Best Catamaran Charter In Croatia For Rent (2023)

You have found the greatest platform that offers a wide selection of catamarans available to meet your needs if you are seeking for catamaran charters to hire in Croatia.

Challenges of finding the right Catamaran Charter In Croatia

Best Catamaran Charter In Croatia For Rent
  1. Finding a reliable Catamaran charter company. Many companies offer boat and yacht rental services in Croatia; however, finding a reliable and professional service can take time and effort.
  1. Availability:  Most fleets are reserved and booked way ahead, limiting the chances of finding a sailing boat, much less a catamaran.
  1. Exorbitant costs and hidden charges: Knowing renters are looking to charter a particular boat may lead to inflated rental prices and hidden charges.
  1. Size of charter: While the type of charter might be available, the size to suit your needs may not.
  1. Misleading pictures: Most bookings are made online, and the pictures of the Catamaran may differ from the actual condition.
  1. Unlicenced Charter companies: Most companies operate with false licences and certifications. Many do not have it at all, and unsuspecting renters may fall prey.
  1. Poorly maintained boat: Beyond the flashy exterior, many rental fleets are sub-standard with a poor maintenance culture. Renters put up with broken or worn-out accessories. The underlying fear, the charter may break down at sea.
  1. Rental Insurance: Many unscrupulous charter agencies purchase void rental insurance, leaving the renters in unwarranted conditions in emergencies.
  1. Unending paperwork: Filling out those unending forms can be tiring
  1. Security: Many charter companies assure renters of high-level security but cannot guarantee it, especially as they provide wrong advice to meet their rental quota.
  1. Legal requirements: This mainly applies to bare boat charters; however, it is important to understand the legal requirements when searching for a boat to rent.

Where to rent the best catamaran Charter in Croatia?

Where to rent the best catamaran Charter in Croatia

Croatia is the coast of a thousand islands and is home to many yacht rental companies. However, finding there is one best place to rent a good catamarans charter in Croatia, and that is at Searadar. Searadar is fast growing yacht charter rental platform in Croatia and the rest of the world.

In Croatia alone, Searadar has over 20,000 yachts to charter from — many of which are catamarans. With the provisions for a crewed or bareboat charter, you will surely find the most exquisite catamarans. 

Searadar’s catamaran base in Croatia provides details information on the multi-hulls for rent on the eastern Adriatic coast. The company is recognised as the best catamaran charter in Croatia, with a five-star rating on Trust Pilot and an excellent human customer service team.

With a wide range of catamaran charters in the database and on the seas of Croatia, rentals can personally select from ultra-modern and highly functional catamaran charters. Better yet, affordable pricing plans and discounts suit every need and budget.

Providing professional concierge services and exceptional communication at every step of the rental and cruising process, the company is known to make vacationing in Croatia seamless, secure and easily accessible.

best catamaran Charter in Croatia than at Searadar

With an uncompromising focus on quality and service, their catamarans for rent in Croatia cater to large parties, luxury cruises, fishing expenditures and intimate/professional cruises. With varying cabin sizes and the option of yachting without a deposit, there is no better and more reliable place to rent the best catamaran Charter in Croatia than at Searadar.

Important Details When Booking a Catamaran Charter For Rent in Croatia

Chartering a yacht can be a daunting experience for many people. Before beginning the actual booking process, there are a few things to remember. It is important to note your experience with yachts (sailing qualifications and provisions for a bareboat or skippered charter). Secondly, confirm the number of people going to board the catamaran rental charter (and if any are in need of a single private cabin).

Thirdly, should you have preferences of islands or beaches you particularly want to see in Croatia (or if the crewed charter would decide all the tourist favourite spots). Finally, any other information or questions regarding your charter should be written down ahead of your booking.

Important Details When Booking a Catamaran Charter For Rent in Croatia

To arrange a perfect sailing holiday and discover the beauties of hidden beaches and fishing villages and generally explore the islands:

  • Get in touch with catamaran yacht charter specialists, SEARADAR — With over 20,000 yachts available for booking, guests can make personal selections from the database. With their professional services, renting multi-hulls on the Adriatic was never easier. Guests can access all available catamaran yachts in Croatia, and the expert yacht team will provide excellent communication and customer support.
  • Select your Catamaran. From a wide range of yachts available for rent in Croatia, the personalised and tailored search results enable guests to select the Catamaran that matches their search query. On the other hand, a dedicated team of professionals guides guests on the different catamarans available for booking in Croatia.
  • Check the details of the chosen catamaran charter. From the conversations with the experts and pictures provided on the website, guests can check all the details of their selected Catamaran to ensure that it satisfies their needs and tastes.
  • Select a sailing area. Croatia has incredible views and wonderful sailing areas. Some, like the Spit region, are close to airports, train and bus stations, and have ferry ports and a highway connection. The Split region is a favourite cruising area, and the marinas around Split are the main starting points for most catamarans in the charter. However, guests can select their sailing areas.
  • Customise your activities: With a unique catamaran charter concierge service like SEARADAR, guests can customise the activities they want onboard their cruise. They get to specify if they want a crewed catamaran charter in Croatia or monohulls. They get to customise meals and possible sightseeing destinations.
  • Confirm booking. Confirm the details and ensure names and dates are correct. Double-check yacht specifications and cruise details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Catamarans Charters For Rent in Croatia

How much does it cost to rent a Catamaran Charter in Croatia?

The cost of catamarans may vary depending on the size of the boat , the time of the season, the age of charter aswell as whether you were wanting a crewed yach or bareboat. To find out exact costings based on your needs, click here.

What are the types of catamaran charters available for rent?

Generally, the types of charters are identified based on their designs and features. There is the small-waterplane-area twin-hull (SWATH) and the wave-piercing Catamaran. SWATH reduces resistance generated by waves using a pair of tubular, submarine-like hulls. While the wave-piercing catamarans employ a low-buoyancy bow, allowing each hull to pierce waves instead of riding over them.

What kind of boating experience does a catamaran provide?

Catamaran charters offer a smooth sailing experience for cruising across the Adriatic sea. They are extremely flat on the water and can be anchored in shallow water.

Do catamaran charters make good sailing boats?

Catamarans are capable of sailing. However, they can also act as power boats that do not require sails if equipped with the appropriate number of powered motors to propel them.

Are catamarans safe in the storm?

Catamarans are one of the safest boats and won’t capsize in rough conditions. Its hulls pierce waves, stabilising the charter and ensuring a relaxing and comfortable vacation experience.

Some Catamaran In Searadar’s Yacht Rentals

Catamaran – Saba 50, Aura (Lagoon 42), CAPTAIN MORGAN ( Lagoon 50), Cool Change (Lagoon 560), Marla (Lagoon 450 Flybridge), EMERALD GEMINI (Lagoon 52 F owner version), SUMMER STAR (Lagoon 50 Fly), Princess Claire (Lagoon 50) and more

Why Rent A Catamaran in Croatia?

One of the most important considerations when planning a trip is selecting the right flight. Hotels and other accommodations can be costly, so it is important to find the best deal on your flight. The best way to do this is to use online travel agencies (OTAs), such as WayAway and

  • Expanded cruising grounds — Many catamarans come with fixed keels, retractable daggerboard, and a shallow draft of 1 – 5 feet. The wide beam cockpit area on a 40 ft long catamaran is comparable to a 60 ft motor boat. Regardless of the components, a catamaran enables vacationers to relax and enjoy the sea views from the comfort of the expanded luxurious yacht.
  • Interior Space — The two separate hulls of a catamaran can often provide up to double the amount of social space for entertainment and relaxation than a monohull of the same length. Catamarans have the most living space and wide decks to walk, lounge on a hammock-like trampoline and host unforgettable parties and entertain guests.
  • Catamarans are the most efficient vessels — Moving at an average speed of 8 to 10 miles per hour, the two hulls and two engines of a catamaran allow it to be more efficient than a monohull boat. A catamaran has less drag at the waterline and requires less horsepower. Catamaran yacht rental in Croatia is ideal for guests who wish to discover the beautiful crystal waters and explore hidden coves without renouncing the tranquillity of the cruise.
  • Reduced engine noise — A sailing catamaran charter engine can do 8-10 knots by motoring, and up to 12 knots by sailing. Given that the charter has two hulls floating on the water, the engine noise is reduced as the cats are more stable and bounce less.
  • Secure and stable — The width of a catamaran side deck is an important safety feature that cannot be compared to other sailboats, which are completely flush without any obstacles. A catamaran’s two hulls provide natural stability at sea and do not require stabilisers, resulting in smoother cruising in unpredictable weather.
  • Large storage space — Deep storage items that are hidden in shelves and lockers can comfortably be stored on a catamaran’s bow deck. These large storage spaces often act as generators or water maker housing.
  • Fully equipped living spaces — In Croatia, charter catamarans for rent are equipped with a fully functional kitchen and indoor dining table, allowing for an optimal vacation experience.
  • Privacy — Catamarans offer a semblance of privacy and intimacy. There are often two saloons at each end, with stairs leading to different cabins. Friends and groups who wish to explore the blue seas together can still retire to a private hull.
  • Visual ergonomics — The interior of the catamaran charter enables 360-degree views from the saloon. Guests get unobstructed forward and aft views on the slightly elevated seating. Most furniture arrangements are placed on the forward side of a catamaran bridge deck, creating a transverse passageway for the hulls.
Croatia is a beautiful country with natural sceneries

Croatia is a beautiful country with natural sceneries, endless fantastic islands and 56 marinas. Most of the islands have harbours where to anchor and moor catamaran vessels. There are many Croatian charter bases for catamaran rental in different bays. Catamaran charter for rent in Croatia increased in the summertime.

Vacationers can explore Dubrovnik’s Fort Lovrijenac, ACI marina Komolac or the famous old town of Dubrovnik and the Marina Frapa Dubrovnik. Visit notable locations where popular movies like the Game Of Thrones and mamma mia were shot. From the comfort of their rented catamaran charter, Vacationers explore the surrounding sea from a vantage point.

Generally, the catamaran charters, much like other charters, can be used for entertainment, pleasure boating, and fishing and are often a great rental option for cruising lakes and calm waters. 

renting catamaran charters has become more affordable

Previously, renting catamarans was available only in some exotic areas; these days, guests can rent them at most yacht charters of the Mediterranean and all over the world. No thanks to its growing popularity, renting catamaran charters has become more affordable.


Catamarans range in size from single-person sailing boats to family-sized yachts and can be sail-powered or motor-powered. Every catamaran design is unique, and the twin-hull shape allows numerous layout options.

When selecting the best catamaran charter in Croatia, it is important to research the company, ask the right questions, explore multiple charter options and ensure the process is straightforward. In addition, ensure you are dealing with a trustworthy company that communicates with you every step of the way and has a five-star rating in Croatia. We recommend  Searadar  to all our readers because they have established themselves as a reputable and credible organization to be relied upon.

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