Croatia Yacht Rental With Crew (2023)

Find the best options and platforms for you below if you’re seeking for a seamless and memorable experience with a crewed yacht charter hire in Croatia.

The Problem With Standard Yacht Charter Rental Companies In Croatia

Here are a few common problems and mistakes people face when dealing with small crewed yacht charter companies:

  1. Small fleet to choose from – Many yacht rental companies have small fleets and therefore have a limited range of yachts and boats available to choose from.
  2. Limited Availability – This also leads to their unavailability during certain periods, especially during peak season and last-minute bookings.
  3. Inflated Pricing – Consequently, this leads to higher prices and negotiating your perfect charter and experience to accommodate what’s available.
  4. False License & Certification – Unfortunately, some yacht charter companies don’t operate legitimately with the right legal licenses and certificates for the business and crew.
  5. Void Insurances – The last thing you want is not being insured and covered by the charter company that you are with if an accident happens as it was not operating legally or has a limited coverage.
  6. Unprofessional and messy service – Not all companies are like this, but there are many out there that are very unprofessional and make the whole experience much more difficult and lengthy than it should be.
  7. Wrong Advice – Some companies will provide misleading advice and not the best advice due to their product offering.
  8. Miscommunication – Due to language barriers its common for foreigners to encounter communication issues and misunderstandings dealing with smaller companies.

The Best Crewed Yacht Charter Croatia

Searadar is fast growing yacht charter rental platform in Croatia and the rest of the world. They have over 10,000 yachts in Croatia alone and can charter from many different destinations, crewed or bareboat.

Because of such a large fleet of boats and yachts, many options are available to suit one’s needs. Whether you have a specific amount of cabins you want or a specific type of yacht/boat you want, they have you covered. There are always yachts available even during busy seasons and last minute bookings.

Because of the wide range there are many different price points and ranges available to suit one’s budget. Whether it be for a large party, luxury cruise, fishing or an intimate/professional gathering there are new and aged options.

Searadar is renowned and have been vetted by Trustpilot with 5 star rating and over a hundred positive reviews of their service.

They provide a professional concierge service and look after the whole process with excellent communication throughout and are known for their transparency and streamlined process. Dealing with such an experienced and professional company will save you a lot of time and make the whole process easy, safe, reliable and professional.

If you are looking for the best-crewed yacht charter in Croatia you will have plenty of options and can rest assured with Searadar. With a five-star rating on TrustPilot and impeccable customer service, Searadar gives you the vacation experience you want.

Types of Crewed Charters & Boats Available

1. Catamarans


Catamarans are more comfortable, spacious, and ideal for longer journeys. Luxury catamaran yachts have a multi-hull design that makes them an appealing and popular choice for charterers in Croatia. This one-of-a-kind exterior and interior design offer easily accessible and spacious deck areas.

2. Mega Yacht Charter

Mega Yacht Charter

Experiencing a charter on one of these larger yachts is an unforgettable experience. Mega Yacht Charter offers different options on private or corporate mega yacht rentals that guests can explore while visiting exotic ports. With an overall length of 23.04 m (76.4 ft), the fully crewed mega yacht charters are the pinnacle of an all-inclusive vacation. An equilibrium of luxury and comfort.

3. Sailboat


A sail boat is propelled partly or entirely by sails and is smaller than a sailing ship. Jump onboard a sailboat and experience Croatia like never before. You can charter various models of sailing boats with various designs, cabins, and toilets. The world’s leading manufacturers, such as Hanse, Elan, Bavaria, and many others, designed some popular sailing boats.

4. Motorboat


Motorboats come in various models and designs, including a hard top, a fly bridge, a modern cockpit and open and custom-built motorboats. An engine exclusively powers motorboats. Chartering a motor yacht in Croatia is an ideal way to explore the islands. The luxury yacht has a spacious exterior for relaxing and sunbathing and an easily accessible platform.

5. Cruise boat

Cruise boat

A cruise boat is a perfect way to tour the Adriatic Sea. With an elegant and functional internal area, guests can enjoy the views from the comfort of a well-insulated sunroof shade. Sunbathing and sand relaxations are possible with extended seating areas on the bow deck. The cruise boat consumes less fuel, enabling guests to explore more beautiful destinations.

6. Luxury Gulet Yachts

Luxury Gulet Yachts

Gulet yacht offers an outstanding private charter experience. A Gulet is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel. Chartering a crewed gulet yacht allows you to make your party on the sea; you can choose your cabin, depending on your needs and cruise preferences. Gulet yachts vary from economic to luxury (standard, superior, deluxe, and high deluxe) so guests can relax in the beauty of nature.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Yacht In Croatia?

The prices often come in ranges, which vary depending on the type of vessel and length of the charter.

Croatia Yacht RentalPrice rangeCabin rangeLengthYear of manufactureMainsail
Gulet Charter Check Price4 to 875ft -151ft2000 – 2021Furlin/ full batten
Sailboat Check Price0-621 ft – 89ft2002-2022Furlin/ full batten
MotorboatCheck Price0-624ft-89ft2000-2022Furlin/ full batten
CatamaranCheck Price3-633 ft.-78ft2000-2022Furlin/ full batten
RiverboatCheck Price3-633ft-78ft2005-2022Furlin/ full batten
TimaranCheck Price3-633ft-782005-2022Furlin/ full batten

Some Boats Searadar Has To Offer

  • Gulets – Atalanta, Trebenna, Alba, Andjeo, Stella Maris, Acapella, Dona and more.
  • Sailboat – Sea Breeze II (Motoryacht), Oceanis 35, Freedom 2020 (Oceanis 55), Whyknot (Jeanneau 57), Tourbillon (Oceanis 60), Sophie Emilie (More 55), Nada III (Jeanneau 64), My Lady (Sun Odyssey 45), Perla (Beneteau First 21.7), Vidra (Beneteau First 21.7), Strizh (Cobra 41), Jana (Sun Odyssey 32i), Emanuel (Bavaria 36), Diana (Bavaria 36), Four Winds (Elan 340) Bajka (Elan 333), and many more.
  • Motorboat – Get Lucky (Fairline Squadron 50), Adriatic Falcon (Frauscher 1017 GT), Katija (Prestige 36), Boha (Focus Power 44 Hard Top), and many more.
  • Catamaran – Saba 50, Aura (Lagoon 42), CAPTAIN MORGAN ( Lagoon 50), Cool Change (Lagoon 560), Marla (Lagoon 450 Flybridge), EMERALD GEMINI (Lagoon 52 F owner version), SUMMER STAR (Lagoon 50 Fly), Princess Claire (Lagoon 50) and more.

How To Book Your Crewed Yacht Charter in Croatia

  1. Get in touch with yacht charter specialists, SEARADAR — With over 20,000 yachts available for booking, guests can make personal selections from the database. Without a deposit, guests can access all available yachts. The expert yacht team ensures users get the most out of the Croatia luxury yacht charter, providing excellent communication.
  1. Customize your yacht itinerary — The personalized full-cycle yacht booking service ensures that users always have a choice of where to go and the yacht rental. The unique yacht concierge service lets guests specify if they want a crewed catamaran charter in Croatia or monohulls. Users get to customize the type of yacht, the year of manufacture, and the number of cabins.
  1. Prepare to Travel — Before boarding your yacht charter with crew Croatia, the specialist and crew will prepare the yacht to suit your travel needs. Peradventure there are any particular food or drink requests, dietary preferences, or allergies, the crew will make adequate provisions and a draft itinerary according to the preferred requests. It is important to discuss via email or phone before departure.
  1. Enjoy the Vacation — Whether the guests have a skipper license or not, the sailing charter is well-equipped with professional skippers and hostesses. The captain and crew act as concierges for land-based activities and onboard adventures.

Best Yacht charter destinations in Croatia

Croatia is the coast of a thousand islands, and the mesmerizing views of the crystalline waters, photogenic bays, natural oases, and caves are surreal. Little wonder Croatia emerges as a top destination for renting sailing boats and chartering luxury.



A yacht charter’s a favourite sightseeing destination. The southern Croatian city fronts the Adriatic Sea. Vacationers explore the surrounding sea from a vantage point. Dubrovnik’s Fort Lovrijenac is one of the most prominent fortifications to explore on yacht charters. It is Popularly referred to as “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar” because it is located on an outcrop of rock.

Dubrovnik is also popular for its beaches, especially Lapad beach, which has shallow waters perfect for swimming.

Sailing boats drop their anchor in the ACI marina Komolac while large yachts charter cruise on the port of Gruž in one of the most glamorous Croatian marinas – Marina Frapa Dubrovnik.



This is considered an island paradise and is one of the best yacht charter Croatia destinations. Elephiti islands is a unique charting destination for its sailing slalom between the islands of Koločep, Lopud, Šipan and Jakljan. It is a small archipelago consisting of several islands in the Adriatic Sea.  Yachts often drop their anchor on the west to get a good picture of the island.



Another charter favourite is Korčula, the city of song, wind, and mesmerizing shapes on the Croatian peninsula. Korčula is a Croatian island just off the Dalmatian coast. Residents passionately love windsurfing and spending the day flying kites. Yachts charters can chill in the Marina Korčula, situated at the E end of the island of Korčula in Croatia and is separated from the Peljesac Peninsula on the mainland by a mile-wide channel.

The streets of Korčula were built in the herringbone pattern, and vacationers can take a moment to admire the views from the sea.

Hvar and Pakleni islands

Hvar and Pakleni islands

The Pakleni Islands are a beautiful chain of around 20 rocky islands forming an archipelago off the southwest coast of Hvar Island.

The largest island, Sveti Klement, is home to the famous Palmižana Bay. Another popular island is Marinkovac, home to the famous Stipanska Bay, where guests will find the nudist beach, Carpe Diem Beach. The smallest of the three is the stunning Jerolim island which is famous for its nature and wildlife.

Crewed Yachts set sail from Hvar to Stniva on Vis, the Blue Cave on Bisovo, and Green Cave on Ravnik. They can then drop their anchor in the ACI Marina Palmižana to explore one of the most beautiful bays of the Pakleni Islands.

The island of Vis

Vis island is the furthest Croatian island from the mainland. Vacationers can explore the beaches on the island – Stiniva, Vela Smokva, Milna, and Zaglav — or swim in the crystal clear blue waters of Budikovac or Porat Beach. There is also Biševo Island on the southwest of Vis for crewed yachts. However, larger yachts are more drawn to Kaštela Bay on the northern side.

Benefits of Crewed Yacht Charters

  1. Intimate cruise experience: Chartering a yacht offers vacationers a relaxing and intimate experience, eliminating the need to stand in long queues with a crowd of people. The experience is personalized and better as your experienced yacht crew ensures a pleasurable time with a plethora of activities.
  1. Shared cost: Groups going on yacht chartered vacations can split the cost. They can divide the expenses, which significantly reduces the cost per person.
  1. Convenience: Yacht charters come with lots of conveniences. Compared with a commercial cruise with fixed timings and rigid tour experiences, the chances of missing your cruise or sharing cabins with strangers are reduced.
  1. Multiskilled Crew: Crew members are a team of multiskilled professionals. They are the greatest asset for your luxury vacation. Most luxury yacht charters come with one to six crew members. Larger vessels, such as super yachts, often have a crew of up to 15 or 20 people depending on the vessel.

    At the minimum, a skipper, a lifeguard, and cleaners ensure that the cabins and laundry are neat and the handrails are adequately polished. Often, the yacht charter requested may have an additional gym/yoga instructor, chef, hostess, and bartender. There is always one crew member on guard in case of emergencies.
  1. Learning experience: A crewed charter yacht offers more than a luxury experience; it also offers a learning experience. The crew members are a valuable resource to vacationers. With a crewed chartered yacht experience, you will gain an understanding of the surrounding areas and the history of a variety of locations. Vacationers can explore and learn more about various destinations and regions they visit. In addition, guests can ask the experienced yacht crew for intricate details about various places. The crew can also provide insider information about notable destinations and best-picture locations.

Yacht Charter Travel Essentials

A charter yacht with crew should be packed with travel essentials. However, it would not hurt to have yours.

Here are some yacht travel essentials that you may need for your trip.

  • Sailing Gloves – A pair of sailing gloves are essential to protect your hands.
  • Fishing gear – A world of sea life will surround you, and what better way to spend your time than to go fishing?
  • Wetsuits and swimsuits — If possible, come along with yours.
  • Binoculars — The horizon, other vessels, islands, and mainlands are fun to use your binoculars. However, emergencies may arise, and it may become expedient to have one onboard.
  • Sunglasses may be the most important travel essential, especially during summer.
  • Snorkelling Gear — water surrounds you, so you might as well plan to get wet. Snorkelling is a perfect way to experience some of the most beautiful sea creatures.
  • Sailing clothes — It’s important to have comfortable clothes packed for the vacation.
  • Bug spray — Bugs can frustrate you and ruin your vacation. It is an unpleasant experience to be swarmed by gnats, mosquitos, or other creatures.
  • Hat — This is essential to keep the sun at bay.
  • Insulated Water Bottle — You can refill as often as possible with an insulated water bottle.
  • Flip-flops — You most likely will spend a lot of time wearing flip-flops on a luxury yacht.
  • Sunscreen— Remember to invest in good sunscreen because you’ll be out in the sun a lot, resulting in getting sunburned faster.


Everyone has different needs, wants and requirements when voyaging Croatia with a crewed yacht charter. When selecting a company make sure that they are able to provide you with options, communicate well and are able to look after the whole process. Dealing with a trustworthy company will make your life easier and make sure you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances. Based on the credibility and reputation established by Searadar over the years, it is our go to recommendation for all our readers.

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