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One Day in…Universal Studios, USA

One Day in…Universal Studios, USA

One Day in Universal Studios

Traveler Profile

Ashleigh, 36, USA


Universal Studios, Hollywood, California

Time of Year: May 

Travel Goals

Discover movie sets, ride exciting attractions, and peek behind the scenes of movie magic.

The morning sun had only just lit up the hills of Hollywood, and I was already buzzing with excitement. Today was all about getting a behind-the-scenes look at how my favorite films are made and enjoying the park’s attractions, from famous sets to thrilling rides.

Morning Fun on the Studio Tour

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images

I started my Universal adventure with the World Famous Studio Tour. On the tram, I chose the left side of Car 2 for the Flash Flood. It felt like a real rainstorm, with 10,000 gallons of water rushing toward me. It was like a live-action movie scene! It is wild how, even when you know it’s not real, you can’t help reacting as if it were.

The King Kong 360 3-D experience was next, and I went to the right side of Car 2. It was the best view to see Kong’s big entrance and feel the tram shake with dinosaurs and giant insects all around me. The 3-D effects were mind-blowing, and I wondered if the tram roof could really handle Kong’s punches.

Fellow Traveler Tip

To get the best experience, you can plan your trip right down to the seat you choose on the trams.

Marvels and Movie Sets

Image Credit: Pexels / Erik Mclean

During the tour, the tram paused in the War of Worlds smoking debris for photo ops, so I took a few epic selfies. I was also surprised by how much fun each set was. Even the movie sets like Jaws Lake, which I didn’t think I’d care for, turned out to be quite entertaining. 

Lunch Amidst the Action

Image Credit: Pexels / Kampus Production

I was very hungry by the end of the tour. Feeling the urge to relax for a bit after all the excitement, I grabbed a bite of lunch in the park. I found a scenic spot overlooking the park and enjoyed the locally sourced snacks. As I ate, I was truly amazed by all the exciting rides and the whole energy and atmosphere of Universal Studios.

Hurry Up and Wait

Image Credit: Shutterstock / BlueSkyImage

After lunch, I tried to get on as many rides as I could before the end of the day, but the long lines made that a rather futile effort. Even with the speed passes, you still end up waiting for what seemed like hours for some rides.

Evening Enchantment at Universal Studios

Image Credit: Pexels / Gustavo Fring

As the sun set over Universal Studios Hollywood, the park transformed with its colorful lights into a somewhat enchanting energy. I kept my pace and explored some of the park’s nighttime attractions.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter streets of Hogsmeade twinkled with magical lights. The Hogwarts Castle was breathtaking. After the Harry Potter World, I headed to CityWalk to find a good spot to eat. It was the perfect place to grab a late-night snack and soak up the lively ambiance and neon lights.

Mostly Complete Visit

Image Credit: Pexels / Edwin Soto

I must say, trying to cram this enormous park into a single day was really not even possible. I ended up riding every ride I had planned to, but there were a lot of attractions and things I didn’t know about and was not really able to check out due to the long lines. At least 30% of the day was spent standing in line.

Fellow Traveler Tip

Upgrading my ticket to include the speed pass was the only reason I got to see as much as I did, and even with the pass, the wait times were significant. 

The Bottom Line

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Max Andrey

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood was a very cool experience for a movie lover like me. It gave me another perspective I’m sure I’ll consider the next time I watch a movie. 

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