There are no other color or print options.

If you want something other than black, you’ll have to go with one of their hard shells. This is disappointing, given the bold colors are a Skyway signature.

Minimal Warranty Protection

Skyway provides a limited 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. This is similar to budget brands but far less than premium warranties.

For example, Briggs & Riley offers an impressive lifetime warranty against any damage to the bag. Skyway’s protection is decent for the low price but doesn’t expect amazing coverage.

Not Many Interior Pockets

While the lining and organization are nice, most Skyway bags only have one small zippered wall pocket in addition to the main compartment. For accessories and smaller items, you’ll need packing cubes.

Some pricier brands offer more built-in compartments and pockets for organization. Skyway keeps it simple.

Top Skyway Luggage Picks

5. SKYWAY Epic Softside Medium Check-in

skyway luggage review
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 16 x 23.7 inches
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Color: Surf Blue
  • Department:‎ Unisex-adult
  • Model Number: 450-24-472-4VP


The SKYWAY Epic Softside Medium Check-in is a durable and stylish softside checked suitcase. With a roomy interior capacity and smooth spinner wheels, it’s ideal for medium-length trips of 5-7 days. The surf blue color features a fashionable geo diamond print that stands out at baggage claim.

Special Features

  • Made of water-resistant polyester fabric with durable PVC backing
  • Spinner wheels provide 360 degree mobility
  • Push-button telescoping handle
  • Fully-lined interior with divider and zippered pockets
  • Side and top carry handles for lifting
  • TSA approved combination locks on the main compartment


  • Lightweight at only 7.8 pounds for easy mobility
  • Vivid surf blue color with stylish print
  • Spinner wheels roll smoothly in any direction
  • Multiple interior pockets and compression straps


  • No outer pockets for small items or quick access
  • Zipper quality is decent but not the sturdiest
  • Minimal 1-year limited warranty

The SKYWAY Epic Softside Medium Check-in is a solid checked bag for medium-length trips of 5-7 days. The spinner wheels and light weight make mobility easy despite its large capacity. The lack of outer pockets is a downside, but the attractive geometric print style helps this model stand out. At an affordable price point, it delivers good value for budget-minded travelers.

Rating: 4.2/5 based on 24 reviews

4. SKYWAY Seville 2.0-5pc Set

skyway suitcase review
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 20 x 29.25 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Color: Purple
  • Department:‎ Unisex-adult
  • Model Number: 43S-5P-500-SET


The SKYWAY Seville 2.0-5pc Set is a 5-piece nested hardside luggage bundle ideal for easy organization and packing. The vibrant purple color and variety of included sizes make this set versatile for all types of trips and travel needs.

The set includes:

  • 21” carry-on
  • 25” medium checked bag
  • 29” large checked bag
  • Tote bag
  • Toiletry/cosmetics case

Special Features

  • Made of durable ABS plastic for hardside protection
  • 8 spinner wheels provide 360 degree roll
  • TSA approved combination locks on main bags
  • Telescoping handles with push-button release
  • Fully lined interiors with divider panels and straps


  • It comes with a full range of sizes for any trip
  • The vibrant purple color is stylish and unique
  • Hardside protection resists dents and scratches
  • Spinner wheels make the bags easy to maneuver


  • The set is heavy at 20 lbs total
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • Few interior organizational pockets

The SKYWAY Seville 2.0-5pc Set delivers great value for anyone looking for a complete color-matched luggage bundle. The durable hardside shells roll smoothly and resist damage, while the nested design keeps the set organized.

While is is knows as the best organized Luggage, with a carry-on, checked bag, and packing accessories included, this 5-piece bundle has everything you need to travel in style.

Rating: 4.7/5 based on 19 reviews

3. SKYWAY Epic Softside Carry-On

reviews on skyway luggage
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 14 x 19.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Color: Surf Blue
  • Department:‎ Unisex-adult
  • Model Number:‎ 450-20-472-4WB


The SKYWAY Epic Softside Carry-On is a lightweight, stylish softside bag ideal for weekend getaways and short trips. The compact dimensions allow it to fit in most overhead bins, while the surfer-chic print stands out.

Special Features

  • Made from weather-resistant polyester with PVC backing
  • Smooth spinner wheels provide effortless mobility
  • Telescoping pull handle locks at multiple heights
  • Roomy main compartment with interior pockets
  • TSA-approved locks for security


  • Lightweight at only 7.1 lbs for easy portability
  • Vivid surf blue geometric print is fashionable
  • Spinner wheels roll smoothly in all directions
  • Multiple carry handles for lifting and moving


  • No exterior pockets for organization
  • Zipper quality is decent but not super rugged
  • Only a basic 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

This fun and functional softside carry-on provides great value for shorter trips. The surf blue pattern helps it stand out, while the spinner wheels and light weight make transit easy. The need for exterior pockets is a downside. But its affordability and stylish look make it a solid budget-friendly option for weekend travelers.

Rating: 4.5/5 based on 44 reviews

2. SKYWAY Epic Softside Large Check-in

skyway luggage reviews
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 19 x 28 inches
  • Weight: 10.2 pounds
  • Color: Surf Blue
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Model Number:‎ 450-28-472-4VP


The SKYWAY Epic Softside Large Check-in is a spacious softside suitcase great for extended trips thanks to its generous 28” size. The lightweight yet durable construction makes travel comfortable, while the eye-catching surf blue print adds unique style.

Special Features

  • Made from tear-resistant polyester with water-repellent coating
  • Smooth-gliding spinner wheels offer easy 360 mobility
  • Push-button telescoping handle extends to multiple heights
  • Roomy main compartment with interior pockets and straps
  • TSA-approved combination locks provide security


  • Large 28” capacity for 2+ weeks of clothes
  • Fairly lightweight at 10.2 lbs for the size
  • The vibrant surf blue pattern is stylish
  • Spinner wheels roll smoothly in all directions
  • Multiple interior organizational features


  • No exterior pockets for small items
  • Zippers are decent but not the highest quality
  • Limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

The SKYWAY Epic Softside Large Check-in offers great value for extended trips thanks to its generous capacity, vivid style, and smooth maneuverability. The lack of external pockets is a downside. But its affordable price and lightweight mobility make it a solid budget pick for high-capacity checked luggage needs.

Rating: 4.2/5 based on 61 reviews

1. Skyway Nimbus 4.0 Expandable, Durable Hardside

skyway luggage set
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 14 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 6.8 pounds
  • Color: Maritime Blue
  • Department:‎ Unisex
  • Model Number: 49M-20


The Skyway Nimbus 4.0 is a lightweight, stylish hardside carry-on with an expandable design to maximize packing capacity. The scratch-resistant hard shell comes in an elegant maritime blue color.

Special Features

  • Made of durable ABS hardside material
  • The expandable main compartment adds up to 2 inches
  • 8 multi-directional spinner wheels
  • TSA approved combination lock
  • Telescoping push-button handle
  • Fully lined interior with divider panel


  • Hardside protection resists dents and scratches
  • Expandable design allows for extra packing room
  • Smooth spinner wheels for easy 360 degree mobility
  • The maritime blue color is sophisticated and stylish
  • Lightweight at only 6.8 pounds


  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • No exterior pockets for organization
  • The handle feels a bit flimsy when fully extended

The Skyway Nimbus 4.0 is a great expandable carry-on with stylish looks and hardside protection. The maritime blue is classy, while the expandable compartment and spinner wheels add convenience. The minimal warranty and lack of exterior pockets are drawbacks to consider. But its affordable price makes it a worthwhile budget-friendly option for travelers wanting a durable, expandable carry-on.

Rating: 4.5/5 based on 28 reviews

Hardside vs. Softside: Which is Better for You?

When choosing Skyway luggage, one of the first decisions is softside or hardside luggage. What are the pros and cons of each?

Hardside luggage is incredibly durable and resistant to dents, scratches, and punctures thanks to its tough outer shell. Skyway’s ABS plastic hardside bags are lightweight yet extremely protective. Models like theglossy Mirage spinner are ideal for frequent fliers who check bags often.

The sleek, molded look of Skyway’s hardside luggage is also very stylish. The vivid colors and metallic finishes really pop. If style matters to you, hardside is the way to go.

However, hardside materials can crack or break if subjected to enough force. Skyway’s hardside bags hold up well to average use but may sustain damage if handled roughly. The limited 1 year warranty is also a downside.

Softside Skyway luggage is more flexible and absorbs impacts through the fabric exterior. Models like the Epic use dense, water-resistant polyester that resists tearing and moisture. The soft fabric often features fun prints too.

The downside is that softside bags are easier to slash or puncture compared to hardside. They’re best for occasional travelers who check bags less often. But if you want eye-catching prints and lightweight flexibility, softside is the way to go.

Skyway’s softside bags strike the ideal blend of protection, flexibility, and style for most travellers. But frequent fliers may prefer the indestructible nature of their hardside luggage.

Top Features to Look for in Skyway Luggage

Skyway offers great features usually only found on premium brands. Here are some top traits to look for:

Spinner wheels: Models like the Nimbus 4.0 glide effortlessly in any direction.

TSA approved locks: Provide security and peace of mind when checking bags.

Telescoping handles: Lock securely at different heights for comfort.

Expansion zippers: Allow extra packing room when needed.

Interior organization: Compartments, pockets and straps keep items in place.

Lightweight materials: Skyway bags are lighter than many competitor brands.

Vivid colors: Skyway has everything from bright neons to stylish pastels.

Focusing on bags with these features will ensure you get the most convenience, security, and packing efficiency from your Skyway luggage.

Skyway Carry-Ons: Great for Quick Trips and Weekenders

Skyway’s carry-on bags provide the ideal balance of size, protection, and features.

For hardside, the Revolve 21” under seater is an excellent choice. At just 6.5 lbs, it’s super lightweight with a scratch-resistant shell in colors like champagne and black. The Nimbus 4.0 is another winner thanks to its expandable design and spinner wheels.

For the softside, the Epic Carry-On shines with its vivid surf blue geometric print. Despite weighing only 7 lbs, it fits a weekend’s worth of clothes in its supple yet durable exterior.

All models have a telescoping handle, interior organization, and smooth wheels for easy portability. When choosing the best carry-on, think about your needs for expandability, prints, and Colors.

No matter your preference, Skyway has stylish, affordable carry-ons to fit the bill.

Putting Skyway Durability to the Test: Real-World Usage Reviews

I took the Skyway Dynamo softside spinner on a 4-day trip to assess durability. How did it hold up after multiple flights, Uber rides, and hotel bellhops?

The Dynamo suffered minimal scuffing or exterior damage despite its budget price tag. The polyester fabric resisted tears, the wheels rolled smoothly, and the handle extended easily.

Inside, the tie-down straps kept items from shifting during transit. The divider pockets were perfect for organizing toiletries, chargers, and other essentials.

For the affordable $80 price tag, the Dynamo exceeded my expectations for quality and durability. While it may not last a full decade of heavy travel like a Briggs & Riley, Skyway bags can handle average vacation and business trips with aplomb.

Get the Family Rolling: Best Skyway Sets and Bundles

Skyway’s matching skyway luggage set provides an easy way to stay organized for family vacations and group travel.

The Seville 5-piece bundle is perfect for families, with a checked bag, carry-on, and tote for each person. The hardside shells and spinner wheels make transit seamless, while purple helps spot bags quickly.

For larger groups, the Voyage 10-piece set seamlessly outfits the whole gang. It has everything you need to coordinate with three checked sizes, four carry-ons, and a personal touch.

Bundles are also great for couples and pairs. The Trinity 3-piece set offers his and her hardside spinners in smaller sizes ideal for weekend escapes.

Skyway’s bundled deals provide stylish coordination at affordable prices regardless of the group size.

Easy Travel Companion: Skyway’s Best Backpacks and Duffels

In addition to traditional suitcases, Skyway makes transit easy with backpacks and duffels.

The Beam backpack features a USB charging port to keep devices powered up anywhere, along with a hidden anti-theft pocket. The Raiden 60L duffel fits plenty for larger loads, while the lightweight material ensures easy mobility.

Business travelers should check out the Cronus 17” laptop backpack. Padded laptop and tablet sleeves protect electronics, while pockets organize pens, chargers, and other on-the-go essentials.

For hands-free convenience, Skyway’s backpack and duffel selection delivers. You can travel unfettered while keeping items secure.

Navigating the Airport in Style: Skyway Business Travel Bags

Skyway also caters to business trips and professional travelers with durable, stylish options.

For carry-ons, the Link 20” leather backpack is sleek and sophisticated. The leather exterior brings elegance while multiple compartments organize files, laptops, and more.

The Velocity line features premium details like leather accents and tie-back interior straps for checked luggage. The hardside shell keeps suits and dresses neat and wrinkle-free.

Briefcases like the Venture leather model are roomy enough for legal pads and documents while maintaining a refined, upscale look. An integrated TSA lock provides security.

With luxe materials and smart organization, Skyway’s business bags make travel polished and professional.

Final Verdict

Is Skyway Worth the Investment? Is Skyway’s affordable luggage really worth the investment? Skyway delivers excellent value for budget-minded shoppers. Models stand up surprisingly well to real-world use despite the approachable prices.

While Skyway may lack the pedigree and lifetime guarantees of premium brands, it provides substantial savings over comparably featured bags from Samsonite or American Tourister. Skyway is a worthwhile investment for shoppers who want sleek, functional luggage without the designer price tag.

The bags offer features, quality, and style to make travel smooth and enjoyable without breaking the bank. In the budget category, Skyway leads the pack. Also check out another great Luggage brand, that is Revo. Here’s our reviews about Revo Luggage. Find out their Goods, Bads & Top Picks!

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