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One Day in…the Grand Canyon National Park, USA

One Day in…the Grand Canyon National Park, USA

Traveler Profile: Ashleigh, 35, USA

Location: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Time of Year: June

Travel Goals: See the amazing Grand Canyon and get some breathtaking photos

I was extremely excited to visit the Grand Canyon for the first time since childhood. The plan was simple – explore, photograph, and enjoy the breathtaking views of this incredible natural wonder. Packed with snacks, my camera, and a sense of adventure, I headed out for a day filled with the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.

Morning Magic at Mather Point

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Javen

I started the day at Mather Point, where the sunrise painted the sky in beautiful colors. Looking at the gigantic canyon was like seeing a real-life painting. It was so huge, and the rocks looked like layers of a delicious cake. I took some time to enjoy the fantastic views and snap some pictures.

I grabbed a quick snack for breakfast because I couldn’t wait to explore more.

Hiking the South Kaibab Trail

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Maridav

Next up, I put on my hiking boots and tackled the South Kaibab Trail. The trail promised cool views, and it didn’t disappoint. Every step showed a different part of the canyon, and it felt like I was walking through a story written in the rocks.

Fellow Traveler Tip: Remember to carry water, snacks, and sun protection when hiking. 

Lunch with a View at Phantom Ranch

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Billy McDonald

By midday, I made it to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon. The place had a cozy feel, and I had lunch next to the Colorado River. I couldn’t believe I was sitting so close to the river with massive canyon walls all around.

Fellow Traveler Tip: It’s a good idea to book your meals at Phantom Ranch ahead of time.

Exploring the Inner Canyon

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Francisco Blanco

After lunch, I explored more of the canyon, crossed the Silver Bridge, and walked along the river. The rushing water sounded calming, and I felt like I was in a special place.

Sunset at Hopi Point

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Cavan-Images

As the day went on, I headed back up to the rim for the big show – sunset at Hopi Point. The canyon’s colors changed from bright reds to deep purples as the sun descended.

Fellow Traveler Tip: Make sure to arrive early to get a good spot, and bring something warm because it gets cooler after sunset.

Dinner at El Tovar Dining Room

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Paul R. Jones

After the day officially turned to evening, I decided to have dinner at El Tovar Dining Room, a historic restaurant with a canyon view. This white tablecloth restaurant was worth every penny. I had the Elk Bolognese with fresh Mozzarella and shaved Parmesan. The flavors were just so rich and multi-layered. It was truly impressive. Plus, the ambiance was fantastic, and I enjoyed eating a delicious meal while watching the sunset over the canyon. 

Stargazing at Grandview Point

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sergey Novikov

After sunset, I went to Grandview Point to look at the stars. The Grand Canyon is a great spot for stargazing because there’s not much light around. I lay on the ground, full as a tick, staring at the night sky. After today, the Grand Canyon National Park has become one of the most satisfying places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

The Bottom Line

The Grand Canyon is not just a place; it’s a must have experience. From sunrise to stargazing, every moment is like a piece of nature’s art. Whether you love hiking, just want to look around, or are into stargazing, the Grand Canyon delivers.

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