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Monos Luggage Review (2024)

Monos Luggage Review (2024)

Monos Luggage Review (2024)

Monos luggage brand is undoubtedly one of the best-known manufacturers of carry-on bags. Monos has grown to become a popular choice for many individuals around the globe. There is one more famous brand named Samsonite, check out our article to find out which one is the best among Samsonite Luggage Vs Monos Luggage.

If you want a blend of luxury and affordability, then look no further than Monos Luggage. The brand sells reasonably priced carry-on suitcases as well as soft-sided roller bags for customers to choose from.

In this Monos luggage review 2024, we explore Monos luggage features to help you evaluate if the Monos brand is most suitable for your needs.

Monos Luggage Overview

In the realm of high-end luggage bags, Monos is a household name. Monos is a premium luggage brand that manufactures suitcases, duffel bags, Monos metro backpacks and travel gear.  Its carry-ons and checked bags database is sturdy enough to withstand decades of family vacations, making it helpful in maintaining order during unplanned trips to the airport. Check out these comparisons between the 2 top brands, Travelpro Vs Monos.

Monos is a Canadian company with headquarters in Vancouver. The company says that the Japanese phrase “mono no aware” inspired the name Monos. This concept, borrowed from the Japanese, refers to savouring the fleeting pleasures of the present.

Monos takes a more careful approach, prioritising quality above quantity, as claimed on the company’s website. Monos creates its luggage with a classic aesthetic in mind, and they make every effort to use high-quality materials that will last the test of time.

All of the carbon emissions generated by Monos’s production, shipping, and other operations have been verified as being neutralized via reforestation projects, earning the company the Climate Neutral Certified label. In addition, as a 1% for the Planet member, the firm gives back to charitable causes by donating 1% of its annual profits.

Monos Luggages At a Glance

Monos Carry-OnCheck-In Medium
Monos Carry On PlusCheck-In Large
Monos Carry-on ProHybrid Check-In Medium
Carry-on Pro PlusHybrid Check-In Large
Hybrid Carry-OnHybrid Trunk  
Hybrid Carry-On Plus 
Monos Carry On

Monos Carry On

  • Product Dimensions: 22″ × 14″ × 9″
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Colour: Midnight Black
  • Department: unisex-adult
  • Model Number: N/A
Carry-On Plus

Carry-On Plus

  • Product Dimensions:  23″ × 15″ × 9.5″
  • Weight: 7.38 pounds
  • Colour: Banana Pudding (Glossy)
  • Department: unisex-adult
  • Model Number: N/A
Hybrid Trunk

Hybrid Trunk

  • Product Dimensions: 29.9” x 15.7” x 14.3”
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Colour: Champagne
  • Department: unisex-adult
  • Model Number: N/A
Editor's Choice
Carry-On Pro Plus

Carry-On Pro Plus

  • Exterior measurements: 23 inches × 15 inches × 9.5 inch
  • Interior measurements: 21 inches × 14.5 inch
  • Interior pocket measurements: 17 inches × 11.25 inches × 1 inch
  • Weight: 8.38 lb
  • Volume: 46 L
Best Hardside Luggage
Monos Hybrid Trunk

Monos Hybrid Trunk

  • Exterior measurements: 29.9” x 15.7” x 14.3”
  • Interior measurements: 27.9” x 14.7”
  • Weight: 13.2 lb
  • Volume: 89 L
Terrazzo Limited Collection

Terrazzo Limited Collection

  • Variety of architectural styles
  • From Art Deco in the 1920s to the sleek
  • Minimalist surfaces of today’s designer homes
Best Carry On
Monos Carry-On


The Monos Carry-Ons are the entry-level model and they are perhaps the best-known Monos suitcase. Its widespread use is due to the convenience of its being able to be carried in the overhead bins of most airlines.

The suitcase comes with an anti-microbial wash bag, two shoe bags, and a vegan leather luggage tag. Pack and unpacking are easy with the Monos Carry-On. In addition, it is well-designed and well-made, making this luggage a great investment.

 It is constructed with a tough polycarbonate body and a reliable telescoping handle. Rolling quietly, a lock that passes TSA standards, and faux leather details round out the package. The Hybrid carry-on plus suitcase is sleek, light, and resilient. It is outfitted with a zipperless aluminium frame and anodized aluminium corner guards.

Exterior measurements: 23″ × 15″ × 9.5″

Interior measurements: 21″ × 13.9″

Weight: 9.25 lb

Volume: 43 L

Best Checked In Luggage
Check-In Medium


Carry-on luggage should be lightweight and meet airline size requirements. This check-in medium carry-on has the right amount of luggage space. It is outfitted with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, ultra-sturdy telescopic handle, integrated TSA-approved locks, whisper-quiet wheels, vegan leather material, and all-premium materials.

The check-in medium collection comes in a limited edition colour (terracotta). Terracotta means “baked earth” in Italian, and it evokes the dignified charm of the ancient world. It is warm, inviting hues of burnt sienna and red ochre reconnect and bring forth a timeless energy that is both primal and modern.

Best Value For Money
23-Inch Carry-On Plus Spinner Luggage


The Carry-On is sturdy, sleek, and designed to perfectly fill an overhead bin on any flight. The 360-degree wheels are smooth and silent, while the handle is ultra-stable with 4 adjustable heights. Tall? You won’t have to worry about slouching to pull along your new piece.

The spacious carry-on luggage is sleek with an unbreakable shell. With a colour-coordinated reverse coil zippered panel, this Monos suitcase is outfitted with an ultra-sturdy telescopic handle that has four height settings, a TSA-approved lock and whisper-quiet wheels. The Interior mono luggage features comprise multiple zip-mesh interior pockets and compression straps to keep your items neatly organized.

Exterior measurements: 23 inches × 15 inches × 9.5 inch

Interior measurements: 21 inches × 14.5 inch

Weight: 7.38 lb

Volume: 48 L

Editor's Choice
Carry-On Pro Plus


The Carry-On Pro Plus is a larger and upgraded sibling of the Monos carry-on. The Carry-On Pro Plus was created with efficiency and convenience in mind. It has a convenient front compartment where travellers can store used items.

The Monos carry-on pro includes padded compartments that fit a 15-inch laptop and is made of the same aerospace-grade polycarbonate as the rest of the case. The Mono luggage features are impact-resistant, and water-resistant and has three interior zippered pouches which can fit phones, batteries, cables, passports, sunglasses, or other small items.

The Carry-On Pro Plus fits neatly into any check-In overhead bin, so it’s simple to stow away while you’re not on the road. It is also made to comply with the dimensions and storage requirements of major US airlines. However, international travellers on other foreign airlines may need to get their luggage checked for compliance.

Exterior measurements: 23 inches × 15 inches × 9.5 inch

Interior measurements: 21 inches × 14.5 inch

Interior pocket measurements: 17 inches × 11.25 inches × 1 inch

Weight: 8.38 lb

Volume: 46 L

Best Hardside Luggage
Monos Hybrid Trunk


A purpose-built case that serves seamlessly as an enduring statement piece. The Monos Hybrid Trunk reimagines the historic form with a contemporary twist, evoking the early days of worldwide travel. Its higher frame facilitates packing for longer excursions, and its core sections may accommodate heavier goods easily.

Exterior measurements: 29.9” x 15.7” x 14.3”

Interior measurements: 27.9” x 14.7”

Weight: 13.2 lb

Volume: 89 L

Terrazzo Limited Collection


The terrazzo limited edition colours are available for the Check-In monos collection. The name terrazzo refers to a kind of flooring that has been used for centuries in a wide variety of architectural styles, from Art Deco in the 1920s to the sleek, minimalist surfaces of today’s designer homes. This collection draws inspiration from all of these periods and styles. Its stone-like matte surface and organic design give it timeless appeal while making scratches almost unnoticeable.

Monos Luggage bags – Comparison Table

Standard SuitcaseHybrid CollectionCarry-On Pro Collection
Made from polycarbonate and nylon fabricThe Hybrid Collection mixes polycarbonate and aluminium to incorporate the advantages of both materials into a piece of single luggage.  Monos’ original collection of suitcases is made with an entire polycarbonate shell  
Expandable Zippered suitcasesTwo locks to fastly secure the luggage in place of zippersTSA approved locks
Ordinary compartmentpadded front compartment, suitable as laptop compartments and delicate device storagepadded front compartment
Ordinary handlesTelescopic handle, expandable by four heightsTelescopic handle
HeavyweightLightweight, sturdy and durableMixed weight


  • Water-resistant, aerospace-grade, German polycarbonate body shell
  • Well-secured TSA-approved lock
  • 100-day trial and limited lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable telescopic handle
  • Anti-microbial interior fabric
  • Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels
  • Water-resistant hard shell made out of German polycarbonate
  • Lockable reverse coil zipper
  • Exterior compartment for laptop
  • Free Shipping
  • Internal compression pad


  • The light suitcases are not scratch resistant
  • The designated compartments for two shoe bags and anti-microbial laundry bags are small, and may not contain all a traveler’s belongings
  • Some luggage’s outer compartments may be difficult to seal if it’s too stuffed.
  • A little heavier than a regular suitcase
  • Light colours get stains easily.
  • Purchase Limitations as Monos does not ship to P.O. boxes.
  • PayPal is the only acceptable payment method for international buyers outside North America.
  • Monos is not available on Amazon.

Monos Luggage Bags — Top Features

Monos luggage bags have a basic and understated style, making them ideal bags for air travel.

●      Ergonomic Design

Monos focuses on critically important but often neglected telescopic handles The rock-solid high-grade aluminium ergonomic handles assemble to fit at opposing 45° angles, reducing lateral and torsional movement. Monos re-engineers the handle release bottom, making them more ergonomically repositioned on the bottom. The travel luggages are equipped with soft 350D anti-microbial interior fabric and a built-in internal compression system.

●      TSA-Approved Locks Combination Lock

Monos bags have a TSA locks with a resettable code for travel security and peace of mind. With an integrated combination TSA locks, Monos pieces of luggage do not require keys. Some Monos luggages are outfitted with two TSA-approved combination locks.

●      Lightweight Construction

Some Monos’ luggages are lightweight and therefore considered best luggage for elderly. However, the aerospace-grade material makes the luggage flexible yet nearly impossible to break. Its flexibility ensures the suitcases can absorb energy from impacts and spring back into shape.

Zipperless aluminium frame

The outside zippers of the Monos Hybrid Collection have been replaced with an aluminium frame firmly riveted to the polycarbonate shell. The bag substitutes zippers with two latches, allowing easy access to the suitcase’s contents without needing to unzip the whole case.

●      Climate Neutral Certified Luggage Brand

Monos partners with Climate Neutral to measure, offset, and reduce carbon emissions (net zero carbon emissions). In addition, the manufacturing partners of Monos are always seeking to reduce their environmental impact by collecting parts, plastic and polymers that may be reused or recycled in other sectors.

Monos uses an eco-friendly and biodegradable polymer known as TPE to manufacture its suitcase’s gaskets and spine. Some components are also made with Ultra-microfibre vegan leather. Monos has committed to giving one percent of its profits to legitimate environmental groups working to protect and restore the planet.

●      Quality testing

According to the Monos website, the travel bags are tested to survive the harshest travel conditions. Some of the tests to ensure quality include

  •  Temperature stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Mileage test
  • Tumble test
  • Water repellency
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Handle jerk
  • Strap jerk

●      High-performance 360° spinner wheels

The most important feature of luggage wheels is durability and quality. Monos wheels reduce the challenge of pulling a heavy suitcase. Monos offers tapered wheels to provide easier steering and manoeuvrability.

Some pieces of luggage are two-wheeled (double-wheeled). The recessed design of luggages with double wheels makes them less likely to break off because the bags are easier to move over curbs or other uneven surfaces.

All Monos suitcases have double spinner wheels – meaning there are 8 wheels instead of 4, and it’s easier to manoeuvre. They also use high-quality Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels for extra durability, quietness, and performance.

●     Internal Compression System and Structure

Inside, you’ll find durable and water-repellent polyester of the 350 denier kind. To make Monos waterproof, a dangerous PFAS chemical finish is not required. The space-saving organisation and condensing aspects of the interior design are undeniably beautiful. It has a zipped divider on one side so you can separate your dirty shoes and clothes from the rest of your gear. The full-length zipper also makes it much easier to seal a suitcase that’s stuffed to capacity.

●     Free shipping

Monos covers the shipping on all orders (luggage, metro backpack, metro duffel, metro folio kit

metro sling, metro weekender, metro toiletry Case etc) to the contiguous United States and Canada.

●      Colours

They are available in eight fantastic hues and two limited-edition.

  • Desert taupe
  • Rose Quartz
  • Olive Green
  • Blue Haze
  • Ocean Blue
  • Storm Grey
  • Stellar white
  • Midnight Black
  • Terrazzo (Limited edition)
  • Terracotta (Limited edition)

Monos Luggage Review— At a Glance

●      Customer Service

Monos is praised for having effective and responsive customer service. Customers tout the Mono customer satisfaction team as being stellar. Most of its backpacks and luggage have a rating of 4.6 stars out of a possible 5. Many positive comments have been on how durable their luggage is, how fast the company ships their products and their swift communication in expediting requests.

Monos shows genuine care about the customers’ satisfaction and their highest standard of commitment to customer service.

●      Exchange and Return Policy

The 100-day trial period Mono offers buyers sufficient opportunity to evaluate the product. Monos allows customers to fill their bags with a comparable weight for travel to guarantee that a customer’s new suitcase is a suitable travel companion. The buyer may precisely determine whether Monos meets their demands by evaluating the baggage inside for size, weight, colour, and other parameters. If not, the consumer has 100 days to return the luggage after receiving it.

Customers can return the Monos bags, garments, and accessories within 30 days after delivery. All returned items must be in unused and original condition. However, Customers will bear the cost of return shipping expenses, which Monos will subtract from the refund total.

According to Monos’s return policy, customers who want to swap items must first send back the original purchase and then buy Monos luggage replacement item.

●      Warranty

More often than not, bad things happen to good packages. Thankfully every one of Monos suitcases comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Unfortunately, couriers sometimes refuse to take responsibility for such blunders or have unpleasant and difficult retrieval or replacement procedures.

For its clients’ convenience, Monos developed the Package Protection Shipping Insurance. Those who want to purchase shipping insurance may rest easy knowing their packages will be covered in the event of theft, loss, or damage.

Without asking any questions or requiring a copy of the receipt or invoice, Monos immediately replaces the luggage. As a result, you won’t have to contact an outside courier provider and start a case from scratch.

In summary, here are the things Monos lifetime warranty covers and what it is not

What it covers

  • Cracks or breaks in the shell
  • Wheels
  • Telescoping handles that break off or are no longer usable
  • Broken zippers

What it does not cover

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Dings
  • Scuffs
  • Stains
  • Colour changes
  • Wear and tear the luggage and inner fabric.
  •  Non-functional changes in the product’s appearance.

●      Quality Materials

Monos is very selective with its suppliers. The company only works with a select few factories that can meet strict international standards. It selects producers distinguished by their superior artistry and high-quality and sustainable materials.

Monos employs recyclable German Makrolon polycarbonate of aerospace quality for their luggage, which is both lightweight and robust.

Monos uses an eco-friendly and biodegradable polymer known as TPE to manufacture its suitcase’s gaskets and spine. Most brands on the market now choose the highly toxic and non-recyclable PVC material, which is less expensive. But Monos prioritises quality material, ensuring they meet stringent standards.

●      Monos suitcase weight

From the handles to the wheels and everything in between, Monos luggage is qualitatively superior and competitively lightweight.

  • The Carry-On bag weighs 7.01 lb.
  • The Carry-On Plus weighs 7.38 lb.
  • The Medium Check-In pieces of luggage weigh 9.59 lb.
  • The Large Check-In weighs 10.58 lb.


Monos rewards customers through a rewards program, the Wayfarer Rewards. As a Wayfarer, customers get exclusive rewards and savings when purchasing a Monos product. They earn miles that can be redeemed in the next purchase.

●     Price

Monos luggage price varies, depending on the type of luggage. The cost of soft-sided roller bags differs from hard-shell suitcases; the same goes for Monos carry-ons, backpacks and duffle bags. The prices also change when Monos is running sales. We have given an estimate of the Monos pieces of luggage. However, prospective customers can also check the company website for accurate and updated prices.

  • Monos Carry on $200-$300
  • Monos Carry on Plus $250 -$350
  • Monos Carry on Pro $250 -$300
  • Monos Carry on Pro Plus $300 -$350
  • Monos Hybrid Carry-On $250- $350
  • Monos Hybrid Carry-On Plus $300- $350
  • Monos Hybrid Check-in Medium $350- $400
  • Monos Hybrid Check-in Large $400- $450
  • Monos Hybrid Trunk $400- $450

The prices of  Limited edition colours are slightly higher by around $50 more. Some Monos suitcases also have a payment plan option through a sizzle of 4 interest-free payments.

Other Monos Products

Monos suitcase and bags are a few of the numerous the luxury luggage brand produces. They sell a variety of other products, such as UVC water bottles and luggage sterilizers that can kill germs without having to wash them. Monos also makes eco-friendly, recyclable luggage covers, specifically designed to fit Monos suitcases. The luggage cover will be safeguarded against damage and scratches during transport. The foldable packing cubes are another Monos product.


●     Is Monos a reputable suitcase manufacturer?

Monos is one of the most well-known and respected luggage businesses, thanks in large part to the company’s reputation for concentrating on high-quality materials, sustainability, and design. Before making a purchase, make sure to read our in-depth evaluation of Monos luggage.

●      Is Monos’s luggage vegan?

Travel with confidence, knowing that your luggage contains no animal products. Monos’ imitation leather is made from ultra-microfibre vegan manufactured with superior polyurethane resin.


Monos promises to fill a need in the market by providing travelers with reasonably priced, high-end baggage that has a minimalist design and is constructed from the highest quality materials and components. Generally speaking, MMono’sluggage is fashionably modern.

Monos luggage is perfect for fashion-conscious jetsetters, thanks to its sophisticated design and vivid hues. It is also quite affordable compared to other luggage brands. Also check out these comparisons between Briggs and Riley Vs Monos Luggage and Find out which one is the best.

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