Searadar Review

Searadar Review


Searadar is a full-cycle online concierge service for professional captains and aspiring sailors. Clients can comfortably go to bed as they entrust the boat charter to a professional operator, rest assured knowing they are in safe hands.

Maksim Terbov and Dmitry Beasyuk both have extensive yachting experience prior to starting Searadar in 2017. Numerous difficulties they faced included the inability to rapidly and hassle-free charter boats. They managed to survive the storm, though, and Searadar was born as a result.


Year of Launch2017
HeadquartersThe Republic of Lithuania
Available countries9 Norway, Montenegro, ThailandTurkey, France, CaribbeanItaly, Croatia, Greece
Number of available yachts for booking20,000+
SecurityYacht medical insurance for all SEARADAR clients and Charter cancellation insurance
Rewards– €50 discount on first booking for new customers3% discount and Skipper status 5% discount and Yachtsman status 7% discount and Gold Partner status
Payment planDown payment of up to 30% to reduce costs 50% payment of the total booking amount and50% a month payment before the charter starts.
Average trust score4.8/5

Searadar has a fleet of 20,000 vessels in different brands, sizes and prices for charter. The concierge service has thousands of Sailboats, Catamarans, Trimaran, Riverboat, Gulet and gulet for charter in the 9+ countries the company sails (Great Britain, Thailand, Turkey, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Greece and many more).

They offer bareboat, crewed and skipper charters for their clientele’s different levels and needs. The boats in their offering have either of the two mainsails furling and full batten. Searadar offers different boats for different occasions, and they come in different sizes ranging from 4ft to 89ft long.

Each Searadar boat rental serves different purposes. Therefore, the varying cabin sizes ranging from 1-9 are best suited for all beginners and more advanced sailors or sailing enthusiasts. Every charter comes with standard equipment such as a generator, an air conditioner, a bow thruster and electric toilets.

Depending on the selected charter for hire or rent, the equipment increases. For example, a five-cabin gulet “Luopan” charter in Split, Croatia, which can accommodate up to 11 people, is equipped with more equipment. The standard pillows, blankets, pillowcases and mattress covers are provided for the duration of the yacht charter.

However, the charter comes with additional equipment for entertainment, such as a Bose sound system, a wakeboard, a stand-up paddle (SUP), Wi-Fi Internet, mask and snorkel suits, donut and water skis.


Searadar is not just another yacht charter service; they are a human-centred brand offering many value-added services that help the customer navigate the intricacies of pre, during and post-boat charter. As a smart and caring company filled with expert sailors from around the globe, the first encounter anyone has with Searader is that they make sailing seamless, comfortable, and worthwhile.

Searadar offers a myriad of services, including

  • Itinerary and boat selection
  • Communication with charter companies
  • All paperwork and payments
  • Concierge services
  • Consultations on road transportation and restaurant services within and around town
  • Boat charter with skipper
  • Yacht rental
  • Damage waiver service without a deposit

In a nutshell, Searadar puts its clients first above all. For ease of understanding and access, the company helps potential clients calculate the total cost of a boat charter, including but not limited to a transfer fee, Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), and port fees, amongst others.

Having summed up the fees, Searadar provides adversarial duties at no cost to clients. They advise clients on critical areas where they can save money and help reduce the overall budget of the trip to help clients save funds.

They provide solutions to customers plaguing transportation concerns, guiding them through the marina routes and booking a shuttle or providing logical advice on navigating car services.

Concierge service for sailors (@searadar_com) • Instagram photos and videos

Top Features of Searadar

Searadar offers unique features that clients can utilize to make a more profitable charter. Here are the top features of Searadar:

Yachting without a security deposit

Unlike many yacht charter companies, Searadar offers its clients an opportunity to charter a yacht without risk and hidden fees. To put this in context, when chartering a yacht, clients are obligated to pay a returnable deposit for potential damages that might occur on the yacht during the vacation. This deposit is often refunded to the clients, but the chances of eventually losing the full deposit or a portion of it for flimsy reasons are great.

Statistically, almost 50% of clients accidentally lose their security deposit after their charter. With that said, Searadar has a new product called the deposit waiver, where they get to waive security deposits before yachting for their clients.

This product offers clients an opportunity to insure their security deposit and yachting without risk. Clients will no longer have to block a significant amount of money on their cards when renting a yacht, alleviating stress and promoting enjoyable and affordable rides.

Yacht medical insurance

Searadar clients can get health insurance themselves and for the entire crew, which will be declared on the crew list after the final booking of the yacht. The medical insurance will cover all medical expenses, accident insurance, yachting risks and first-time infectious or viral disease treatment, including COVID-19.

Yacht charter cancellation insurance

The cancellation insurance guarantees a full refund in the event of cancellation for involuntary reasons. When customers book a vessel and cannot make the trip for unavoidable reasons, the yacht charter cancellation insurance gives them a chance to get a refund. Searadar’s cancellation insurance covers the sudden trip cancellation or rental boat due to accidental travel events or other serious reasons, including:

  • Health condition, COVID-19, quarantine or non-compliance with medical conditions for travel (airport screening, boarding of a vehicle, crossing a state border)
  • Serious injuries due to accidents, serious illness, incompatibility of vaccinations or pregnancy
  • In the case of redundancy or getting a new job
In the case of redundancy or getting a new job

Pros and Cons of Searadar

While Searadar offers many services that appeal to clients, there are still a few drawbacks that may put some clients off. In this Searadar review, we deep dive into Searadar’s offerings, highlighting the pros and cons to enable clients to make an informed decision when chartering a yacht.


  • Searadar offers beginners and returning clients an easy and hassle-free way to book a yacht by allowing them to communicate via phone calls or e-mails.
  • Clients do not need to search for yachts themselves: By getting in touch with a manager via e-mail or a phone call, customer service personnel streamlines the search for the client and books a suitable charter according to the client’s needs and preferences.
  • No paperwork: Unlike other boat charter services that require guests to fill out a ton of boat rental forms, providing unending documents as a form of knowing your customer (KYC) and insurance. Searadar claims it does not require paperwork to charter a yacht.
  • Unlimited yacht availability: Given the 20,000+ fleet Searadar boasts of, there will always be a yacht available for clients, therefor the clients may not need to check yacht and date availability when contacting a Searadar manager.


  • The deposit waiver is, in fact, not free. On Searadar’s website, the yacht charter service promotes yachting without a security deposit. Meanwhile, clients need to pay a deposit fee in the form of insurance to access this feature. Clients are expected to pay 20% of the total deposit amount.

How Does Searadar Work?

To book a Searadar yacht for themselves, clients must follow these steps.

  • Choose a yacht.
  • Specify the country where they want to rent the yacht.
  • Select the start date of the charter and the end date. For a more detailed search, select the type of yacht, the year of manufacture, and the number of cabins.
  • Receive confirmation of yacht availability.
  • Pay rental fees on the platform directly from the bank using a prepaid or debit bank card.
  • Receive a personal voucher via e-mail or messenger confirming the yacht’s reservation.

Payment Plans

Searadar offers its customers a tiered payment plan.

  1. The first payment of 30% on any yacht. According to the main charter’s rule, Searadar strictly recommends that clients take the best boats at a bargain price in advance. To take advantage of this, clients are required to apply a down payment reduction of up to 30% to reduce the costs of the charter.
  1. Full payment consists of three stages: This pricing plan works on a 30,30 and 40 rule, meaning that clients are expected to pay an initial 30% deposit on any yacht and an additional 30% and 40% and subsequent times during the charter.
  2. There is also a 50/50 payment plan whereby clients choose a scheme with 50% payment of the total booking amount and then pay 50% a month before the charter starts.

In addition to the payment plans, Searadar offers special rental terms on yacht charters and nautical miles cashback for its returning customers. They offer returning customers a 30% discount when they make 2-5 bookings each year. There is an extra 5% discount for returning customers who make between 6-9 yearly bookings. Meanwhile, clients who make over 10+ yearly bookings are awarded the gold partner status and receive a 7% discount on each charter.

Subsequently, Searadars offer discounts to first-time customers, ranging from 3% – 25%, depending on the time of the year. Clients can find information on the cost of the overall charter and make an informed decision on a suitable payment plan on the Searadar website.


Searadar is also an eco-friendly company aiming to protect the shorelines and properly dispose of trash and toxins. The boat charter company strives always to take care of nature, so they created an Eco Project project.

The Searadar eco-project is a corporate social responsibility that enables Searadar to become an environmentally conscious and socially significant business in the fight against plastic pollution. Since 2021, the Eco project has been dedicated to donating funds each time customers book their services. Searadar donates €5 per each per booking to the Sea Cleaners Ocean Protection Fund.

In addition to donating funds, Searadar has collaborated on unique project development intended to become the best ocean plastic cleanup technology.

Customer Reviews

Searadar clients stretch beyond borders and continents, from Romania to Germany, Poland and Ukraine down to the coasts of Croatia — over 1,000 have become Searadar clients.

In the five years of Searadar breaking boundaries and sailing oceans, they have won the hearts of happy customers. On Trustpilot, the excellent five-star reviews not only speak of the company’s trustworthiness and reliability; satisfied customers have lots of positive things to say about Searadar. Many praised Searader’s impeccable customer service and customer support, noting that their communication and professionality are second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duration of boat charter?

Clients often want to know how long they can charter a vessel. The simple answer is anytime. Searadar yacht charters are available for any period (1 week, two weeks, three weeks or one month. However, sailing yachts are most often rented weekly from Saturday to Saturday.

Do I need a licence to sail?

Inexperienced clients often wonder if they need a skipper license to sail. However, renting a bareboat is available if the client has the nautical experience and a skipper licence or hiring a crewed boat.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

The yacht rental price depends on various parameters, such as region, season, model, and size. For example, the charter price for a brand new four-cabin yacht for eight people in Croatia differs from a similar yacht in Italy. However, to get the best charter deals, planning and starting looking months before your planned cruise is advisable.


While Searadar is targeted at experienced sailors, the sailing enthusiast can also make the most out of their yacht charter services. The combination of services and mouthwatering discounts provides clients with endless possibilities. Our final verdict in this Searadar review is that the platform is well-positioned to serve both new and advanced adventurers with its many incorporated features. Searadar ensures that guests feel comfortable and welcome throughout all phases of the charter.

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