Renting a Sailboat in Croatia (2023)

If you want to go on an amazing sailing adventure in Croatia. We recommend doing so on a sailboat. Renting a sailboat for your cruise can give you a thrilling and adventurous sailing experience. All you need to know to identify a sailboat is what to look for. We’ve put up a selection of sailboats and a reputable company based on client comments.

Factors that Affect Renting a Sailboat

  1. Type of boat: Choosing the correct sailing boat looks difficult because sailing boats come in a broad range of sizes and may have one, two, or three hulls. However, you must first decide which sailboat best suits your occasion and guest size.
  1. Size of boat: The size of the yacht or sailboat is the most significant consideration when renting a boat. The size of the yacht has a significant impact on its price as larger yachts are more expensive than smaller ones because they hold more people and require more fuel and other overhead expenses. It’s critical to know what size yacht you want so that you can budget accordingly.
  1. Rental season: When it comes to sailing, there are two seasons: peak season and off-peak season, sometimes known as high and low seasons. Because the number of tourists is lower during the off-season, it is commonly referred to as the lean season. The season significantly impacts sailboat availability and pricing when embarking on an adventure.
  1. Conditions of the vessel: Maintenance is critical to the reliability and longevity of any vessel. When not properly cared for, boats that are moored for extended periods of time can experience deterioration, corrosion, and other concerns. Considering this, the condition of the boat is an important factor to consider when renting a boat.
  1. Amenities: Different sailboats are equipped with various water toys, including kayaks, a sea pool, waterfalls, a private cinema, a wellness centre, private cinemas and slides that guests can launch straight into the water from the top of the sailboat. The boat’s amenities are critical to the sailing experience.
  1. Cost and allowances: Consider the Advanced Provisioning Allowance while looking for an all-inclusive sailboat rental in Croatia (APA). APA is a one-time payment that covers your onboard expenses while on a yacht charter. It is normally paid before the boat is rented and is equal to 25-35 percent of the original price of the boat. The skipper utilizes it as a spending account during the charter.
  1. Insurance: It’s always a good idea to plan for the unexpected by obtaining boat insurance. To alleviate liability risks, renter’s insurance should be purchased when renting a boat. It is recommended to obtain cancellation and curtailment insurance, often known as traveler’s insurance, and that guests ask questions about what their insurance covers and ensure that the policy is genuine.
  1. Documentation: This is another factor to consider when renting a boat. A rental agreement, the names and passport numbers of all passengers on the sailboat, a copy of your identification, a sailing license if you aren’t hiring a skipper, passports and visas, and a fishing license are all necessary when renting a boat.

Where To Rent A Sailboat In Croatia?

Croatia has a thousand-island coastline and many boat rental firms. Renting a sailboat in croatia is very easy, the challenge however, is finding a reliable, professional and highly rated company you can trust. The is one great place in Croatia to book a good sailboat charter is  Searadar. Searadar is a rapidly expanding yacht charter leasing marketplace in Croatia and around the world.

The company offers an easy, safe and accessible way to experience on-the-water adventure. With boat rentals in different locations on Croatian waters and worldwide, finding a boat is easy and with the option to tap into one of the largest network of professionals concierge services.

 Searadar has over 20,000 yachts to rent in Croatia alone, many of which are sail boats. You will undoubtedly find the most gorgeous sailboats with the provisions for a crewed or bareboat rental. With a large selection of sailboat rentals in Searadars network and on the Adriatic sea,  there is no better or more dependable company to rent the best sailboat in Croatia than Searadar.

Searadar is renowned and have been vetted by Trustpilot with 5 star rating and over a hundred positive reviews of their superb human resource and customer service. Tthe company is recognized as the best sailboat charter in Croatia and they also offer option of yachting without a deposit. Renters can choose from ultra-modern and convenient sailboat charters.

Searadar is known for making vacationing in Croatia simple, secure, and easily accessible by providing professional concierge services and outstanding communication at every step of the rental and cruising process. The organizations caters to huge parties, luxury cruises, fishing expenses, and intimate/professional expeditions, with an unwavering attention on quality and service. renting a sailboat in croatia.

With Searadar, you are guaranteed safety, comfort and a memorable sail in their spacious and impeccably designed boats. The sailboat for rent in Croatia has affordable pricing options and discounts to accommodate every demand and budget.

Types of Sailboats

Sailing boats are commonly known as sailboats, dinghies and yachts. They are propelled by sails that harness the power of the wind. Sailboats are recognised by one of these four things: the type of hull, the type of keel, the number of masts, and the type of sails and rig.

Sailing boats come in a variety of styles. The hull’s ‘V’ form aids the boat in cutting through the water like a knife rather than displacing water or gliding like a flat-bottomed hull might. Sailing boats range in size from lightweight dinghies like the Optimist (2.36m) to 90-meter-long superyachts.

The boat’s shape allows for a vast surface for the water to act against it. In addition, a sailboat’s speed is affected by the boat’s length. If the boat is long, it will have a higher maximum speed, and if it is short, it will have a lower maximum speed.

In summary, the length of the boat is proportional to its speed. With that said, let’s dive into the different types of sailboat rentals available in Croatia.

1. Catamaran


The most distinguishing elements of a Catamaran boat are its two hulls. Most catamarans have a common Bermuda rig and may be outfitted with any number of masts, sails, sail types, and rigs.

The cruising and racing multi-hull sailboat has greater space than a comparable-sized monohull or motorboat. The extra area for sunbathing appeals to the renters of this yacht. On a large sundeck, guests can enjoy trampolines and other equipment.

multi-hull sailboat

Catamarans are good for entering shallower waters due to their stability, making them the ideal boat to rent.

The most distinguishing elements of a Catamaran boat are its two hulls. It has greater space than a comparable-sized monohull or motorboat. The extra area for sunbathing appeals to the renters of this yacht. On a large sundeck, guests can enjoy trampolines and other equipment.

Catamarans are good for entering shallower waters due to their stability, making them the ideal boat to rent. They have a reduced displacement, which allows them to travel faster and are practically difficult to capsize:

2. Trimaran


A trimaran, often called a double-outrigger, is a multi-hull boat with three hulls. It is primarily a monohull with two smaller hulls or floaters linked to the main hull through lateral beams on the sides. Some trimarans can be trailered by using winches in the auxiliary hulls.

Trimarans come in various sizes, with some as little as 19 feet (5.8 meters) and others reaching 60 feet (18 meters).


Trimarans are predominantly used as recreational boats for racing. These sailboats’ versatility stems from their lightweight and compact designs, making them faster and simpler to handle at sea than single-hulled. A licenced guest can easily maneuver the open sea with a Trimaran.

3. Motor Boat

Motor Boat

Though a motor Sailer for a kind of sailboat, it has numerous characteristics that distinguish it from a pure sailboat, notably what propels the boat forward in the water. Motorboats have one or more engines that propel the vessel over the top of the water.

The primary distinction between traditional sailboats and motor Sailers is that sailboats are powered by the force of the wind, whereas an engine exclusively powers a motorboat.  This distinction can be seen in how they cruise in the open sea.

motor Sailers

Some motorboats are fitted with inboard engines and are ideal for cruising on the ocean or great lakes as well as navigating through large rivers. Motorboats or vary in shape, size and type. They are ideal for entertaining and going on adventures. Motorboats are the preferred choice for watersports.

If you are renting a yacht for a business event, a birthday party, or any other large gathering, a motorboat is the finest option. It’s larger than a sailing boat and equipped with high-tech sound systems and other modern amenities.

4. Bermuda Sloop

Bermuda Sloop

When asked to draw a sailboat, most people will choose the Bermuda Sloop. Growing up, the Bermuda sloop was fashioned out of paper for children to play with, making it highly popular.

It is distinguished by its single mast, triangular mainsail (also known as a Bermuda sail), foresail (also known as the jib), fore-and-aft rigged, and a size ranging from 12ft to 50ft and above.

It is essential to recognise that any sailboat with one mast and two sails can still be classified as a sloop, regardless of whether the sails are of a different shape or are set differently.

The Bermuda sloop has many benefits over other sailboat models (thus its popularity): The Bermuda rig is incredibly maneuverable and fast in practically any situation. It’s very versatile, and the licenced sailor can sail it easily without much challenges.

Cost to rent a sailboat

Contrary to popular misconception, hiring a sailboat is relatively inexpensive. The price of a yacht charter is influenced by several factors, including the type of boat, the size of the vessel, the duration of the rental, whether or not the boat will have a crew, the base cost, and taxes.

At a reasonable cost you can rent various models of sailing boats with various designs, cabins, and toilets at a reasonable cost. The world’s leading manufacturers, such as Hanse, Elan, Bavaria, and many others, designed some popular sailing boats. A sailboat is ideal for family vacations.

Sailboat RentalPrice rangeCabin rangeLengthYear of manufactureMainsail
Sailboat Check Price0-621 ft – 89ft2002-2022Furlin/ full batten
MotorboatCheck Price0-624ft-89ft2000-2022Furlin/ full batten
CatamaranCheck Price3-633 ft.-78ft2000-2022Furlin/ full batten
TimaranCheck Price3-633ft-782005-2022Furlin/ full batten

The best time to rent a sailboat in Croatia

As mentioned earlier, there are two rental seasons in Croatia, the peak season and off-peak season,and the number of tourists are visiting Croatia and less during the off-season.

Considering this, between May and October is the greatest time to charter a sailboat in Croatia because temperatures are mild and there is little to no rainfall, there are fewer tourists, there is beautiful weather, and rental fees are a little lower. However, it may be advisable to avoid the summer months, as this is Croatia’s peak high season, and sailboat rentals will be more expensive.

Some Sailboats Searadar Has To Offer

  • Sailboat – Sea Breeze II (Motoryacht), Oceanis 35, Freedom 2020 (Oceanis 55), Whyknot (Jeanneau 57), Tourbillon (Oceanis 60), Sophie Emilie (More 55), Nada III (Jeanneau 64), My Lady (Sun Odyssey 45), Perla (Beneteau First 21.7), Vidra (Beneteau First 21.7), Strizh (Cobra 41), Jana (Sun Odyssey 32i), Emanuel (Bavaria 36), Diana (Bavaria 36), Four Winds (Elan 340) Bajka (Elan 333), and many more.


A sailboat is an excellent choice for true sailing enthusiasts. It’s always a good idea to have all of the essential knowledge readily available is always a good idea which helps in budgeting and planning for unforeseen expenses. When sailing in Croatia, we recommend travelling through the country’s centre and exploring the Dalmatian Coast with a Searadar rental.

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