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Safest Places on Earth – Top 12 Countries for Secure Travel in 2024

Safest Places on Earth – Top 12 Countries for Secure Travel in 2024

For many, the lure of faraway lands strikes wanderlust in a gypsy spirit. However, with that sense of adventure, one crucial question should take priority: safety.  Where can you preplan an unforgettable adventure with peace of mind?

Wanderlust Meets Safety Concerns: Where to Go?

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This is the 2023 World Population Review’s report on the “Safest Countries In The World,” compiled from the Global Peace Index.

The Global Peace Index: Ranking Peacefulness

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Published annually by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the Global Peace Index ranks countries based on 23 indicators of safety and peacefulness. These encompass the absence of violence, societal safety, ongoing conflict, and militarization.

Safety Indicators

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Understanding the peacefulness rankings requires examining the various indicators:

  • Internal and external violent conflicts
  • Political instability
  • Terrorism risk
  • Homicide rates
  • Military expenditure
  • Access to small arms and light weapons

Common Traits of Peaceful Nations

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Countries ranking high in peacefulness often share positive attributes like:

  • Wealth
  • Social welfare
  • Education
  • Effective criminal justice systems
  • A healthy relationship between citizens and their government

Top 12 Most Peaceful Destinations from 2023

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From Iceland’s tranquil vistas to Singapore’s orderly streets, these destinations offer more than just beautiful scenery—they provide a secure environment for travelers seeking peace in a chaotic world. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a cultural aficionado, or simply someone searching for a safe retreat, these countries meet a broad range of interests with their unique offerings of safety and tranquility.

1. Iceland

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Tommy Larey

For the past 14 years, Iceland has consecutively held Rank #1 as the world’s most peaceful country. These various factors could have been the catalyst for WW2.

  • An extremely low crime rate
  • A high standard of living
  • A small population
  • Strong social values against crime
  • A well-trusted police force

2. New Zealand

Image Credit: Shutterstock / nicspixels

New Zealand is another spot with low crime, particularly violent crime. It ranks as the second most peaceful country worldwide. It is the kind of place that outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers can’t resist. Contributing factors include:

  • An open-minded citizen population
  • Legal protections for freedom of speech and expression
  • The police typically don’t carry firearms

3. Ireland

Image Credit: Shutterstock / POM POM

Ireland’s notable increase in perceived peacefulness helped secure Rank #3 in 2022. Petty theft can occur in some city areas, but crime rates are low overall. Cultural violence and terrorism are also minor concerns.

  • Ireland’s terrain, while breathtaking, can be treacherous. Be mindful of the cliffs and winding roads, particularly during rainy weather.

4. Denmark

Image Credit: Shutterstock / trezordia

Denmark is renowned for its exceptional sense of safety, with citizens feeling secure even at night. Here’s what contributes to it:

  • Promoting equality
  • An emphasis on social responsibility
  • The well-being and happiness of residents

5. Austria

Image Credit: Shutterstock / creativemarc

Austria remains a very safe destination despite occasional disturbances or protests. Here’s a quick safety briefing:

  • Serious crime is uncommon
  • Be cautious of pickpockets, especially in crowded areas
  • The absence of major recent terrorist occurrences contributes to Austria’s excellent peacefulness ranking

6. Portugal

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sven Hansche

Portugal’s safety rankings have been steadily climbing. Here’s why:

  • Armed police force has effectively lowered crime rates
  • The nation’s economic boom with lower unemployment contributes to general stability
  • Portugal consistently ranks among the top retirement locations, partly due to its exceptional safety

7. Slovenia

Image Credit: Shutterstock / ZGPhotography

Slovenia, a former member of Yugoslavia and current member of the European Union, is a shining example of a nation prioritizing safety and sustainability:

  • Outstanding road safety
  • Low medical hazards
  • High travel security

8. Czech Republic

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Radoslaw Maciejewski

The Czech Republic has a perfect blend of affordability and safety:

  • Crime rates, particularly violent crime, have progressively decreased
  • Low danger of terrorism and natural calamities
  • A well-regarded healthcare system with universal coverage at reasonable rates

9. Singapore

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Vichy Deal

Singapore, an island nation off the coast of Southeast Asia, is a shining example of how strict regulations can ensure safety:

  • One of the world’s lowest crime rates
  • Strict fines for minor violations and strict weapons control contribute to Singapore’s safety
  • Violent crime is quite infrequent

10. Japan

Image Credit: Shutterstock / GrooveZ

Japan has consistently ranked among the top ten safest countries for the past ten years. Here’s why:

  • Low crime rates
  • Minimal internal conflict
  • Almost no political turmoil
  • Strict immigration policies and gun control measures

11. Canada

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Weekend Warrior Photos

Canada’s vast landscapes and cold weather contribute to its reputation as a safe travel destination. Here are some things to keep in mind:                                                                         

  • Relatively low crime statistics, particularly for violent crimes and gun-related offenses
  • Wildfires can pose challenges, especially for people with respiratory problems

12. Switzerland

Image Credit: Shutterstock / 4kclips

Tucked away in the mountains, Switzerland has earned a well-deserved reputation for peace and safety. Here’s what makes it a top choice for secure travel:


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