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10 Best Crete Beach Clubs

10 Best Crete Beach Clubs

Today we’ll take you on a journey to discover the top ten beach clubs in Crete for 2023! If you’re planning a visit to this stunning Greek island and can’t wait to soak up the sun, immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters, and indulge in the vibrant coastal atmosphere, then this guide is for you.

Whether you’re a party animal looking for a lively beach club experience or a tranquil oasis by the sea, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured Crete’s coastline to bring you the crème de la crème of beach clubs, ensuring an unforgettable vacation.

Join us as we embark on a journey to experience the epitome of beachside bliss, where every moment is infused with tranquillity and tropical charm.

What are the best Beach Club Crete?

  1. Baja Beach Club – Rethymno
  2. Cabana Mare Beach Club
  3. Coconut Beach Bar and Restro
  4. Buddha Bar Beach Crete Abaton
  5. Aptera Beach Resort
  6. Palm Beach Club
  7. Blue Lagoon Beach Club
  8. Cavo Bianco Beach Club
  9. Kahlua Beach Club
  10. Meltemi Beach Club

1. Baja Beach Club – Rethymno

Crete beach clubs

Sip on some excellent shisha while sipping on a signature or traditional drink. Explore the Cuisine and mouth-watering Sea-flavoured oysters, sushi, fresh seafood, flawless beef, and homemade pasta at this Crete beach club. 

Enjoy a luxurious and relaxing day, taking in the beauty of a 12,000-square-meter private, well-organized beach, complete with luxurious amenities, including a 1,000-square-meter pool and a separate pool for children.

DJs from all over the globe go to Baja to make good music and play at the greatest summer parties. Admission is free from 10:00 to 23:00 every day.

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Address: BAJA BEACH, Chiou 12, Rethymno, 74100, Greece
Phone Number: +306972822111

2. Cabana Mare Beach Club

beach clubs Crete

Cabana Mare beach club is located in one of the most popular tourist resorts in Crete – Agia Marina. Just 10 km from Chania lays its endless sandy beach, which welcomes thousands of visitors each year! Agia Marina is the perfect destination for those looking for a seaside holiday experience but also for lovers of vivid nightlife.

Palm trees, comfortable sofas, and salty hair is the recipe for an indelible summer. Stroll across the white sands of Cabana’s Blue Flag beach, stretching out along the green waters of the Cretan Sea. Pleasure in the comfortable sunbeds and couches and relish the chill-out music.

Stay in this blithesome state until the sun goes down and Cabana Mare lights up. Preserve your seat, spoil yourself with more cocktails or glimmering sparkling drinks and let the live events there exhilarate you. Cabana Mare’s resident DJs sense the mood of the beach and follow its beat.

But when the sun goes down, Cabana Mare becomes irresistible. With famous artists and celebrity DJs from all around the world, Cabana Mare’s events irradiate the nights and make your summer insuperable. Themed parties and dancing shows complete your all-day experience at Cabana Mare and leave you utterly buoyant.

Address: Agia Marina | Chania | Crete, 730 14
Phone Number: +306986995095

3. Coconut Beach Bar & Resto

Coconut Beach Bar is the ultimate tropical oasis, offering a slice of paradise where you can unwind, indulge, and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation.

Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend retreat or a traveller seeking an unforgettable experience, Coconut Beach Bar is the perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sip on refreshing cocktails while the gentle sea breeze sweeps through your hair, indulge in mouthwatering cuisine crafted from the freshest local ingredients, and soak up the breathtaking views of crystal-clear turquoise waters. 

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Address: Karterou Nea Alikarnassos 716 01HellasPhone Number: 697 226 6103

4. Buddha Bar Beach Crete Abaton

Buddha bar beach club

At the Buddha Bar Beach in Crete, unveiled by Abaton Island Resort & Spa guest can have a top-of-the-range beach club, restaurant and summer lifestyle experience like no other. Buddha bar beach club is undoubtedly one of the hot spots on the island!

You can relax and enjoy your summer sipping on a glass of The beach club’s cocktail selection, made from top quality ingredients. With an addiction to flavours, fresh ingredients and imaginative combinations, you will have a relaxing time at the Buddha Beach bar.

Address: GR 70014 P.O.BOX 64 Chersonissos – Crete, Greece
Phone Number: +30 28970 26419

5. Aptera Beach Resort

beach clubs in Crete

Aptera beach resort is a family-friendly beach club. The beach club is a relaxing haven with beautiful sea views and a tranquil setting perfect for unwinding and pampering.

Aptera Beach Club is a tranquil haven for sun loungers, wedding guests and couples on their honeymoon. The proximity to the water, sea, and rock views make it all the more enchanting.

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Address: Apteron, Chania Town, Crete 731 00 Greece
Phone Number: +30 28210 97777

6. Palm Beach Club

best beach club Crete

Palm Beach Club is the new hot spot to be in Hersonissos Crete. It was founded and created in June 2012 and attracts thousands of vacationers who visit the island of Crete to flock to Palm Beach Club. The Palm beach club is the only open-air beach club for day n night in the centre of the city.

Directly a few feet away from the gorgeous beach of Hersonissos, directly above the port-side road. Every day at this Crete beach club brings new and unforgettable experiences.

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Address: 25is Martiou, Limenas Chersonisou 700 14, Greece
Phone Number: +306974638305

7. Blue Lagoon Beach Club

best beach clubs in Crete

Inspired by the calmness of simplicity and the sun’s warmth, the Blue Lagoon offers something to everyone, located near Rethymno. They provide delicious delicacies, wines and cocktails, as well as summer therapy and relaxation areas.

The beach club has a large pool and sun beds for tanning. The Blue Lagoon beach club is a place to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the ambience of the beach. Surrounded by a warm and natural ambience, you can relax in nature.

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Address: Palea EO Rethimnou Irakliou, Adelianos Kampos 741 50, Greece
Phone Number: +306988649641

8. Cavo Bianco Beach Club

The Cavo Bianco beach bar offers an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From the moment you step onto the soft, powdery sand, you will be embraced by a sense of tranquillity and relaxation.

 Immerse yourself in the breathtaking views of turquoise waters and swaying palm trees while sipping on refreshing cocktails crafted by our talented mixologists. Coconut Beach Bar is the perfect haven for a romantic getaway, a fun-filled vacation with friends, or simply a place to unwind.

Take advantage of the beautiful view and the peaceful atmosphere of the place, and enjoy your vacation. Treat yourself at the beach bar, where you can combine refreshing cocktails, coffees, and beverages with light snacks, salads and fresh fruits.

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Address: Ammoudi 72055 Hierapetra, Greece.

9. KAHLUA Beach Club

At the Kahlua Premium Beach Bar, located at the Kahlua Hotel & Suites in Hersonissos, Crete, the tempo is turned up at night, creating the ultimate summer atmosphere in which to while away the day sipping refreshing cocktails and dining on delectable Greek food next to the sea.

The hotel’s rooms and suites have a contemporary look and feel, and guests may enjoy a variety of rejuvenating therapies in the spa. The Kahlua Rooftop Hot Tub is the perfect place to recharge, with its tranquil atmosphere, seclusion, and unimpeded ocean views.

Address: 25 Martiou & Giampoudaki Hersonissos, 70014, Greece
Phone Number: +302897 022000

10. Meltemi Beach Club

Nestled on the pristine shores of a sun-kissed tropical Crete island, this oasis of relaxation and indulgence promises an unforgettable beachside experience. The  Meltemi Beach Club is the ideal place to seek a tranquil escape or dance the night away. The Meltemi Beach Club offers something for everyone. Picture yourself lounging on a hammock, sipping on a refreshing coconut-infused cocktail while the gentle ocean breeze caresses your sun-kissed skin. From the extensive menu of handcrafted tropical drinks to our delectable array of mouthwatering appetisers, the talented mixologists and chefs are dedicated to delivering a taste of paradise with every sip and bite. 

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Address: Periochi Plaka, Chersonisos 700 14, Greece
Phone Number: +30 2897 022260

Famous Landmarks and Sightseeing in Crete

You can visit several beaches just a few minutes away from Chersonissos. There are also landmarks and famous tourist sites. Also check out Corfu beach clubs, Corfu is an island located in Greece.

Sarandari Coves

Sarandari Coves is a beautiful beach not far from Chersonissos’s harbour. The beautiful, unspoiled ocean is its most striking feature. Cape Sarandaris blocks the northern winds from reaching north coast of the area, making the beaches in that stretch of coastline calm and wave-free.

Analipsi Beach

The main beach in Analipsi is clean and well-maintained. The tiny chapel of Agia Marina, situated practically on the beach, is one of the town’s most recognisable sights.

The village is ideal for vacations with children and is also convenient if you’re looking for something other than the kind of nightlife that can be found in nearby Chersonissos, Heraklion’s city centre, or Malia.

Stalida Beach

Stalida, a little fishing community on the coast, is another great seaside destination. The laid-back vibe here is the perfect setting for a day of total relaxation—even more so than in neighbouring Chersonissos.

Cave of Zeus (Psychro Cave), Palace of Knossos, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Gortyna and Phaestos are other historical landmarks to visit in Crete.

Where To Stay in Crete

 Finding a place to stay in Crete that caters to your tastes and interests is crucial. Crete’s varied lodging options range from five-star coastal resorts to homely country inns. There are many accommodation options, from beach hotels to countryside villas.


If you are visiting Crete for the first time,  then Chania is the best area to stay. In the northwest corner of Crete, Chania is mostly distinguished by its fantastic beaches, stunning White Mountains, and famed National Park. They have taken up residence in the bulk of the province.


If exploring the ancient history of Crete and its stunning beaches is your goal, the Rethymnon is the ideal area to stay. Rethymnon is one of the most enchanted towns of Mediaeval Crete. You’ll find this little prefecture between Psiloritis and the White Mountains.

Fantastic beaches, incomparable mountain beauty, Cretan lyre-centred songs, caverns of legend, historical sites and monasteries, luxury-filled tourist resorts, and traditional mountain villages best describe the area.


The best area to stay in Crete for sightseeing is Heraklion and you can consider staying there for the views. Heraklion is well-known for its archaeological treasures, museums, picturesque villages, significant coastal towns, and expansive valleys full of vineyards and olive groves.

Agios Nikolaos:

If you are looking for a home away from home the Agios Nikolaos charming beach town will appeal to you.


When looking for family-friendly locations for you and your family to spend the holidays, look no further than Hersonissos.


If you are all about the nightlife and the parties, then Malia is where you will find the bubbling clubs in Crete.

Crete Travel Essentials

Crete’s magnificent shoreline is to be noticed by everyone seeking the best possible tourist experience. Crete has a wide variety of beach clubs, so visitors can find one that suits their needs.

There is no shortage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in this Mediterranean paradise, from indulging in the exquisite amenities of beach clubs to exploring the island’s cultural and natural beauties. We have compiled a list of travel necessities for your use.

Car Rental Services

The best way to move around when holidaying is in a rented car, even for a few days. The island is large, and the distance between its best beaches is significant, so having your vehicle will provide you with more flexibility during your holiday. We’ve found that the most practical and inexpensive solution for vacationers is Rental Cars.

Yacht Rental Services

Searadars is the place to go if you want to charter a boat and see the many stunning beaches that dot the island of Crete. Charters are available for private motorboats, sailboats, catamarans, and skippered yachts that may take you to popular tourist destinations.

Flights & Hotels Accommodation

Use to save money on your hotel when visiting Crete. They provide a simple and quick method for reserving lodgings. WayAway is a travel booking website where you can shop for the lowest fares and most accommodating schedules.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

To go from the airport to your hotel in comfort and safety, consider renting a car from Kwik Taxi.  You can book affordable airport and hotel transfers from over 100 countries worldwide and never worry about missing your flight, thanks to their round-the-clock availability.

Transport Services

While visiting Crete, 12go is an excellent choice for transport services. The transportation options provided by 12go are extensive and include both private and city transportation.

Attractions, Museums And Shows

If you want to see the city properly, you should use Tiqets to get tickets to its museums, arenas, and other attractions. Learn about the top things to do in Crete from other tourists by reading reviews on TripAdvisor. You can get a complete picture of what Crete has to offer by reading about the adventures of previous travellers.


Crete is a fantastic vacation spot, but you need to be well-organized to make the most of your visit. Book exciting tours and activities in Crete ahead of time with the help of  Viator or Get your Guide.


In Forte Dei Marmi beach clubs, you can experience all the city offers. Start your search for things to do in the surrounding islands at Viator or Get Your Guide.

Top Categories of Beach Clubs in Crete Overview

1. Beach Clubs in Crete for Families

Baja beach club (Number 1 on the list )is the way to go for those seeking a more vibrant and party-like atmosphere. The beach club is ideal for families to spend a loving time bonding with friends and making memories with the numerous activities, including water sports and a private full day/half cruise, among others.

Check out these tips to make your first cruise a memorable experience. lively music, energetic and super friendly crowds, and engaging activities such as water sports and beach games.

2. Beach Clubs in Crete to Party

 If you are looking for a beach club to party in Crete, look at the Cabana Mare (number 2 on the list). You can party all day and night. Cabana Mare’s resident DJs sense the mood of the beach and follow its beat.

However, the party scene comes alive at night, and the themed parties, live performances and dancing shows complete your all-day experience at Cabana Mare and leave you utterly buoyant.

3. Beach Clubs in Crete on a budget

While the prices around the Crete clubs differ, if you are looking for a nice place to relax, enjoy yourself and have a well time without breaking the bank, then the Meltemi beach club in Crete  (Number ten on the list) is the best place to visit.

4. Luxury Beach Clubs in Crete

There are beach clubs, and there are beach clubs. If you are looking for a luxury beach club with all the amenities, then the Cabana Mare (number 2 on the list) is perfect. It has a unique beach club concept that reinvents and captures the luxury summer moments in Chania.

It is the epitome of luxury blended with comfort and ease.

5. Beach Clubs in Crete for Couples & Honeymoons

Aptera is the perfect destination for couples to celebrate their love and commitment! The whole atmosphere is magical and romantic, a fairytale scenery set by the beach and with the view of the Cretan sun! (number 5 on the list below)


If you’re planning a trip to the idyllic island of Crete, known for its stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters, then this is the ultimate guide for you.

Whether you’re a beach enthusiast or simply looking to unwind and soak up the sun, Crete’s beach clubs offer a perfect blend of relaxation, entertainment, and luxury. In this post, we will take you on a virtual tour of the top 10 beach clubs in Crete, providing you with all the essential information you need to make the most of your vacation.

From exclusive beachfront locations to top-notch amenities and vibrant nightlife, get ready to discover the ultimate beach club experience in Crete on your next vacation.