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Editorial Policy

Welcome to The Green Voyage policies:

Editorial Policy

At The Green Voyage, we strive to provide our readers with articles and content that are accurate, unbiased, impactful, and both informative and trustworthy. 

Here’s what we stand for: 

Accuracy: Every word is written by a conscientious writer and checked by an experienced editor. We create our content based on reliable sources and present perspectives from various angles. 

Integrity: We are independent and endeavor to be non-subjective. Our team does not represent any political stance; we separate opinion from fact and check that all our content is substantiated. 

Openness: We’re transparent about our sources and quick to fix errors when they are brought to our attention. We credit our sources and give biographical information about our writers and editors. 

Sensitive Reporting: When reporting tough stories, we approach them with sensitivity and avoid sensationalism, respecting the real experiences of those living those stories. Language is curated carefully and checked to prevent offense and stereotypes. 

Editorial Independence: We are not associated or funded with a particular advertiser. We use affiliate links sparingly, consciously, and with the reader in mind. 

Readers at the Heart: We love hearing from our readers, and your feedback shapes our content. There is a variety of ways by which readers can contact us.

Diversity in Stories: Our writers represent a variety of backgrounds and cultures, bringing stories and content from around the world. As a brand, we aim to represent voices from across the UK, U.S., and globally to illustrate the diversity of our readers. 

Smart Social Sharing: At times, we use social media to share our stories and promote our brands and platforms. We differentiate our brands from any personal accounts and keep social media as a method to interact with the public and public opinion. 

Legal Compliance: We stick to the legal script, respecting copyright and privacy laws.

Corrections: Mistakes happen, and when they do, we’re committed to correcting them openly and promptly. Whether it’s a typo or a factual error, we will make amends and corrections as soon as we see them. 

Continuously Improving: Our policies are evolving. We regularly review and update them to ensure we are adhering to the guiding principles of content writing and journalism. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Policy

The Green Voyage is committed to delivering high-quality, informative, and engaging content to our readers. As part of our commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of technology, we occasionally utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in the creation of our content.

AI-Assisted Content:

  • Usage: A small percentage of our content may be generated with the assistance of AI technologies. This approach allows us to produce articles that are timely, data-driven, and diverse in perspective.
  • Editorial Oversight: Every AI-assisted article is thoroughly curated and reviewed by our experienced editorial team. Our editors ensure that all information is accurate, informative, and aligns with our editorial standards and values.
  • Transparency: Where AI has been used in the content creation process, we will clearly state this alongside the article.