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Where to Stay in Hanoi – Luxury Hotels to Budget Hostels

Where to Stay in Hanoi – Luxury Hotels to Budget Hostels

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is known for its ancient temples, delicious street food, atmospheric quarters, and traditional culture.

It is a charming city and is extremely easy to explore. It is also the gateway to Sapa and Halong Bay, famous for its cruises through an out-of-this-world landscape.

I recommend you spend about 3-4 days exploring Hanoi if possible, however, for around 2 days, you should be able to see the must-see attractions. Below, you will see a list of the best places to stay in Hanoi.



BEST PLACES TO STAY IN HANOI- Best Hotels In Hanoi And Budget Hostels
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Do your research before you book and stay. Make a list of accommodations so you have a lot of choices and you can filter the best one. To get the right accommodation where you will stay in Hanoi is to consider these few things:


If you want to stay in the most popular area in Hanoi, you should highly consider the Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem). It is ideal for travellers who want to be near to all such as nightlife, stores, and great authentic food. 

You can look for hotels in Truc Bach Area if you want a more relaxing part of the city and you can get the best view in Hanoi in West Lake Area (Tay Ho). You can also consider the Ba Dinh area where some of the main attractions of Hanoi is located and has a lot of beautiful buildings. 

The best way to get the right hotel is to book in the area you want to explore the most.

Read Reviews

Make it a habit to read the positive and negative reviews before you choose the accommodation where you will stay. Do not just rely on its ratings but make sure you hear from the people who had experiences in staying there.


Hanoi is a budget-friendly destination. Don’t be a victim of expectation versus reality and regret afterwards. Always consider your budget and just book where you are comfortable enough to stay. There are some hotels that are cheap but have good reviews and great amenities.


One of the things we always want to experience is to live shortly in the places we visit. For us to completely enjoy our visit to Hanoi, we should book the hotels that suit and are best for you.


These hotels offer convenience and luxurious amenities. These can also be good for families with young kids, and couples spending their holidays.

Hanoi Marvellous Hotel & Spa

Hanoi Marvellous Hotel & Spa is good for the family because of its homely and peaceful ambience. The hotel has different types of rooms but the duplex rooms are particularly good for families and groups of friends.

Best features:

  • good location
  • comfortable facilities
  • spacious rooms


  • wifi unstable and not all rooms have a window

Lotte Hotel Hanoi

Lotte Hotel Hanoi is located in the famous main district of Hanoi which is the Old Quarter. It offers modern accommodation and city views. You can set up a romantic dinner in the rooftop restaurant of the hotel.

Best features:

  • city view
  • stylish rooms
  • tasty in-house dishes


  • a little far from the city centre

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

This is one of the pet-friendly hotels in Hanoi. It is located near parks and embassies. All rooms have complimentary WiFi and you will enjoy looking at artworks and wooden furnishings.

Best features:

  • swimming pool
  • spacious rooms
  • room service availability


  • location is not in the main district
  • limited parking space


You can also stay in less expensive hotels and enjoy your visit to Hanoi. There are a lot of hotels located near tourist attractions.

The Hanoian Hotel

The Hanoian Hotel is a great choice for travellers interested in shopping and street food. It is one of the best-rated hotels in Hanoi. Most couples like this hotel and its location.

Best features:

  • well-located
  • decent amenities
  • near the night market


  • busy street and can be loud at night depending on where your room is facing
  • no swimming pool

Golden Legend Hotel

The Golden Legend Hotel has a friendly and efficient staff that is very easy to deal with. It has good sizes of rooms. Some attractions and food stores are within walking distance of the hotel. This is I think is one of the best places to stay in Hanoi.

Best features:

  • good location
  • with amenities
  • in-house food service


  • the old-fashioned style of rooms and bathrooms

Silk Queen Grand Hotel

This hotel is a very good value for money. It offers a spa centre with a hot tub. It is also a clean hotel.

Best features:

  • good location
  • hospitable staffs
  • comfortable rooms


  • small swimming pool
  • quite poor amenities


If you are a solo traveller and you are on a budget while wanting to enjoy spending a chill vibe and party, check these hostels that can offer you great experiences and stay in Hanoi. Sometimes cheap hotels can give you the most convenient stay.

It is better to check what the hotels can offer before you book them so you can enjoy your stay in Hanoi. The best place where you can stay in Hanoi is the hotel that meets your standard of choice. I hope you find this blog helpful.

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Hay Hostel

For many people, a hostel is one of the best places to stay in Hanoi or wherever they travel. They can meet people, share stories and travel tips. The Nexy Hostel is one of the most secure and clean hostels in Hanoi. It has a comfy shared lounge where you can meet new people to plan trips with or walk around the city.

Best features:

  • common lounge
  • free toiletries
  • comfortable and clean rooms


  • no free breakfast


You have a lot of things to do in Hanoi depends on your choice. Whether you are a morning or night person, Hanoi can offer you different attractions to visit. Don’t miss the famous places to visit here.

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The Beer Corner

This is one of the pop-up bars where you can drink the cheapest draught beer that Vietnamese called “bia hoi”. They said it is the freshest beer in the world.

  • Where: Ma May Street and around it
  • Cost: $0.50/glass or 5.000 VND

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

This mausoleum is one of the most visited attractions in Hanoi. It serves as the resting place for Ho Chi Minh who is a Vietnamese Revolutionary Leader.

  • Where: Ba Dinh Square or simply Google Map “Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum”
  • Operating hours: 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM / 5:00 PM, not every day – check the schedule online or ask your receptionist, it changes very often
  • Cost: free

 Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple

Hoan Kiem Lake is a legendary spot that reminds Vietnamese people of a legendary story about Hoan Kiem. It also serves the spiritual heart of the city. The lake is known to be the home of a very old Tortoise. Once in a while it shows up around the lake, however, there is also a rumour that it has died and was replaced by a new one.

  • Cost: 30.000 VND or $1.20 to enter the temple (must be dressed properly)

Thang Long Traditional Water Puppet Show

The Traditional Water Puppet Show gives the tourists a highlight of the old theatre performances in Vietnam. The show portrays the daily life of Vietnamese farmers. You can gain cultural insights about Vietnamese by watching the show.

  • Entrance fee: VND 100,000
  • Show schedules: Daily 15:00, 16:10, 17:20, 18:30 & 20:00
  • Location: 57B Dinh Tien Hoang, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Weekend Night Market

Weekend Night Market is more than just a market. Be careful with your belongings when you visit the market because it is very crowded. You should also remember how to bargain as the prices get really high for tourists.

  • Open during: Friday to Sunday – 8PM to 11 PM
  • Location:  Hang Dao Street


Another thing we don’t miss is to try local food and other famous food around the area. Vietnamese food is very popular in the US, Canada, and even in parts of Europe. A tasty meal matched with very fresh and healthy ingredients, it surely captures many people’s taste buds.

If you haven’t tried any of these or you already know that these dishes are yummy, don’t forget to go on a food hopping during your trip for authentic and very affordable Vietnamese food.


  • Price range: VND 40-50,000
  • Where to try it: Pho Gia Truyen (49 Bat Dan) and Pho Lam Nam Ngu (7 Nam Ngu)


  • Price range: VND 40-50,000
  • Where to try it: Phung Hung, a street in the Old Quarter

Bún đậu mắm tôm

  • Price range: VND 25,000 – 40,000
  • Where to try it: Hang Khay at the southern end of Hoan Kiem Lake. One of the best is Quan Bun Dau Viet.

Bún chả

  • Price range: 4000 – 10000 VND
  • Where to try it: Bun Cha Huong Lien – 24 Le Van Huu, Phan Chu Trinh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Vietnamese Food - Bun Cha

Bún bò Nam Bộ

  • Price range: 6000 – 10000 VND
  • Where to try it: 67 Hang Dieu

We hope that this article helped you decided the best places to stay in Hanoi during your trip and enjoyed some little tips. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.


If you are heading to Hanoi, but you don't know the best places to stay in hanoi, check out these accommodations. From luxury hotels, party hostels, and homestays. #wheretostayinhanoi #hostelsinhanoi

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