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“National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel” – A Guide to Globetrotting with Kids

“National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel” – A Guide to Globetrotting with Kids

In the comprehensive guide “National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel: Share the World With Your Kids on 50 Adventures of a Lifetime,” the Gee family, also known as the Bucket List Family, shares their extensive experience and insights into traveling with children. Having explored over 90 countries, their adventures range from swimming with whales in Tonga to breakfast with giraffes in Kenya, showcasing their commitment to sharing the world’s wonders with their children.

Expert Tips and Family-Friendly Itineraries

Authored by Jessica Gee, this guide is essential for families looking to embark on their own global adventures. It offers practical advice on choosing destinations, packing, budgeting, and navigating long-haul flights with their young children. Jessica Gee’s personal anecdotes and family experiences enrich the guide, providing readers with relatable and actionable travel insights.

Diverse Destinations and Unique Experiences

The book features 50 meticulously curated itineraries for family-friendly destinations, including walking on a beach with penguins in South Africa, exploring ice castles in Utah, and experiencing the magic of Berlin’s Christmas markets. These itineraries are complemented by inspiring top-10 lists tailored to every age group, ensuring families can find destinations that resonate with their interests and desires.

The Gee Family’s Journey

Jessica Gee initially envisioned a modest amount of travel, but their journey quickly expanded into a global adventure, chronicled through their popular vlogs. Starting from Provo, Utah, the family’s openness to new experiences and cultures has taken them to corners of the world most only dream of, all while sharing their journey with millions of followers.

Embracing New Cultures and Destinations

The Gees emphasize the value of experiencing new places and cultures, a philosophy that has led them to explore more than 90 countries. Their approach to travel, focusing on new experiences over revisiting familiar destinations, has enriched their family’s life and broadened their worldview.

Practical Advice for Family Travel

“National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel” offers tangible advice for families embarking on travel. From leveraging airline deals and credit card rewards to the benefits of using travel agents, Jessica Gee shares strategies for making family travel more accessible and enjoyable.

The Impact of Travel on Child Development

The Gees believe in the developmental benefits of travel for children, highlighting how exposure to diverse cultures and people fosters a sense of common humanity and appreciation for what makes us unique. Their experiences have brought them closer to the world and changed their perspective on it, highlighting the transformative power of travel.

The Bottom Line

“National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel” is more than a travel guide; it invites families to explore the world together, creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper understanding of our global community. Through the Gee family’s experiences, readers are inspired to embark on their own adventures, armed with the knowledge and confidence to do so.

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