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The Best Beaches in Vietnam from North to Center and South

The Best Beaches in Vietnam from North to Center and South

Vietnam is famous for its cultural wonders; Buddhist pagodas, Churches, delicious dishes, rice paddies, and warm locals that make the country very interesting. People who are tired from rural settings can get the thrill and excitement in the country’s urban spots, while its natural wonders are a solace from the busy life in bustling cities.

But, Vietnam has its fair share of pristine beaches, too. If you are a beach enthusiast, pack your beach wear, because we’re about to inspire you with you some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam! We’re already excited, and if you feel the same, definitely read on and discover the best beaches in Vietnam.

Beaches in Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam is home to some of the country’s most frequented destinations, such as Hanoi, the country’s capital. These regions are also best known for its rice terraces and other fascinating landscapes.

Ha Long Bay Beaches

Ha Long, (literally means “Descending Dragon”), is located in the Quang Ninh Province. It has earned its UNESCO World Heritage Site title thanks to its limestone karst formations of many shapes and sizes.

These are a product of hundreds of millions of years of natural environmental activities, which today is a thing of fascination for casual travellers, nature trippers, and photography enthusiasts.

A hidden beach in Halong Bay

In addition to its stunning sights, there are several beaches in Ha Long Bay that you can explore, so if you love experiencing as much of a destination as you can experience with your limited time, Ha Long is a great place to start!

  • Beaches: Bai Chay, Tuan Chau, Long Hai, Beach Paradise Bay
  • Hotel Cost: $4
  • Best time to go: the weather is cooler between February and April, as well as October and December
  • Activities: boating, cruise ships, spelunking, diving, cycling, and island hopping

What can you wear on the beach in Vietnam? Find out in this guide!

Cat Ba Beaches

Cat Ba is an archipelago just south of Halong Bay. It has 367 islands, so there’s a lot of island-hopping to do here.

It is also home to Cat Ba Island, the largest and most famous island in the archipelago. Cat Ba Island boasts of its biodiversity and is also home to the two species of the endangered Cat Ba langurs, a type of Asian Monkey, making it an extra-special spot for people who love seeing wild animals.

The rocky edge of a sandy beach on Cat Ba Island, looking out at another island
A small beach on Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba’s beaches, though expensive, are in pristine condition, which makes them an ideal place for beach lovers. If you’re a nightlife seeker, Cat Ba isn’t the best place where you’d want to be in, because the area is meant for communing with nature, though there are a few bars located in the town proper.

  • Beaches: Cat Co 1, Bai Tam Cat Co 2, Tung Thu, Dao Khi, Cat Ba Sandy Beach Resort
  • Hotel Cost: $28
  • Best time to go: touristy between April and November; you can get the best deals between September and November
  • Activities: kayaking, scuba diving, cruising, hiking, and rock climbing

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Beaches in Central Vietnam

The home of the famous Hai Van Pass, Son Doong Cave, and the famed My Son Sanctuary, Central Vietnam is just as fascinating as its northern parts.

In terms of the best beaches in Vietnam, the central parts have several to offer tourists who are seeking beaches with crystal clear waters and fine powdery sands. We think that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting the following beach spots:

Da Nang Beaches

Da Nang is the 5th most populous city in the country and also the largest city in Central Vietnam. Being a coastal city, it is known for its sandy and pristine beaches, and you can also get affordable servings of seafood from several restaurants in the area.

Still, there are also luxury restaurants that serve sumptuous meals for people with expensive tastes.

An aerial view of the city of Da Nang with its long beach
Long stretch of beach in Da Nang

Whether you’re on a budget, a mid-ranger, or are looking for the most luxurious experience, there’s something for you in Da Nang.

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Hoi An Beaches

Formerly known as the city of Fai Fo or the old city, Hoi An is one of the many places in Vietnam that hold a UNESCO World Heritage Site title because of its well-preserved Southeast Asian trading port that dates back to the 15th century. It is also home to the famous Japanese Bridge.

Row of beach chairs and umbrellas on An Bang Beach near Hoi An in Vietnam
Beach chairs at An Bang Beach

But Hoi An has its share of the best beaches in Vietnam, too, even if beaches aren’t Hoi An’s most famous features. Its most popular beach is An Bang, which also is the most touristy, while Charm Island is famous for tourists looking to parasail the Vietnamese waters. There are also plenty of bars and restos near its beaches because beach and nightlife often are a good combination.

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Beaches in Southern Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne, Mekong Delta. These are some of the tourist destinations that make Southern Vietnam famous. Whether you’d like to be with nature or feel like exploring a concrete jungle, Southern Vietnam has many things in store for you.

The same could be said if you’re looking for a place with sand and salty water where you can bathe in sunlight or see the magnificence of a sunrise or a sunset; that’s a poetic way of talking about the beach, of course.

Here are some of the best beaches in Vietnam’s southern region:

Quy Nhon Beaches

Quy Nhon is the capital city of Binh Dinh province and one of the major commercial sites in Vietnam. While an urbanized spot, it is also situated near the South China Sea, making it an excellent destination for beach-loving travellers.

Aerial view of Ky Co beach in southern Vietnam, with boats in the water and a long dock

It is home to some of the best beaches in Vietnam. If fine sands, blue waters, and breath-taking views are some of your personal prerequisites, this city isn’t going to disappoint you.

  • Beaches: Nhon Hai, Queen’s Beach, Hon Kho, Bai Xep, Ky Co
  • Hotel cost: $35
  • Best time to go: between June and August
  • Activities: snorkelling, boating, speed boating, bicycling, rock pools, trekking

Nha Trang Beaches

The capital of Khanh Hoa, and one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam for a reason; from historical places to natural wonders, not to mention the vibrant local culture, which makes millions of tourists visit this city every year.

Looking down the main beach at Nha Trang, with palm trees and beach umbrellas
Nha Trang is famous for its long beach

One of the features that Nha Trang boasts of is its otherworldly beaches with sceneries that will leave you awe-inspired.

Cam Ranh Beaches

Cam Ranh is a city located at the heart of the Khanh Hoa, very near Nha Trang. It is best known for its underdeveloped coasts, which is a breath of fresh air from highly commercialized beaches.

Several of its beaches are blessed with fine sands, azure waters, and gorgeous views which will leave each and every visitor in awe. And because most of the beaches here are underdeveloped, you can expect a clean, trash-free environment.

An empty beach in Vietnam at Cam Ranh, with a single round boat on it
Have a beach all to yourself in Cam Ranh

Most of the resorts around this area are on the pricier side but worth every penny.

  • Beaches: Chuong Beach, Beach Bodhi, Beach House Old, Bai Con, Riviera Beach Resort and Spa
  • Hotel cost: $60
  • Best time to go: between March and September 
  • Activities: surfing, diving, snorkelling, cruising, speed boating

Mui Ne and Phan Thiet Beaches

Mui Ne is known for its sand dunes, white dunes, and fish market. It is also home to the mystical Fairy Stream and its fascinating limestone formations.

Aside from all these wonders, Mui Ne is one of the best places to find the best beaches in Vietnam. The winds in its beaches are stable enough for water sports that require wind power, such as parasailing and kitesurfing. Also, you shouldn’t miss the magical sunset or sunrise in these parts.

A beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam with no people on it and a few boats on the side
Mui Ne is known for its sand dunes and beaches.

Vung Tau

What was once a French colonial town is now a tourist haven. Vung Tau is known for its extensive sandy beaches, and some of its well-known ones are the Front Beach and Back Beach. The town also has several activities for visitors to enjoy, such as hiking, golfing, and a myriad of water activities.

View of a beach in Vung Tau, Southern Vietnam, with lots of people swimming and sitting under umbrellas
A popular beach in Vung Tau

Phu Quoc Beaches

Vietnam’s biggest island, Phu Quoc, has gained the attention of beach lovers from all across the globe because of its 19 beautiful and unspoiled beaches. There are also several islands to explore nearby, such as the Hon Xuong Island, which is also known as the Robinson Crusoe Island.

Looking down a beach on Phu Quoc island with palm trees and a shack at the end
Idyllic Phu Quoc has some of Vietnam’s best beaches

Most of Phu Quoc island’s 19 beaches are still in pristine condition. If you want to see the process of making dried anchovies, you should definitely head to the Dat Do Beach. Each and every beach on this island has its own unique beauty.

These are some of the best beaches in Vietnam waiting for you to visit. And there’s a lot more for you to discover, still. So, pack your things in your suitcase and get ready for your Vietnamese beach excursion.

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