9 Best luggage Brands With Lifetime Warranty (2023)

With so many suitcase options online these days, it can be tricky to select a good quality luggage brand that will satisfy and offer a lifetime warranty. However, having good-quality luggage can make your traveling experience more enjoyable.

Pieces of Luggage should be dependable, durable and straightforward to pack, carry and store and should not disappoint. From lightweight to hardshell, no matter the travel style, the best luggage brands offer a lifetime warranty on their fabric, wheels, finish and overall bag. To help travelers make the most informed decisions, we have compiled 10 of the best luggage with lifetime warranties.

What is a Warranty, and Why Do You Need One?

A warranty is a written promise issued to the manufacturer’s purchaser of an article (luggage), promising to repair and replace,  if necessary, within a specified period.

It is a term of a contract. Depending on the terms of the contract, a product warranty may cover a product such that a manufacturer provides a warranty to the buyer with which the manufacturer has no direct contractual relationship.

There are different kinds of warranty offered by different manufacturers. While our focus is on brands that offer a lifetime warranty on luggage, we must mention the different categories of warranty to give you an idea of what your warranty covers and does not.

  • Express warranties: these are created when the seller guarantees the buyer that the product/service offered has certain qualities.
  • Implied warranties: Implied warranties are unwritten transaction promises and the buyer’s inherent understanding rather than from the express representations of the seller.
  • Limited warranty: A warranty may be limited in duration (for example, two to three years).
  • Extended Warranties: In addition to standard warranties on new items, third parties or manufacturers may sell or offer extended warranties (also called service contracts) to buyers. These extend the existing warranty for a further length of time. Still, these warranties have terms and conditions which may not match the original terms and conditions.
  • Satisfaction warranty: A satisfaction guarantee warranty requires the manufacturer, advertiser or third-party sales brand to offer a full-price refund on the purchase of goods that do not meet the buyers’ expectations, regardless of the reason for dissatisfaction.
  • A lifetime warranty: A lifetime warranty is a warranty against materials and workmanship defects that have no time limit to make a claim. This is different from a warranty on a product that only lasts for the lifetime of the buyer. If a product has been discontinued and is no longer available, the warranty may last a limited period longer.

When it comes to lifetime warranties, there are two broad categories that brands offer.

(a.) Unconditional lifetime warranty: This warranty covers all the manufacturing defects and any other type of accidents or damages the buyer may encounter. In an unconditional lifetime warranty, the brand repairs the suitcases and luggage regardless of how or where it was damaged.

(b.) Limited lifetime warranty: This is the most common lifetime warranty offered by affordable luxury brands. The limited lifetime warranty covers only manufacturing defects and not airline damage, trains or any other damage caused by accidents.

Both lifetime warranties are good. However, many companies often pose as offering lifetime warranties, but in reality, they do not. These companies make their warranty terms extremely long and choose non-specific, subjective wording, which doesn’t really explain much in their warranty offerings.

Luggage Brands With Lifetime Warranty- Overview

Many of the best luggage brands with lifetime warranties are luxury brands, hence their pricing may be a little on the high side. However, investing in quality and durable bags that are TSA recommended, will save you some dollars in the long run. Cheaper alternatives may be stylish but require frequent repairs or changes without a reasonable warranty.

As a frequent traveler, or someone traveling for business, we highly recommend investing in these luggage brands.

Luggage BrandWarranty TypePrice Range in dollarsAVAILABILITY & DESIGNS
Briggs & RileyUnconditional lifetime warranty300$ – 800$CHECK ON AMAZON
Delseylimited lifetime warranty100$ – 400$CHECK ON AMAZON
Eagle CreekUnconditional lifetime warranty150$ – 450$CHECK ON AMAZON
NomaticUnconditional lifetime warranty400$ – 600$CHECK ON AMAZON
OspreyUnconditional lifetime warranty50$ –400$CHECK ON AMAZON
PatagoniaUnconditional lifetime warranty200$ – 350$CHECK ON AMAZON
Red OxxUnconditional lifetime warranty125$ – 350$CHECK ON AMAZON
Thulelimited lifetime warranty300$ – 550$CHECK ON AMAZON
Travelprolimited lifetime warranty100$ – 400$CHECK ON AMAZON

1.   Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley

Key Warranty features

  • Unlimited Lifetime warranty
  • Covers any physical defects
  • No receipt needed

 From satisfied customer reviews Briggs & Riley is touted as a reputable luggage brand famous amongstamongst pilots, airline crews, and frequent travelers. The luggage brands are HiDurable. Out of all the luggage brands we’ve looked at, Briggs & Riley (and Tumi) make the most durable suitcases. With Briggs & Riley, you can count on your suitcase lasting at least 10-20 years, even when used frequently. Most of their softside suitcases are made from high-quality ballistic nylon, while the hardside ones are usually made from layers of pure polycarbonate. They are the only luggage brand that offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Briggs & Riley luggage warranty is one of the best amongst luggage brands in the same category. The unlimited warranty covers any physical defects for the lifetime of the luggage, regardless of the cause of the defects. There are no policies hidden under incomprehensible words.

If your bag is ever broken or damaged, Briggs & Riley will repair the luggage free of charge without requesting proof of purchase and without asking questions regarding the cause of the damage. In addition to the lifetime warranty, there are other features that keep travelers returning to the Briggs & Riley brand.

The luxury brand offers a wide range of durable luggage including carry-ons, duffels, rolling garment bags and hardside spinners, plus backpacks, briefcases, crossbody sling bags amongst others. The luggages are engineered for reality as they come with innovative handles, pockets, wheels and expansion systems for high functionality and more storage space.

The premium garment panels on the luggage envelop your clothing,  reducing shifting in transit and ensuring minimal creasing.

2.  Delsey


Key Warranty features

  • limited Lifetime warranty
  • Covers material and workmanship defects
  • Proof of purchase needed (Receipt, warranty tag and warranty hangtag)

Delsey is a well-known luggage brand that was created in 1946 in Paris, France. The company produces fashionable luggage with stunning designs. Depending on the selected luggage, Delsey offers a worldwide limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship, computed from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not cover airline damage or defects that come from normal wear and tear, defects caused by accident, neglect, abuse, misuse, misapplication. In addition defects caused by exposure to extreme natural conditions, liquids, gases or modifications will are not covered in the lifetime warranty.

However, if you detect a flaw in your luggage covered under warranty, the product will be repaired but you will be responsible for the shipping and handling costs. If the product is not repairable and is covered under warranty, you will be contacted via phone/email in regards to receiving a comparable warranty replacement at no cost to you.

3.  Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek

Key Warranty features

  • Covers reasonable functional defects
  • Return shipping covered
  • Proof of purchase needed
  • No Matter What Warranty + Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty (LMF).

Eagle Creek produces various luggage options, allowing travelers choose a bag that best suits their needs, whether they are going on a hike, camping, on a business trip or just backpacking.  Eagle Creek bags are a fine balance between formality and casualness. They’re exquisite suitcases that bridge the gap between the two extremes and are great carry-ons for day trips, weekend getaways, and longer trips.

While Eagle Creek bags may not appear too professional or classic, they are great option for the outdoors and long-term-traveler. Eagle Creek offers both packing cubes, backpacks, and a few softside suitcase most of which come with the “No Matter What” lifetime warranty.

Eagle Creek’s lifetime warranty covers all reasonable defects through the lifetime of the product irrespective of the cause. All the necessary repairs at no cost to you, regardless of who was at fault. The caveat is that the luggage needs to be in usable condition. The company’s warranty only covers its high-end products though so make sure you make your purchases accordingly.

4.  Nomatic


Key Warranty features

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Nomatic will replace the bag if deemed unrepairable.
  • Only covers defects in materials and workmanship
  •  Customers must purchase additional two or three-year warranties for additional protection.

Nomatic is a great option if you are in the market for high-end, high-quality luggage. Nomatic is a fairly new travel gear brand, established only in 2014. When compared to a giant like Briggs & Riley, Nomatic is almost two decades younger.

Nomatic lifetime warranty is therefore pretty much straightforward. Any craftsmanship and material flaws are covered, and all damage will be repaired regardless of who caused it. Nomatic can restore your luggage even if it has been damaged by an airline or an accident.

They do not need evidence of ownership or the receipt you received after purchasing. Nomatic will repair your luggage without hesitation. However, if your luggage is so broken that it would be awkward to repair, Nomatic will provide a replacement. So, do not hesitate to get their digital nomad community backpacks since they are both sturdy and stylish.

5.  Osprey


Key Warranty features

  • Covers reasonable defects except airline damage, zippers and accidents
  • Return shipping is covered
  • Proof of purchase is needed.
  • All Mighty Guarantee on Luggage

Serious adventurers always choose for Osprey products because just like Eagle Creek and Patagonia, Osprey is a fantastic manufacturer of camping luggage. Their products aren’t exactly what businesspeople would consider to be “sleek,” “contemporary,” or “classic.” As an alternative, they are all built with a sturdy, outdoorsy design that is ideal for extended journeys. Their “All Mighty Guarantee” protects not just their backpacks but also their extensive selection of soft-sided luggage.

Their warranty will pay for either fixes or replacements. In case your bags are broken beyond repair, know that you have the option to request a new set. Although its primary products are backpacks, the company also offers a wide selection of soft-sided luggage.

Osprey guarantees its products for life, regardless of how roughly you treat the bag. Therefore, whether the damage was inflicted on your case by yourself or another party, Osprey will service it at no cost to you. All functional issues that arise over the lifetime of the travel luggage are also covered by the warranty.

In order to benefit from the lifetime warranty, go to a website and choose whether you want a repair, a replacement or a replacement part and fill a warranty Claim.

6.  Patagonia


Key Warranty features

  • Ironclad Guarantee.
  • All repairs, returns, and replacements for functional damage
  • Cosmetic wear and tear repairs are available at a reasonable rate.
  • Customer pays the shipping fees when sending and when receiving.

While they are larger than Eagle Creek, Patagonia is not so much into making bags as they mostly focus on outdoor clothing, not gear. So they do not have a wide assortment of travel cases. Nonetheless, they still provide several stylish duffle bags, backpacks, rolling bags, and durable gear for traveling, hiking, and camping.

Their unconditional “Ironclad” lifetime warranty is a straightforward cover with no hidden caveats. Once your travel gear develops material or workmanship defects, the manufacturer will repair it at no cost. Regardless of the cause, Patagonia will repair your case. Besides, there are self-repair kits on its website.

7.  Red Oxx

Red Oxx

Key Warranty features

  • No Bull unconditional luggage Lifetime Warranty.
  • Transferable warranty
  • Covers any functional defects
  • Return shipping is covered

The Montana-made brand comes with a memorable “No Bull Lifetime Warranty.” The well-designed Red Oxx bags are long-lasting and sturdy. Red Oxx makes duffles, backpacks, packing cubes, and other packing accessories for sporting, camping, and traveling.

Although Red Oxx does not currently offer any wheeled luggage, they offer a wide variety of travel duffles, backpacks, and messenger bags. In place of a classic and professional look Red Oxx gives off a more rugged, military vibe..

Their “No Bull” warranty covers your equipment forever. Everything that breaks, no matter what caused it, is covered by the warranty and will be fixed at no cost to you. If the bag can’t be fixed, they’ll give you a new one for free. You’ll simply have to pay for shipping to and from the repair facilities.

8.   Thule


Key Warranty features

  • Limited Lifetime Luggage Warranty
  • Covers manufacturing defects
  • Return shipping is covered
  • Proof of purchase is needed

Thule is another high-end outdoor gear manufacturer that produces tough and long-lasting/durable backpacks, luggage, rooftop camping equipment, and numerous vehicle racks for skiing, cycling, and other activities. They are an up-scale brand with costly bags for all sorts of travelers.

Their luggage is designed to be modest and professional enough to be utilized for business travel. Thule’s limited lifetime guarantee covers material and workmanship faults for a lifetime.

Under the Thule Guarantee, Thule will warranty all Thule branded products under the original purchaser during the specified time frame for products manufactured by Thule. Thule warranty coverage does not, under any circumstances, cover defects caused by normal wear and tear, scratches, accidents, modifications or any types of repair other than those authorized by Thule.

No warranty is given for defects resulting from conditions beyond Thule’s control, including, but not limited to, misuse, overloading, or failure to assemble, mount or use the product in accordance with Thule’s written instructions or guidelines included with the product or made available to the purchaser.

9.  Travelpro


Key Warranty features

  • Built for a Lifetime Limited Warranty (+ Trusted Companion Promise on some products)
  • Covers manufacturing defects
  • Covers airline damage for 1-5 years, depending on the model
  • Proof of purchase required

Among the top luggage makers in the world, Travelpro is in the same class as Briggs & Riley and Samsonite. However, TravelPro favours less cost over durability. While their luggage is two to three times less costly, when compared to Briggs & Riley, this comes at the expense of sturdiness and durability.

TravelPro provides elegant and professional luggage, backpacks, and duffels, which are popular amongst business travellers and flight crews. Travelpro suitcases are designed for regular travel and are available in various collections such as Maxlite 5, Crew Versapack, and others.

Every collection has a limited lifetime guarantee covering both craftsmanship and material flaws. Without additional coverage for airline damage, this guarantee is primarily useless because frequent travelers are more likely to get their bags damaged by the airline.

To make up for its limited warranty, the luxury brand also offer a “Trusted companion promise”, which covers any airline damage and the shipping costs to and from the repair centres. The duration of the “Trusted companion promise” varies between collections. There is a lifetime warranty on the Platinum Elite collection, three years on the Crew 11 series, and one year on the Maxlite 5 series. Therefore, the Platinum Elite collection is the frequent traveler’s best choice if you want a long-lasting suitcase with lifetime warranty.

In addition to the lifetime limited warranty with trusted companion promise, TravelPro also offers different classes of warranties: best luggage warranty limited to 10 years, 5 Year Limited Warranty, 1 Year Limited Warranty, 3-YearYear Commercial Use Warranty For Aviation Professionals.


There is the illusory promise laid out by the “lifetime guarantee” advertised by some luggage brands. While some bag manufacturers will truly repair or replace your luggage for years, even if the airlines wear it out, saving you thousands of dollars. Others, however, have caveats attached to their lifetime warranty.

Durable luggage with an excellent long-term guarantee of complete repairs contributes to breaking the cycle of endless consumerism. It is essential to consider factors such as luggage, travel habits, travel destinations, and more before you commit to a brand or piece of luggage with conditional or unconditional lifetime warranties.

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