Luxury Gulet Croatia Charter(2023)

In a leisurely setting and at your own pace, would you want to tour Croatia’s stunning coastline and islands? The greatest solution for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy a relaxing trip is a skippered boat charter, so stop looking elsewhere.

Problems of Finding a Good Luxury Gulet Charter In Croatia

  1. Finding a reputable charter company. Many companies offer boat and yacht rental services in Croatia; however, finding a reliable and professional gulet service can take time and effort.
  1. Unavailability:  Most fleets are reserved and booked way ahead, limiting the chances of finding a sailing boat, much less a luxury gulet in a short time. In other rare cases, many charter companies mix up the booking confirmations, leaving the selected charter unavailable on the selected day and time.

To avoid availability problems with a gulet charter company, bring proof of any booking and additional correspondence with the company. You will be more organised, and it will also help you to refer back to it for all the contact information and details you may need during your sailing holiday.

  1. Exorbitant costs and hidden charges: Companies may inflate their prices when they discover that renters are looking to charter a luxury gulet charter. They include hidden charges that must be made aware of after payment.
  1. Limited sizes of Gulet to choose from – Many yacht rental companies have small fleets and therefore have a limited range of luxury gulet available.  Even when a gulet charter might be available, luxury and deluxe gulet may not be available in sizes that suit your needs.
  1. Misleading pictures: Most bookings are made online, and the pictures of the gulet may differ from those presented at the time of sail. While looking for a deluxe gulet charter, most companies mislead unsuspecting charterers.
  1. Condition of Gulet: The condition of the gulet is vital to examine before chartering it. Chartering a boat that has been improperly maintained or repaired is a recipe for disaster. Mechanical failures or defective equipment could ruin your day on the water. When conducting your search, conduct some preliminary research.
  1. Unlicenced Charter companies: Most companies operate with false licenses, and certifications. Many do not have it, and unsuspecting renters may fall prey.  Beyond the flashy websites, many rental companies are not licensed and offer substandard services.
  1. No rental or travel Insurance: Many unscrupulous charter agencies purchase void rental insurance, leaving the renters in unwarranted conditions in emergencies. It is important to understand the insurances and legal requirements when searching for a luxury gulet to rent. Make sure you are covered by travel insurance, and always carry along your policy number.
  1. Unending paperwork: the charter company you book through may require a different type of documentation, and filling out those unending forms can be exhausting.
  1. Not prioritising security and safety: Ensure the Gulet charter has proper safety equipment. When chartering a gulet, it is important to check that all the appropriate safety equipment is on board and has not expired. Guests should easily access equipment such as a bailing bucket, fire extinguisher, radio, air horn, and life jackets. Many charter companies assure renters of high-level security but only sometimes provide it.

Best Luxury Gulet Charter in Croatia

Private gulet charters allow you to book a whole yacht to have your party on a stunning yacht with a breathtaking view of Croatia’s Mediterranean coasts. Searadar. can help you explore the stunning Dalmatian coast by chartering your own luxury Croatia gulet or sailing yacht.

Simply select a gulet from Searadar’s yacht fleet that best suits you and your group. Searadar is a professional full-cycle online concierge service for luxury adventure enthusiasts. Go through their suggestions on the most appropriate luxury gulet for your budget and suggested trip plan.

Searadar  personalizes your gulet charter until you are happy with everything and happy to proceed. They handle everything, from the best yachts’ selection to payments and paperwork. Searadar offers luxury yachts,, and their availability in Croatia can be instantly confirmed without paying commissions or hidden fees.

To help put charterers through Searadar provides search services and consultations absolutely for free. The company is the best gulet charter in Croatia because they provide service with superior quality standards and consider all the needs of its customers.

Searadar  has a wide range of gulet charters in Croatia that charterers can choose from. There are ultra-modern luxury gulet charters that are very affordable to rent and suit different needs and budgets.

Kinds Of Croatia Luxury Gulet By Searadar

A gulet is a traditional two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel, ranging in length from 20 to 40 meters and has 4 to 12 cabins.

In Croatia, gulets are utilized for private charters. To locate and hire an ideal gulet for a private charter, you will need to learn more about the many types of gulets and the differences between them, as well as how the preparation before the voyage and the service on board work.

Gulet Acapella

Gulet Acapella

The five-cabin Gulet Acapella can accommodate up to 12 people and has 5 toilets and showers. Guests can enjoy various amenities on the sailing yacht deck. Things like a gangway, jacuzzi,

Aft lounge area, hydraulic lifting swimming platform, side bimini sunshades, a flybridge, sundeck beds and a forward lounge area are among the equipment to aid a smooth sailing gulet cruise.

Gulet Alba

Gulet Alba

Gulet Alba is 98ft and has a full batten mainsail. Its five cabins can accommodate up to 10 friends and family vacationing in Croatia.

Gulet Atlanta

Gulet Atlanta

The 92 ft Luxury Gulet Atlanta can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people in its seven-cabin vessel. The sailing yacht Atalanta has seven toilets and showers and has autopilot features. Gulet Atlanta has all the modern comforts and an expansive deck for sunbathing and relaxing while admiring the stunning scenery.

Gulet Andjeo

Gulet Andjeo

Gulet Andjeo can be found at the bays of Split in Croatia. It was produced in 2000 and can accommodate up to 10 people in its five cabins. It has a teak deck with a  Tv on the stern deck for a relaxing experience, a music system, an automatic inverter,  WiFi Internet, a computer and a printer for a working vacation.

Gulet Trebenna

Gulet Trebenna

Gulet Trebenna is 75 ft and can accommodate eight people in its four cabins. It is ideal for a family and friends seeking a fun cruise experience. The sailing yacht Trebenna has 4 toilets and showers. 

Types of Charters in Croatia

There are three luxury gulet charters: crewed, skippered and bareboat. The type of gulet chartered depends on the kind of comfort and services desired on the cruise.

1. Bareboat Charters

Bareboat gulets come with all the beauties and essentials of a deluxe gulet but without a crew. The charterer, often a licensed skipper or sailor, gets to steer the gulet yacht on a solo adventure or with a group.

When chartering a gulet without a skipper, it is important to have all the necessary certificates, permits and documents to prove that you can sail the seas of Croatia on your own. The gulet yacht may be fully equipped with an air conditioner, ropes, life jackets, and a full fuel reservoir, but no chef, no hostess and certainly cleaner.

It is best not to overestimate your abilities when making bareboat luxury gulet charters. So, while assessing the local sailing weather, be reasonable. Consider tidal variations, weather, and other features of the Adriatic seas.

Anchoring a gulet takes good skills and expertise and if you are doubtful whether you can handle a gulet charter on your own, it is best to book a skippered or crewed charter instead and let someone else do the job for you. This ensures an enjoyable and memorable experience.

2. Skippered Charters

Sailing on a luxury gulet with a skipper entails exploring the beautiful seas with a captain doing all the sailing while you relax and enjoy your holiday. On luxury gulet, the skipper is responsible for the safety of the yacht, mooring, hoisting sails, changing tacks and reefing.

With skippered charters, guests can explore the bays for daytime anchorage and leisure without having nautical knowledge to navigate enclosed waters, including harbours and estuaries. A skippered gulet charter is ideal for non-experienced sailors.

3. Crewed charters

A crewed aurum gulet or other luxury gulet provides maximum comfort and relaxation.

Aurum is a 32-meter-long gulet with vast luxury deck seating places, a new gorgeous stainless steel fence, and a very practical salon where guests can enjoy entire comfort while the crew sails.

When choosing a crewed luxury gulet charter, the vacationer explores the islands with a crew. The crew often comprises a boat captain/skipper, chef, deckhand, hostesses and stewards. A captain is responsible for sailing the gulet with the assistance of a deckhand.

On a crewed gulet, the deckman can also help with setting up the gulet’s amenities like sunbeds on deck, water toys, etc.  On smaller gulets charters, the chef may be in charge of both cooking and serving meals and beverages while for larger gulets with stewards, the chef prepares the food and the stewards serve the meals and beverages.

4.  Cabin Charter

A cabin charter is ideal for sole adventurers or those without a large enough group to charter a gulet. In addition, groups that are price conscious can enjoy the luxury of a sailing gulet from the comforts of their cabin charter. A cabin charter allows guest charter only a cabin and not the entire gulet yacht.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Luxury Gulet In Croatia?

The prices often come in ranges, which vary depending on the size of the vessel, charter date, if it comes with a crew and other specially requested services. The more services and amenities a gulet has, the more expensive it becomes. Deluxe gulets, for example, that are equipped with water boarding equipment, a Jacuzzi, a fully equipped bar etc will most likely be pricier than others.

Luxury Croatia Gulet CharterPrice CabinLengthYear of manufacture
Gulet Trebenna Check Price475ft1987
Gulet Stella Maris Check Price8125ft2004
Gulet AndjeoCheck Price524ft-89ft2000
Gulet Tajana MoraCheck Price9114ft2007
Gulet AlbaCheck Price598.4ft1987
Gulet AtlantaCheck Price792ft1986
Gulet DonaCheck Price582ft1990
Gulet AcapellaCheck Price5161ft2021

Beautiful Places to Visit With a Croatia Luxury Gulet Charter

The Mediterranean Sea is the world´s largest region for luxury holidays. The country with the largest proportion, with nearly 4,000 vessels operating in charter sailing holidays. Croatia has always been a popular tourist destination due to its pleasant climate, lovely sandy beaches, and breathtaking scenery.

Croatia is known worldwide for its magnificent beaches, stunning scenery, and breathtaking coastline. Aboard your luxury gulet charter, you can tour some of the beautiful destinations in Croatia.

1.    Rab Island

Rab Island

Rab, in the Kvarner region, is captivated by pine trees, towering cliffs, and beaches. In Croatia, vacationers can find the best sandy beaches on the Lopar Peninsula. Rab island is distinguished by four magnificent bell towers that rise from historic stone alleys.

2.    Omis


Omis is located in the heart of the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Omis is an incredible blend of crystal clean Adriatic sea, high mountains and the amazing canyon of river Cetina.

3.    Dubrovnik


A yacht charter ais  favourite sightseeing destination. Dubrovnik’s Fort Lovrijenac is one of the most prominent fortifications to explore on yacht charters. It is Popularly referred to as “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar” because it is located on an outcrop of rock. Dubrovnik is also popular for its beaches, especially Lapad beach, which has shallow waters perfect for swimming.

4.    Medulin


Medulin is located in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia and is home to a one km-long sandy beach called Bijeca. It is reasonably shallow and is a great place for sunbathing.

List all the things you would like to do while you are there.

5.    Cavtat


Cavtat is Croatia’s most southern resort, located about 20 kilometres south of Dubrovnik and approximately 22 kilometres from the Montenegrin border.

Tourists can visit the House of Vlaho Bukovac, a museum dedicated to a Croatian painter born in Cavtat. They can also visit the Racic Mausoleum, the Baltazar Bogisic Collection in the Rector’s Palace, and Our Lady of Snow Monastery by the harbour.


A sailing holiday is an incredibly peaceful and lovely experience. A vacation beyond your wildest dreams awaits you with the luxury gulet charter service. So go ahead and take a memorable cruise with Searada’s luxury gulet yachts.

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