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10 Best Rhodes Beach Clubs in 2024

10 Best Rhodes Beach Clubs in 2024

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Greece is Rhodes, which is known for its crystal-clear waters, fine dining establishments, picturesque surroundings, and great beach bar. We examine Top 10 of Rhodes Beach Clubs in this review.

The greatest beach bar for couples, families, those looking to party, unwind, drink and chill, as well as those on a budget and those seeking luxury, have been divided into categories for your convenience. Check out our comparisons guide on Greece vs Italy if you are wondering which place has the best beach bar.

Which Are the Best Rhodes Beach Clubs?

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a refreshing experience. Thankfully the beach offers a great way to unwind, and a vacation at Rhodes is the first point of call. It is impossible to think of anything better than vacationing on a beautiful beach.

Here Are 10 of the Best Beach Clubs in Rhodes 2024

  1. Kalami            

  2. Baia Seaside

  3. Ronda

  4. Ammades

  5. Paradise Beach Club

  6. El Paradiso

  7. Oasis

  8. Lohan Beach House

  9. Naya Beach Club

  10. Elli World Rhodes

1.   Kalami Beach Bar Rhodes

Kalami Beach Bar

Kalami is a small Beach Club Rhodes located on the east side of the idyllic island of Rhodes. Kalami beach bar Rhodes is a popular location for both locals and tourists. It has managed to maintain its friendly environment and welcomes families, couples, and groups of friends.

Guests can feel the soft sands under their toes as they gaze at the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.

Address: Kalami Beach Bar Rhodes, Greece – 85100
Phone:+30 6944927026

2.   Baia Seaside

Baia Seaside is a great tourist destination on the island of Rhodes. The Baia Seaside is a must-see for anyone wishing to soak up the sun while admiring the marine vistas. The Baia Seaside offers exquisite drinks and snacks for a pleasant vacation on the beach.

Sit at a table at Baiaseaside Beachbar with your buddies, pour up a new cocktail, and forget about your concerns.

Address: Savva Nikolaou 1 Rhodes,Greece
Phone: (+30)2241033823

3.   RONDA


Ronda beach club is located at Elli beach in the center of Rhodes town. At Ronda the beach bar, guests can Relax in the comfortable chairs and enjoy unique summer cocktails while enjoying baths under the sun’s rays while gazing at the Aegean Sea.

Ronda beach club has a restaurant and bar where guests can enjoy a delicious meal, sip a drink and feel like home in the friendly atmosphere. The Beach Club Rhodes has character and charm and guests can sail with their yachts and ships or rent from the club.

Address: Pl. Kountourioti 6, Rodos 851 00, Greece
Phone: (+30)693740446

4.   Ammades


Guests can experience the island of the sun in all its glory, while taking a breath from the hustle and bustle at the Ammades Seaside club by the beach of Faliraki in Rhodes. Ammades, meaning the golden sand, is a beach club beautified with various pebbles.

The Ammades beach club is a luxurious summer destination in Rhodes, where guests can rent beachfront gazebos and beach sunbeds while enjoying summer moments and the calming music from the bar.

Faliraki Beach, Rhodes
Tel: +30 22410 84490
Address: Nikolaou, Savva Diakou 3, Rodos 851 00, Greece

5.   Paradise Beach Club

Paradise Beach Club

Guests looking to party all night and dance to the rhythm of loud songs while sipping on a variety of alcoholic drink & beverages will love the paradise beach bars and club. Paradise beach bar and club is an enchanting mix of a beach bar and open-air clubbing venue.

Each year, thousands of party goers find the way to Rhodes beach clubs to enjoy an all-day experience at one of the most famous beach clubs in the world – paradise beach club.

The tropical paradise has plenty of sunbeds and lounging areas, where guests can give in to the true pleasures of life, with golden sand and crystal waters. Also check out Corfu beach clubs, Corfu is an island located in Greece.

Situated on the beautiful Mykonos island in Greece, the Paradise beach club is an ultimate party destination and is the place to drink and dance ’til the sun rises. Paradise Beach Club is where the island parties all summer long.

Address: Paradise Beach, Mykonos 84600, Greece
Phone: +306973016311

6.   El Paradiso

El Paradiso

El Paradiso beach club is designed to feel like a home away from home. Guests are invited to live an exceptional experience and have fun with family and friends. El Paradiso Beach Club is situated at the most peaceful spot of the bay of Laganas, on the  island of Zakyntho. El Paradiso Beach Club is the perfect wedding and honeymoon destination.

The golden sand and crystal waters make it an ideal holiday destination for intimate gatherings and happy moments with loved ones. El Paradiso is a place to refresh every fiber of your body. You can experience exquisite dining, memorable cocktails a,nd a magnificent sunset and sea view.

Address: Laganas Beach 29092, Zakynthos Greece
Contact: +30 26950 55395, +30 694 866 6116

7.   Oasis Beach Bar


Oasis Beach Bar provides luxury and leisure in the center of Rhodes. Guests can experience the beauty of nature as well as the heartwarming beach club in all its grandeur, with scorching beach parties and frozen drinks next to the water.

During the day, Oasis Beach Club provides the nice, relaxing atmosphere that every vacationer requires. Oasis Beach Club provides a tranquil, relaxed setting for beverages, snacks and wave-watching. the Oasis beach is physically cut into the rock face.

Phone: 694 538 5180
Address: Kallithea, Rhodes



Lohan Beach House is a multipurpose facility in Rhodes. It comprises a club and restaurant.  The beach club provides excitement, with a number of theme nights designed to elevate entertainment and help guest experience to a whole new level of fun.

There are lots of activities to do at the Lohan beach house, from paddle boarding to sunbathing to swimming.

Phone: 2241 090 068
Address: Lohan Beach House Rhodes, Greece

9.   NAYA Beach Club

NAYA Beach Club

The Naya Beach Bar Restaurant is located on Faliraki Beach Rhodes. The tranquil and pleasant atmosphere, together with the gorgeous sandy beach, ensures a pleasant vacation experience. This Rhodes beach club has a mixed food menu, which includes Mediterranean, European, and Greek dishes. There are also vegetarian and vegan food options.

Naya beach club is uniquely designed with contemporary organic forms to produce a distinct personality. It is simply natural and in harmony with its surroundings. The gentle natural brown tones that makes up the chairs all work together to produce an inspirational relaxing serene ambiance for a pleasant holiday experience..

Phone: +302241085923
Address: Leof. Kallitheas, Faliraki 851 00, Greece

10.  Elli World Rhodes

Elli World Rhodes

Elli, Rhodes’ most central and famous beach, is recognized as the most exquisite beach in the Mediterranean. This best beach club Rhodes has been in business since 2008 and has quickly become one of the most popular beach bar on the island. All day, the famed Elli Restaurant Beach Bar is a wonderful holiday place.

In the morning, relax on one of the patio loungers and take a refreshing plunge in the sandy beach’s waves. At night, enjoy the stars and freshness of the Aegean. Eli beach restaurant offers guests refreshing drinks and relishing cuisine they can enjoy right in front of the sea.

There is the outdoor and indoor seating that are wheelchair accessible and they serves Alcohol in the full bar. Both day and nighttime buzz with events, and the beach club frequently organizes activities such as beach parties with a campfire on the beach. Eli beach offers guests different levels of fun.

Phone: +30 2241 075986
Address: 6, Koudourioti Sq., Elli beach, Rhodes, 85100

Top Categories of Rhodes Beach Club Overview

1. Best Beach Club Rhodes for Families

Lohan Beach house is considered one of the best beach clubs Rhodes for families. It has crystal clear waters, shallow sands, and a tranquil environment for families with little children. (number 8 on the list)

2. Best Rhodes Beach Club to Party

Night time come alive at Paradise Beach Club.  When it comes to beach party clubs, Paradise Beach Club is the go-to destination for you. (number 5 on the list)

3. Rhodes Beach to Relax and chill

Oasis beach bar is a great place to relax, sunbathe and watch the blue seas. (number 7 on the list)

4. Best Beach Clubs Rhodes on a budget

Oasis is the perfect choice when on a budget. (number 7 on the list)

5. Best Luxury Beach Club Rhodes

The luxurious beach club in Rhodes is Ronda beach club. (number 3 on the list)

6. Best Beach Club Rhodes for Couples & Honeymoons

El Paradiso is the best beach club in Rhodes for couples and honeymoons. (number 6 on the list)

Things to Consider Before You Book Your Trip to the Beach Club in Rhodes

A beach club is a perfect blend of comfort, and relaxation with a touch of a cocktail party and entertainment. When planning a trip to Rhodes, enjoying breakfast on a cool day at the beach club is an experience you want to have. You can never get it wrong at the beach club.

However, there is so much to know and learn about the different kinds of fun and other preparations to have before visiting a beach club.

Here is a list of things you need to consider before booking your trip to the beach club Rhodes.

1. Location

The location of the beach club Rhodes Greece is one of the most important things to take into consideration. You may be holidaying in Greece and staying in a quiet resort on one of the islands but have booked a day at the beach club in Rhodes; a different island. 

Peak periods and overcrowding are some other things to consider when choosing to holiday at a beach club. To avoid the rush, the crowds and to select a location that best suits you, it’s important to surf the internet t get the best beach clubs in your preferred locations.

2. Facilities

Swimming pools, snorkelling, and sunbeds are a few of the facilities at various beach clubs. Some are equipped with bars, open night clubs, saunas and others that ensure you have a pleasurable holiday. Outdoor and indoor games are a few of the things to do with family and friends.

3. Activities

Facilities and activities are intertwined. The facilities encourage people to perform different activities while at the beach club. Guest can swim and enjoy the feel of the deep blue sea, dive, and snorkel below to sea the aquatic wildlife. There is so much to do on a day spent in beach bar.

Rhodes Travel Essentials

We have detailed some important travel tips to guide you on your trip to Rhodes:

Flights & Hotels Accommodation:

You can travel to Rhodes from any and every part of the world by air and seaport. Air Travel is often the favored means of travel, and flights can be found through major and budget airlines. In terms of freedom and flexibility, WayAway and are two platforms for airline tickets, best booking rates, and airport transfers. If you are looking for a backpack for air travel, here’s a list for the Best Backpack For Air Travel.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

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Rental Services

Understandably, you will love to get the best car rental deals. To find, compare and rent a car globally at the best prices, check Discover Cars is the go-to company.

Transport Services

Moving around locally does not have to be a challenge while in Rhodes. With that said, 12go which offers a wide range of transportation options, from private transportation services to city transportation, is a reliable transport service.

Attractions, Museums, And Shows

There is more to Rhodes than the beach club. Exploring the town allows you to learn the culture and history of the town fully. The Colossus of Rhodes and the medieval gate at the Acropolis of Lindos are the best places to begin.

At Tiqets you can always purchase tickets to popular tourist attractions, museums, and shows. TripAdvisor is another good platform to read user-generated reviews to get you started for a fun time in Rhodes.


There is a lot to do at Rhodes and with proper planning, you can explore them all. Viator or Get your Guide is the first resource to research and find activities in Rhodes and other surrounding islands.


You are guaranteed to have a fun and memorable time when holidaying and chilling at the best of beach bars and clubs in Rhodes. On your next trip, do not forget to schedule a visit to one of the list of best beach club Rhodes for a memorable experience.