Charter A Gulet In Croatia (2023)

We comprehend how challenging it might be to locate the ideal Gulet charter in Croatia. To help you have a fun and memorable vacation, we have condensed trustworthy businesses and essential information.

Charter A Gulet In Croatia(2023)

Common Mistakes When Chartering A Gulet In Croatia

  1. Lack of proper research: Most people do not conduct proper research before going on gulet cruises in Croatia. It is important to understand the basics of a gulet charter and what makes it different from a sailing boat.
  1. Failure to use a reliable gulet charter company in Croatia: Many companies provide gulet charter rental services in Croatia, but not all are reputable or reliable. Guests often fall victim to booking a gulet cruise around popular tourist destinations in Croatia only to be offered a cruise in another charter.  However, discovering a reliable and professional gulet rental company is not always the easiest.
  1. Not asking the right questions: When responding to a gulet charter advertisement, it’s important to ask the right questions to avoid regrets.
  1. Not ensuring that the gulet is in good condition: Understandably, most people are more concerned with having a memorable vacation and are novices about the workings of a boat. However, ensuring the gulet charter does not have underlying problems like cabin leaks, engine problems, poor electrical systems, and rotting wood and transom/deck are the first few steps to avoiding emergencies at sea.
  1. Not reading the rental agreements: It is common practice to skip the technical jargon associated with agreements and click the big, bold “Accept” button at the bottom of the page. As a rule of thumb, read every agreement and liability clause before appending your signature, especially regarding boat rental agreements.
  1. Fees and Charges: Unfortunately, many rental charters companies only state the base charges to lure customers. After making deposits, many hidden fees and charges begin to pop up. For example, many companies may be silent about port fees and anchorages, and guests are required to pay unbudgeted and ridiculously high mooring fees in different ports or anchorages.
  1. Overlooking the red flags: You will most likely find anything and everything on the internet today. Including fraudulent boat rental adverts. The common mistake is overlooking red flags such as shady websites with incomplete details about their rental services. Many fall for different boat rental scams when they overlook the little but important details. It is always good to watch out for inconsistencies.
  1. Enduring poor customer service: If you’re planning on chartering a gulet, it’s especially important that you take the time to choose a gulet rental company with great customer service. Find a company with good customer service that responds promptly to your queries. Poor customer service is the beginning of a frustrating cruise.
  1. Not reading reviews: When looking to charter a gulet in Croatia, it is important to look at online reviews. Reviews of boat rental companies or charters will often be an excellent indication of the company’s experience.
  1. Not prioritizing Safety: Ensure the Gulet charter has proper safety equipment. When chattering a gulet, it is extremely important to check that all the appropriate safety equipment is on board and has not expired. Equipment such as a bailing bucket, fire extinguisher, radio, air horn, and life jackets should be safely stored in accessible compartments.

Where To Find To Best Gulet Charter in Croatia

Going on a yacht holiday on the magnificent coastline and beautiful islands, where one of the Mediterranean’s most idyllic cruising areas helps you unwind. To ensure you have a stress-free gulet cruise, we recommend the best gulet charter company in Croatia, Searadar.

Searadar is fast growing yacht charter rental platform in Croatia and the rest of the world that offers professional chartering services from different locations. They provide a professional concierge service and have over 20,000 yachts in Croatia alone, many of which are Gulets.

With a wide range of gulet charters in the database and on the seas of Croatia, guests can personally select well-performing and highly functional gulet charters. With provisions for a crewed or bareboat charter, you are guaranteed the most exquisite gulet cruise in Croatia.

Thanks to a large fleet of boats and yachts, many gulet charter options are always available at affordable and discounted prices to suit every need and budget. Whether you have a specific size of gulet with a specific amount of cabins, or you want a crewed gulet or a bareboat charter in Croatia, Searadar has got you covered.

The busy summer seasons and crowded marinas do not deter them from providing excellent services, as their experts are always happy to assist and share their knowledge and expertise in creating a tailor-made gulet yacht charter itinerary with you.

Searadar has gathered a wealth of experience servicing thousands of guests and sailing the Adriatic sea. Searader is renowned for its impeccable customer service and honest offerings with no hidden charges. The company has been vetted by Trustpilot with a 5-star rating and over a hundred positive reviews of its service.

As a reputable company in gulet charter rentals and yacht cruise management, their experience and expertise are unchallenged. there is no better and more reliable place to get the best gulet charter in Croatia than at Searadar.

Types of Gulet Yacht Charter Available at Searadar

Gulets Charters are beautifully designed two-masted or three-masted wooden cruising yachts available for charter on the Adriatic. Chartering a Gulet is one of the most unique ways to experience the beaches in Croatia. They are one of the most popular tourist charters.

There is a wide selection of cruising gulets for charter in Croatia that matches your style and  caters to your needs and budget. Guests can choose between 3 to 8 cabin gulets that will accommodate up to 16 people, depending on the number of guests and your preferences.

The cabins of standard gulet charter have their own bathroom, shower, and air conditioning while the luxury Gulets have larger cabins. The deluxe gulet charter with crew makes for a unique cruising experience.  There is TV, satellite, and air conditioning in each cabin and saloon, and every experience is customized to meet your news.

1. Gulet Dona

Gulet Dona

Gulets have many models, from normal models to luxury models, each of which has its own unique features and can have its own functionality, but it is better to rent a gulet according to your needs. so that you can get the most benefit.

Gulet Dona has five cabins and can accommodate 10 people. The 82ft sailing yacht Dona has 5 toilets and showers. It is fully equipped with pillows, blankets, and many other travel essentials for the duration of the yacht charter. Explore the spectacular Dalmatian coast and charter your own luxury Gulet Dona on your next cruise in Croatia. Prices to charter the Gulet Dona depend on the charter date and other specially requested services.

2. Gulet Atlanta


The 92ft Gulet Atlanta has a full batten mainsail. With a fuel capacity of 3000 litres, The Atlanta gullet can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people in its seven-cabin vessel. The sailing yacht Atalanta has 7 toilets and showers and has autopilot features. Prices to charter the Gulet Atlanta depend on the charter date and other specially requested services.

3. Gulet Alba


Gulet Alba is 98ft and has a full batten mainsail. Its five cabins can accommodate up to 10 friends and family vacationing in Croatia.

4.  Gulet Tajana Mora

Tajana Mora

The crewed Tajna Mora gulet offers beautifully designed cabins, spacious decks and living spaces that suit every guest’s need. With rooms on deck for a sun bed area, some shaded seating, and outdoor dining.

The 114ft sailing yacht has ten toilets and showers and can accommodate up to 18 people in its nine cabins. The ship was produced in 2007 and can be chartered for an affordable price.

5. Gulet Andjeo

Gulet Andjeo

Gulet Andjeo can be found at bays of Split in Croatia. It was produced in 2000 and can accommodate up to 10 people in its five cabins. It also has Tv on the stern deck for a relaxing experience.

6. Gulet Stella Maris

Stella Maris

Each simple yet cosy eight cabins offer spacious accommodation for 16 people, with eight toilets and showers Gulet Stella Maris is an ideal charter for a Croatia cruise.

Gulet Stella Maris surely keeps its guests entertained with wakeboarding, biking, water skiing

Fins, Kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing. It offers half breakfast and other personalized Gulet charter services.

Guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings as the the experienced and professional crew creates a lsting Croatia cruise experience.

7. Gulet Trebenna


The 75ft Gule Trebenna can accommodate eight people and has four cabins. It is ideal for a family and group of friends seeking a fun cruise experience. The sailing yacht Trebenna has 4 toilets and showers. 

8. Gulet Acapella


The five-cabin Gulet Acapella can accommodate up to 12 people and has 5 toilets and showers. Guests can enjoy various amenities on the sailing yacht deck. Things like a gangway, jacuzzi,

Aft lounge area, hydraulic lifting swimming platform, side bimini sunshades, a flybridge, sundeck beds and a forward lounge area are among the equipments to aid a smooth sailing gulet cruise.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Gulet In Croatia?

The prices often come in ranges, which vary depending on the size of the vessel, charter date, if it comes with a crew and other specially requested services.

Croatia Gulet RentalPrice CabinLengthYear of manufactureMainsail
Gulet Trebenna Check Price475ft1987Furlin/ full batten
Gulet Stella Maris Check Price8125ft2004Furlin/ full batten
Gulet AndjeoCheck Price524ft-89ft2000Furlin/ full batten
Gulet Tajana MoraCheck Price9114ft2007Furlin/ full batten
Gulet AlbaCheck Price598.4ft1987Furlin/ full batten
Gulet AtlantaCheck Price792ft1986Furlin/ full batten
Gulet DonaCheck Price582ft1990Furlin/ full batten
Gulet AcapellaCheck Price5161ft2021Furlin/ full batten

Why Charter a Gulet in Croatia

There is so much cultural and natural beauty to see in Croatia.  Gulet charter cruises in Croatia stand out from other sailing experiences. Gulet charter provides a wonderful blend of modern conveniences and traditional charms.

  • The blend of traditional Hand-crafted mahogany, pine, and teak makes gulets exquisite and sets it apart from other chartered yachts. Gulet charters are very safe and provide maximum comfort to families with small children, seniors, teenagers, middle-aged couples, and group of friends.
  • Luxurious Amenities: Gulet yachts have excellent amenities and are a good option for a better and more memorable vacation in Croatia. Gulet cabins have their own toilet and shower at a minimum. They may come with other amenities, such as cruise water sports equipment (water skis, jet skis, hot tubs, windsurfs, bananas, and canoes).
  • Spacious: A gulet is much more spacious than a sailing boat, with 3 to 12 cabins holding 6 to 24 people. On the exterior, there’s a large stern area where guests can conveniently gather, as well as dining salons and traditional deck sofas.
  • Personalized itinerary: One of the big reasons to charter a gulet cruise in Croatia is that itinerary is not set up in advance; guests get to choose their own itinerary according to their interests and needs.

Things To Do on a Croatia Gulet Charter

The beautiful country of Croatia is one of the most sought-after sailing holiday destinations. This Adriatic seal is home to over 1000 islands and stunning landscapes decorated with sandy beaches, rugged mountain terrain, and dense forests.  There are so many places to see and things to do with a gulet charter in Croatia.

  • Explore the stunning Croatian islands.
  • Explore the lush vegetation, exquisite waterfalls, and different species of animals around the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the oldest and largest in the country. 
  • Tour the Kornati National Park and sample 89 different islands with exceptional flora and fauna.
  • Cruise through the Dalmatia region and see Split, Croatia’s second-largest city.
  • Discover breathtaking islands like Brač, Hvar, Lastovo, Trogir and Vis.
  • Experience the hidden gems of the magnificent Adriatic sea.


There are many options to choose from in a gulet charter and deciding where a gulet charter company is the first step to ensuring you enjoy the best day out on the water. When selecting the best gulet charter in Croatia, it is important to research the company and explore multiple charter options to avoid making common mistakes many guests make. Consistent with its reputation for excellent cruise experiences and credibility established over the years, we recommend Searadar as the one-stop place to all our readers.

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