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Eight Most Alluring Greek Islands to Spend the Summer of 2024

Eight Most Alluring Greek Islands to Spend the Summer of 2024

Spread over the sparkling waters of the Ionian and Aegean seas, there are few places on earth that evoke the feeling of summer as the alluring islands of Greece do.

Each year, between the months of April to October, this heavenly destination is thronged with travelers from all corners of the world to explore ancient ruins, marvel at picture-postcard landscapes, enjoy exemplary cuisine and immerse in the vibrant nightlife.

Moreover, there are some inspirational collections of stay options for visitors looking to go on Ionian & Aegean villa holidays, small enough for couples and large enough for families in some of the best locations on the islands of Greece.

There are over 6000 islands in the entire Greek archipelago and as many as 225 are inhabited. Moreover, each and every island has a unique identity of its own, which makes the task of choosing the best ones to go to all the more complex.

Here we have made a collated list of the eight best Greek islands to consider for your 2024 summer trip, ensuring an unforgettable introduction to these gems of Greece.



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Soft sand beaches against a backdrop of pine covered mountains have endeared nature and adventure lovers to the island of Corfu. As for travelers looking for a Greek summer escape, Corfu is sure to tick all the boxes.

The island is studded with UNESCO World Heritage Sites spanning a Venetian fortress, not to forget historic villages,ancient monasteries and forested hinterlands ideal for hiking and biking.

Corfu is also home to the buzzing Old Town, full of beach hangouts and chic hideaways all shaped by a history of Ottoman and Venetian rule.


Milos is a part of the Cyclades group of islands and has everything that a summer visitor could ask for. From stunning landscapes of volcanic rock to whitewashed towns and sandy beaches(70 to be precise).

Milos was overshadowed for a long time by neighbouring Santorini and Mykonos, but has now emerged as a strong rival offering more unique experiences with stylish boutique boltholes and minimalistic stays with private plunge pools for an unrivalled holiday experience.

The ferry port of Adamas, the capital Plaka and the trendy Pollinos (once a laid-back fishing village) are full of sleek restaurants and bars that give an insight into the flourishing tourism scene in Milos.


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Accessed only by a short ferry ride from Corfu (and flights from the mainland), it must be said that Paxos is one of the best-kept secrets of Greece. The little island in the Ionian Sea has everything that a summer visitor could ask for.

Fewer crowds, pebble beaches, beautiful countryside and some really classy restaurants and bars have put Paxos firmly on the Greek island holiday map.

For those looking for a private escape away from the main port of Galos, Paxos has no equals.On the northeast side of Longos, you will find waterfront bars, or hire a boat and sail to Antipaxos,a lovely tiny inlet with beautiful beaches and swimming spots and a population of just 20 individuals.


Once you set sight on your Greek 2024 summer adventure, Santorini will emerge as a crown jewel of the Aegean sea. Your journey to Santorini will be replete with dramatic sunsets and unmatched beauty making it one of the best Greek islands to visit.

Without doubt,the Caldera is the showpiece of Santorini as this extinct volcano crater offers views that are almost out of the world, especially from the towns of Oia and Fira that sit on the edge of the crater.

Step into history at the ancient city of Akrotiri, a Moroccan Bronze Age settlement that offers an insight on the way of life of people during that period. And lastly, do not miss out on the archaeological site with ruins from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine era.


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Of all the Greek islands, only Crete can enchant you with its rich history and, above all, its culinary tapestry. Known for its innumerable health benefits, Cretan cuisine is a testament to the island’s food culture.

Due to the strategic location of Crete, where Roman and Ottoman civilizations mingled, visitors can expect to savor age-old recipes with the most intricate and delicious flavours that will keep the summer visitor happy.

The fertile Cretan soil, under favorable weather conditions has produced an abundance of herbs and grains which have been part of the local household kitchen for thousands of years.


Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island and a hub of pulsating nightlife. Renowned clubs will welcome you to party and dance the night under the stars and afford a perfect place to experience the party scene of Mykonos.

During the daylight hours, Mykonos turns into a haven for sun worshippers who throng the beaches for outdoor activities, high on fun but low on over indulgence.

Late afternoon revelries give way to after sunset entertainment , ensuring that the fun and games go on as darkness falls. Demand in the peak season is very high in Mykonos,so a lot of planning is required to secure a place in any of the beach clubs,not to forget the high price tag which comes attached.


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If you want to relive history, Rhodes is one of the best islands to visit on a Greek Odyssey as each civilization here has left behind an indelible mark of its own.

A walk to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rhodes Old Town seems like you are living in some bygone century. The cobbled streets are the same where once the knights of St John strode and the architecture reflects Ottoman, German, British and Italian influences.

Other than the Old Town, there are other historical sites such as the Acropolis and the monastery at Filerimos apart from the ruins of the ancient town of Kamiros. The coastal Village of Lindos with its narrow lanes and alleys displays a testament of pride dating back to the 16th century.


If you have a taste for adventure sports, Lefkada is the Greek island to head to this summer. In addition,the natural beauty of this place serves as a fascinating backdrop for activities on land, sea and air.

Surfers can ride the waves at Vasiliki while kitesurfers can enjoy quality time at Agios Ioannis. For panoramic views go paragliding over azure waters to see Lefkada from a different perspective.

For some underwear action,combine kayaking with snorkeling where marine treasures await you. Test your skills on mountain biking trails that offer an unforgettable ride on the rugged Lefkada. Lefkada is one island which invites you to explore its beauty through the exciting outdoors.

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