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10 Best Beach Clubs Zakynthos (2023)

10 Best Beach Clubs Zakynthos (2023)

10 Best Beach Clubs Zakynthos (2023)

Zakynthos or Zante, is the third largest of the Ionian Islands in Greece. The picturesque island is nicknamed the Flower of the Levant”, and it is a popular holiday hotspot thanks to its striking beaches, resorts, local wildlife and exquisite beach clubs.

Most of the island has been left untouched, and Zakynthos boasts beautiful natural habitats, making it a popular tourist destination. We have painstakingly listed the ten best beach clubs in Zakynthos to help you have a splendid holiday in Greece.

Top Categories of Beach Clubs in Zakynthos Overview

Zakynthos has some of Greece’s most popular beaches, restaurants, bars, lounges, and nightclubs. If you want to spend quality time relaxing at the beach, sipping on cocktails as the beautiful sand flows beneath your feet, beach clubs in Zakynthos are the places to visit.

Zakynthos beach clubs are a great way to spend an exciting and memorable beach holiday. There’s something for everyone, from casual dining to an all-night out. You can also check our comparisons guide on Greece vs Italy if you are wondering which place has the best beach clubs.

1- Beach Clubs in Zakynthos for Families

Mimoza beach resort (number six in the list below) has breathtaking sea views, a refreshing sea breeze and a warm, friendly atmosphere, making it ideal for families. Some facilities that make them family-friendly include an outside pool, a kid’s pool, a playground, a ping-pong table and a parking area.

2- Beach Clubs in Zakynthos to Party

Pure beach club (number one on the list) is the perfect place to party. There, underage guests do not need ID or have to worry at all because anything goes. So if you’re yet to turn 18, you need not worry, as buying a cheeky shandy will not raise eyebrows or pose a challenge.

3- Beach Clubs in Zakynthos on a budget

If you are looking for a budget-friendly beach club in Zakynthos, do not look further than Spiros Beach Villa. For just 30 Euros a night and an additional seven Euros for a cooked breakfast, guests can enjoy a spacious three-bed room.

4- Luxury Beach Clubs in Zakynthos

 If you are looking for a luxury beach club, Seacret beach club is your best bet. Under the tree shades and in the comfort of a gazebo, with the sea breeze blowing to keep you cool, guests can relax while having a seaside massage.

5- Beach Clubs in Zakynthos for Couples & Honeymoons

For couples looking for a romantic getaway in Zakynthos, The Peligoni Club is ideal for weddings; it features beautiful views of the ocean and private cabanas for a more intimate experience. (number 8 on the list below).

Zakynthos Quick Guide

Ionian Islands of Zakynthos is famous for its picturesque shipwreck beach. However, other beautiful attractions keep tourists returning— the steep limestone cliffs, white pebble beaches, and the blue seas are just a few.

Zakynthos has the shape of an arrowhead, a mountainous plateau, sandy beaches, several isolated hills and cliffs.

Famous landmarks and Sight Seeing in Zakynthos

The northern and eastern shores of Zakynthos have numerous sandy beaches, tropical vegetation, turquoise waters, and sea caves. Below we have listed a few famous landmarks that are a must-see.

  • Enjoy the seafront views of the promenade.
  • Take a walk through the yellow walls of Saint Markos Square.
  • Visit the Byzantine museum.
  • Engross in the beautiful Museum of D Solomos and Eminent People of Zakynthos
  • Dionysios Solomos Square.
  • Take a stroll to the Venetian Castle atop the Bohali Hill.
  • Climb the Strani Hill, where the Greece National Athem “An Ode To Freedom” was written.
  • Enter the cove and natural blue caves around Cape Skinari.
  • Visit the stone arches at Cape Marathia.
  • Enjoy the views of Marathonissi islet, also known as “Turtle Island”.
  • Check out some of the historical Greek churches like the Church Agios Nikolaos of Molos, St. Dionisos Church, San Dennis Church, and Faneromeni Orthodox Church.

Best Time To Visit Zakynthos

July and August are the peak seasons for tourists visiting Zakynthos, but if you’re looking for tranquillity and fewer people, the months of March and November are the ideal time to visit the island of Zakynthos.

Some beach clubs have heated pools and other facilities to attract customers even if the weather may be too cool for swimming towards the end of the year.

Where To Stay in Zakynthos

Tours in Zakynthos

Shopping in Zakynthos

What are the best Zakynthos Beach Clubs in 2023?

The beaches of the Zakynthos are just part of the attraction. There’s a wide variety of beach clubs to explore. Zakynthos offers everything you might want or need for a perfect holiday. Below is a list of the best ten beach clubs in the Zakynthos that we recommend checking out.

  1. Pure Beach Club
  2. Infinity Beach Club Zante
  3. Barracuda Beach Bar
  4. Sabbia beach bar
  5. Seacret Beach Club
  6. Mimoza Beach Bar
  7. Buca Beach Lounge Bar
  8. The Peligoni Club
  9. Villa Spiros
  10. Paradise Beach Hotel

1.   Pure Beach Club

Pure Beach Club

The daytime at Pure beach club is extremely captivating; you can’t tell the difference between daytime and nighttime with the day parties and events. With the state-of-the-art sound system and well-lit stage provide the backdrop for world-class entertainment.

Summer Tuesdays are presentation days, while Fridays are dedicated to Champagne Spray. Both events have many VIP options to make your experience extra special. Pure beach club is a place to get daytime sheesha, and seek a haven of recovery from the night before.

The beach club offers guests different drinking and VIP packages for a smooth party experience. These packages can be used in multiple Zante Venues to purchase different drinks.

Pure Day Club’s main attraction is the m2 swimming pool, a great place for guests to spend the day listening to music with a cocktail. The club has beds and cabanas, ideal for relaxing and taking pictures and spending quality time with adult friends.


Social media:


Address: Postbox 192, Laganas 291 00, Greece

2.   Infinity Beach Club Zante

Infinity Beach Club Zante

The picturesque Infinity Beach Club, located on Lagana beach Zante, has a laid-back and chilled atmosphere. It is open from the morning to late evening and has a minimalistic, stylish décor. Guests can reserve seats alongside pre-purchasing food and drinks.

Infinity Beach Club’s cocktail menu is designed by a global award-winning mixologist, and visitors can enjoy an exquisite and unique range of drinks made from premium brand spirits. Various local and international beers and wines can also be enjoyed.

However, the most relaxing moment for guests is often when they chill on the beach club’s comfortable sofas, sunbeds and cabanas, from whence they can enjoy the panoramic Ionian Sea view and sunset whilst enjoying shisha or food.

Guests who are up for an adventure can opt for a 4-hour non-stop party on the sea. The  boat party with fun games and other activities provide for an incredible atmosphere, stunning blue seas and unlimited drinks to fuel the party.

A Pukka up boat party will surely be the highlight of the holiday when visiting the Infinity Beach Club.

Address: Laganas Beach, Zakinthos 290 92, Greece


Social media:


Phone Number: +30 694 560 8008

3.   Barracuda Beach Bar

Barracuda Beach Bar

Barracuda is a great place on the island of Zakynthos to have cocktails by the sea, enjoy snacks, and share platters and gourmet meals. While relaxing on the sunbed with a platter of food, guests can enjoy full waitperson service.

Barracuda Beach Bar, situated on the beautiful sunny beach at Tsilivi Beach, has breathtaking sea views, a refreshing sea breeze and a warm, friendly atmosphere, making it ideal for families, couples and singles alike. There is a children’s play area and free parking available.

Barracuda’s beach bar menu includes a wide variety of delicious dishes, fresh seafood, salads and light snacks.

This beach club offers crystal clear blue waters ideal for swimming, easy access and plenty of sun umbrellas and deck chairs for sunbathing in the golden sand, outdoor showers, private parking, a pool table and a lunch and dinner area as well as different water sports. It is definitely worth a visit when in Zakynthos.


Address: Tsilivi,Zakynythos

Phone Number: +30 697 400 8467


Social media:

Opening time: Daily from 9am till 8pm

4.   Sabbia beach bar

Sabbia beach bar

Sabbia beach bar has a chic, relaxed and family friendly/pet friendly environment. With sunbeds and cabanas, guest can relax while sipping on a chilled cocktail in the hot summer months.

Sabbia beach club is situated approximately five minutes drive from Alykanas beach and offers guests free parking, a sun terrace, and a restaurant. The beach club’s menu caters to both Greek cuisine, international dishes and vegetarian dishes.

Business Hours: Open from 9:00am-11:00pm

Phone Number: +30 697 299 3503

Address: Paralia Agios Sostis, Agios Sostis 29092, Greece

Social media:

5.   Seacret Beach Club

Seacret Beach Club

Seacret Beach Club is an oasis in the heart of Tsilivi bay in Zakynthos. Guests can chill by the sea with the sand under their feet. If you are looking for a luxury beach club, Seacret beach club is your best bet. With the bamboo shades, guests can reinvigorate themselves by indulging in sun therapy on the club’s extra-large sunbeds.

Some of their specialties include a beachfront massage bed. Under the tree shades and in the comfort of a gazebo, with the sea breeze blowing to keep you cool, guests can relax while having a seaside massage. Seacret’s luxurious ambience and careful dining menu make it an ideal wedding location.

Seacret beach club ensures hassle-free airport and port transfers for guests. Seacret transportation services take guests everywhere they desire in maximal comfort and style—be it the beach in Zakynthos or any other island destination.

Guests can also find an eclectic collection of boho chic summer basics, swimsuits, accessories and jewelry from Greek and International designers.


Address: Tsilivi Zakynthos, 29100, Greece


Phone number: +30 698344196, +30 26950 42222

Social media:

6.   Mimoza Beach Bar

Mimoza Beach Bar

Mimoza Beach, just a short distance from Zante town, maintains its historical significance by providing sanctuary from the bustle of the island with breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Guests can enjoy a unique setting while dining on traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

A visit to the Mimoza beach resort will leave an impression on every visitor, guaranteeing a return.

From Mimoza Beach, guests can easily access most of the main sight-seeing areas of the island like Bohali hill with the great Zakynthos town overview, the historical city center, St. Denis church, Museums as well as Caretta-Caretta nests and the famous Zakynthos long sandy beaches.

Some of the facilities that make them family-friendly include an outside pool, a kid’s pool, a playground, a ping-pong table and a parking area.


Address: Argasi 29100 Zakynthos

Phone number: +30 2695 022588




Buca Lounge Bar is a stylish contemporary beach bar situated on Alykes Beach, Zante. Buca Lounge Bar is a modern-styled bar with eye catching colours, ensuring that all visitors have fun in a comfortable and brilliant atmosphere.

Whether you want to spend the day outside lounging on sunbeds or you prefer the cool insides of the lounge bar to hear the rhythmic summer music, Buca has something for everyone as guests can oscillate between both indoors and outdoors.

Since it is located so close to the beach and provides magna ificent view of the Ionian Sea, Buca bar is ideal during the day and at night.

Address: Paralia Alikes, Alykes Beach, Zakynthos 29090 Zákynthos, Greece

Phone: 2695 084048, 694 800 2870


Social media: BUCA BEACH LOUNGE BAR – Alykes beach Zakynthos Zante – Home | Facebook


8.   The Peligoni Club

The Peligoni Club

The Peligoni Club is a family-run beach club in the northern part of Greece’s Zakynthos, It is a members-only beach club for intimate fun family vacations. Unlike a hotel or resort, the Peligoni beach club does not have any accommodation on-site and guests are booked into a carefully selected range of private villas, cottages and B&Bs, either by the sea or in the beautiful hills of north Zakynthos.

It is a perfect definition of home away from home, the food, activity and lifestyle are all chill and laid back. The beach club only accommodates a limited number of members each week and to access the club, guests need to purchase a weekly membership in advance.

 The Peligoni Club has a spa among its many other club offerings and amenities. The treatment rooms are nestled among herbaceous plants and sprawling bougainvillea in the quietest part of a club, making it a perfect place for some well-earned relaxation time. The club is open from May until October every summer.

Website: The Peligoni Club | Barefoot Luxury Beach Club Greece

9.  Spiros Beach Villa

Spiros Beach Villa

Spiros Beach Villa is located in Agios Nikitas, 100 meters away from the homonymous beach. It is easily accessible from the famous beaches of Kathisma, Milos and Pefkoulia, making it ideal for guests to explore the city and the town.

The beach club is a detached vacation rental property is air-conditioned and sleeps up to 5 people with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms along with a private swimming pool and sea views. There are 8 spacious studios of 15 sq.m and the rooms are spacious.

For just 30 Euros a night and an additional seven Euros for a cooked breakfast, guests can enjoy a spacious three bed room.

Address: Agios Nikitas, Lefkada

Phone number: +30 6906393687, +30 2645097380


10. Paradise Beach Hotel

Paradise Beach Hotel

Paradise Beach Hotel is located on the sandy beach of Argassi, 3.5km from the centre of Zakynthos and 6km from the International Airport. It is the nearest coastal village to the centre of Zakynthos, and the beach hotel offers light and delicious dishes, drinks and refreshing cocktails.

In the buffet-style breakfast, guests can have their fill of fresh Greek products and delicious Greek recipes while overlooking the endless blue of the Ionian Sea and is located in the pool area.


Address: Zakynthos Argasi, 29100, Greece

Phone Number:+30 2695 023620, +0030 6979757567


Social media: Instagram

Zakynthos Travel Essentials

The Island of Zakynthos is close to mainland Greece. Some travel options include taking a ferry from Kyllini or Peloponnese, taking a flight from Athens or other European cities or driving over to the Ionian Islands.

Whichever is your preferred mode of transportation to the island, we have enlisted a few travel essentials to help guide you.

Car Rental Services

When holidaying in Zakynthos, renting a car to get around is ideal, even if it’s only for a day or two. Given the island’s size and the distance between its greatest beaches, having your vehicle will give you more freedom to explore and enjoy your vacation.

Rental Cars is the service we’ve found most helpful and budget friendly to tourists.

Yacht Rental Services

To visit a string of beautiful beaches that grace Zakynthos, charter a yacht from Searadars. They offer private motorboats, sailboats, catamarans and skippered yacht charters to famous landmarks.

Flights & Hotels Accommodation

Find the best accommodation deals for Your Stay in Zakynthos on They offer seamless and fast hotel and accommodation bookings. You can compare prices, get the best deals for your next flight booking and find flexible flight options on WayAway.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

Renting a car from Kwik Taxi is a comfortable and safe way to get out of the airport and to your hotel.  They offer 24-hour service, and you can book airport and hotel transfers from over 100 countries with options for budget, so you need not bother about your arrival time.

Transport Services

If you’re looking for transportation services while in Zakynthos, 12go is a great option. 12go offers a wide range of transportation options, from private transportation services to city transportation.

Attractions, Museums And Shows

We have listed some of the best attractions and museums in Zakynthos, including the Venetian Castle, and Dionysios Solomos Square, amongst others. However, Tiqets is the best way to get tickets to museums, arenas, and other tourist sites if you truly want to explore the town.

Discover the best Zakynthos has to offer by reading traveller reviews on TripAdvisor. Reading other visitors’ experiences and testimonials gives you a holistic view of Zakynthos.


Zakynthos is a great destination, but you must be prepared to make the most of your time there. When planning your Zakynthos vacation, use Viator or Get your Guide to book fascinating excursions and activities.


Zakynthos is commonly known to tourists as the island of the Shipwreck Cove, while its other name, ‘Zante,’ is more common amongst the Greeks and Italians. Visit Zakynthos to discover the other side of the island’s nightlife, from chic wine bars to traditional live music.