Rent a boat in Croatia for a week

The pleasure of travelling with your lodgings allows you to discover an entire region rather than just one single resort or town; this is what a week-long yacht charter will do for you. You can explore some of Croatia’s most beautiful locations without packing up every time you travel, and you won’t have to worry about getting your group (friends and family) to their next destination.

Let us tell you about the greatest company with over 100 5-star reviews that can get you started on your once-in-a-lifetime trip, whether you’re looking for a crewed rental or bareboat for your cruise.

Mistakes Boat Renters Make

  1. Attempting to explore a destination or location too quickly: They tend to miss out on the vital things those places offer. You can’t rush around the best bits in a couple of hours; You’ll need a few days to get the most out of Croatia’s unique ambience. If you want to be more at one with nature, it is advisable you plan a longer visit.
  1. Visiting only popular destinations: This is a colossal mistake. Take the time out and talk to a local; if you rent a boat with a skipper, then have a conversation about the lesser-known but beautiful islands and destinations to explore.
  1. Visiting at peak seasons: While it’s understandable that summer is most likely the period when most people take their vacations, summer is the peak period for renting a boat and sailing on blue seas. Things get busy in July and August when everything will be crowded with tourists. Attempting to take photographs without getting strangers in the shot will be next to impossible.
  1. Only exploring from the comforts of their boats: Some boat renters only discover some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes and unspoilt natural wonders from the comforts of their boats. This does not let you fully interact and commune with the destinations. It’s more like a bystander observing from afar. Because you paid to rent a boat does not mean you have to onboard it for the whole of your adventure.
  1. Not preparing ahead of time: Going on vacation is more than renting a boat, and it is so much more than taking pictures. If you do not already have a few things you want to see or do planned ahead of your sail, you most likely will not make the best of your rental.

Trusted Company For Yacht Rentals

Renting a boat for a week is the ideal way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whether you’re searching for a quiet week cruise or arranging a fun-filled party with friends. There is no better or more dependable company to rent the best sailboat in Croatia than Searadar.

Searadar is well-known and has been vetted by Trustpilot, where they have a five-star rating and over a hundred positive reviews for their great human resource and customer service. The company is well-known for offering the best yacht charter in Croatia and the option of sailing without a deposit. For their week-long excursion, renters can choose from a range of ultra-modern and convenient boats.

In Croatia alone, Searadar has over 20,000 sailboats. Different vacationers can rent their yachts for a week or more, and the organization will still have enough to meet the needs and preferences of the renters. You will certainly find the most beautiful boats for your one-week vacation on Searadar, with an option for a crewed or bareboat rental.

Searadar’s roomy and perfectly crafted boats promise safety, comfort, and a great cruise. The yacht for rent in Croatia provides reasonable pricing and discounts to meet any need or budget.

When you rent a yacht from Searader, the company works closely with you to develop a personalized itinerary based on your preferences. Searadar’s professional concierge services allow vacationers to rent a boat from various ports — Split, Dubrovnik, Trogir and Zadar areas.

Boats You Can Rent For a Week or More in Croatia

1. Trimaran


A trimaran often called a double-outrigger, is a multi-hull boat with three hulls. It is primarily a monohull with two smaller hulls or floaters linked to the main hull through lateral beams on the sides. Some trimarans can be trailered by using winches in the auxiliary hulls.

Trimarans are well-known for their speed and stability at sea. Sport trimarans can attain speeds of more than 50 miles per hour, while normal cruising trimarans may reach speeds of more than  25 miles per hour. Trimarans come in various sizes, with some as little as 19 feet (5.8 meters) and others reaching 60 feet (18 meters).

Renting a trimaran allows you to see the water from a different angle, sail to the most picturesque areas, and get a firsthand look at what ocean sailing is like. The trimaran’s unusual three-hull design gives renters the best of both worlds: monohull sailing ability and catamaran speed.

Generally, the catamaran charters, much like other charters, can be used for entertainment, pleasure boating, and fishing and are often a great rental option for cruising lakes and calm waters. 

2. Motor Boat


Motorboats are available in a variety of styles and designs, including hard tops, fly bridges, contemporary cockpits, and open and custom-built motorboats. A motorboat is exclusively powered by an engine and have one or more engines that propel the vessel over the top of the water.

A motor boat charter in Croatia is an excellent way to explore the islands. It is very practical and easy-to-navigate vessel, ideal for sailing on shallow waters in different parts of Croatia. For guests that love water sports, a motorboat is an excellent sailing vessel for the week because of its speed and manoeuvrability.

3. Catamaran


Like other boats, catamarans are good for entertainment, pleasure boating, fishing, and cruising. They are frequently an excellent rental option for cruising lakes and calm waterways.

Catamaran boats feature two hulls and offer more space than comparable-sized monohulls or motorboats. Most catamarans use a Bermuda rig and can be outfitted with various masts, sails, sail types, and rigs.

Generally, charters are classified depending on their designs and features. There’s the wave-piercing Catamaran and the small-waterplane-area twin-hull (SWATH). SWATH uses a pair of tubular, submarine-like hulls to reduce wave resistance. Wave-piercing catamarans use a low-buoyancy bow, allowing each hull to puncture waves rather than ride over them.

4. Riverboat


A riverboat is a type of watercraft used for inland navigation on lakes, rivers, and man-made waterways. Their primary focus is on safety, and they feature a very practical and user-friendly design.

5. Gulet


A gulet is a typical two- or three-masted wooden sailing vessel with 4 to 12 cabins and a length of 20 to 40 meters. Gulets Charters are elegantly crafted two- or three-masted timber cruise yachts for rent in the Adriatic. Renting a Gulet for a week is one of the most unusual ways to explore Croatia’s beaches. They are among the most popular tourist cruises. There are numerous gulets for a week-long trip in Croatia, depending on the number of guests, price, and tastes.

Benefits of renting a boat for a week

  • VIP treatment –  you will have VIP treatment from beginning to end of your charter; you won’t have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of other guests like you would at a resort or on a cruise ship. You can relax while you are served a candlelit dinner under the stars and breakfast in the morning sun while you bathe without the worry of the short rental expiring.
  • Explore different boats: One of the best benefits of hiring a boat for a week is the ability to experience various types of boats. When compared to buying your own boat, where you can only ride one sort of boat for the rest of your life, a seven-day rental allows you to try out numerous boats.
  • A premium for comfort: It is a popular misconception that chartering a boat for less than a week is more cost-effective. However, shorter charters charge a premium, and renters may not get to enjoy their money fully, but a week-long charter gives you ample time to enjoy your money longer as you cruise. Better yet, most companies offer massive discounts for a seven days boat rental.
  • Visit hidden gems: With a week-long charter, you can explore popular tourist destinations and hidden gems that many who rent a boat for a day or two days may not get to explore. Places like the Brijuni Islands and the beautiful Roman remains of Pula, amongst others, will be fully explored without being pressed for time.
  • Full access and fewer responsibilities: When you rent a boat for a longer period of time, you get to experience the pleasure of boating without the hassles or expense of ownership.
  • Endless possibilities: The Adriatic pearl is home to over 1000 islands and stunning landscapes decorated with sandy beaches, rugged mountain terrain and dense forests. There are so many places to see, and with a week-long yacht charter, the possibilities are endless.
  • Make the most of your vacation time: You can explore the turquoise-coloured waters surrounding the lush green island, anchoring your boat in the different bays while you swim, sunbathe and snorkel.
  • Freedom: Renting a boat for a week gives you the freedom to relax and take deep breaths as there is no need to overwhelm yourself with a crowded itinerary.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Boat For a Week In Croatia?

The prices often come in ranges, which vary depending on the type of vessel and length of the charter.

Croatia Boat RentalPrice rangeCabin rangeLengthYear of manufactureMainsail
Guletr Check Price4 to 875ft -151ft2000 – 2021Furlin/ full batten
Sailboat Check Price0-621 ft – 89ft2002-2022Furlin/ full batten
MotorboatCheck Price0-624ft-89ft2000-2022Furlin/ full batten
CatamaranCheck Price3-633 ft.-78ft2000-2022Furlin/ full batten
RiverboatCheck Price3-633ft-78ft2005-2022Furlin/ full batten
TimaranCheck Price3-633ft-782005-2022Furlin/ full batten

What you can see and do for a week with a boat rental in Croatia

Croatia has a lot of cultural and natural beauty to offer. There are also several things to do on the Croatian island and streets. Renting a boat for a week allows you to see and do everything. Croatia encompasses far more than Dalmatia! Despite being a lesser-known northern province, Istria has a plethora of resources for you to discover.

A seven-day boat rental allows visitors to cruise across Dalmatia and view Split, Croatia’s second-largest city, as well as adjacent islands such as Bra, Hvar, Lastovo, Trogir, and Vis.

Here is a list of some of the wonderful places to see while renting a boat in Croatia.

Explore Hvar Island

Hvar, a small Croatian island famed for its crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and wine. There are several beach bars with gorgeous waterfalls to jump into and over 20 pools for swimming and sunbathing. Hvar is a lovely Croatian town on the Adriatic Sea.

1. Tour the Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the country’s oldest and largest park. Plitvice Lakes National Park is a verdant valley with 16 terraced lakes connected by waterfalls and miles of delightful lakeside paths on wooden planks.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park features rich flora, magnificent waterfalls, and numerous animal species. As you calmly appreciate the emerald hills that Plitvice has to offer, you can stroll a boardwalk trail via upljara Cave, the setting for a German “Spaghetti Western.”

The Plitvice Lakes are located halfway between Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, and the coast.

2. Discover the Kornati National Park

Kornati National

Over 150 islands, islets, and rocks make up the Kornati archipelago in northern Dalmatia. In the Kornati National Park, there are approximately 89 different islands to explore, each with its own unique flora and fauna.

When you cruise to Kornati National Park, you may stroll through tranquil olive orchards and swim in crystal clear waters, snorkel or exercise your sea legs, and climb through the pathways of the famed Odysseus Cave, all the way down to the cliff.

3. Swim in the Crystal waters of Krka National Park

Swim in the Crystal waters of Krka National Park

Krka national park, which contains lakes and waterfalls, is one of Croatia’s most visited national parks. Karla is located in the county of Ibenik-Knin. The waterfalls, lakes, canyons, and rivers of Krka National Park are really breathtaking, as is the route to get there.


Whether you want to rent a bareboat and sail off on your own or rent a crewed sailboat to ensure a relaxing, stress-free vacation with family or friends, Searadar can assist you in finding the perfect boat for your seven-day adventure in Croatia.

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