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10 Best Beach Clubs Rhode Island (2024)

10 Best Beach Clubs Rhode Island (2024)

10 Best Beach Clubs Rhode Island (2024)

Rhode Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, and beach clubs are a popular way to experience the state’s scenic coastline and enjoy a range of fun activities. Choosing the best beach club can be challenging, with many options available.

Here are the top 10 Best Beach Clubs in Rhode Island to make the most of your stay. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, swim, or participate in water sports, there’s a beach club on this list that’s perfect for you.

Top Categories of Beach Clubs in Rhode Island Overview

Beach clubs in Rhode Island are perfect for a family day, a night out on the town, or a romantic getaway. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly spot, a party destination, a budget-friendly option, a luxury experience, or a romantic getaway, a beach club in Rhode Island will suit your needs.

In Rhode Island, there are so many options for a perfect beach day.

1. Beach Clubs in Rhode Island for Families:

Seaside Beach Club is a great option if you’re travelling with children.

This family-friendly club offers a variety of activities and amenities, including a playground, water sports, and a restaurant. With a focus on fun and safety, Seaside Beach Club is the perfect destination for families who want to enjoy the beach together. (number 3 on the list below)

2. Beach Clubs in Rhode Island to Party:

For those looking for a party destination, Paddy’s Beach Club is a must-visit. Live music, a bar, and a wide variety of food are some of the highlights of this beach club. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or enjoy a drink with friends, Paddy’s Beach Club is the place to be. (number 2 on the list below)

3. Beach Clubs in Rhode Island on a Budget:

If you’re on a budget, Dunes Club is the perfect option. You can access the pool and beach at this beach club without paying a fee. Plus, there’s live music, games, and more available onsite. (number 9 on the list below)

4. Luxury Beach Clubs in Rhode Island:

Willow Dell Beach Club is a luxurious option for beachgoers looking for a day of pampering. This club has a pool, spa, and plenty of beach amenities for all ages. (number 7 on the list below)

5. Beach Clubs in Rhode Island for Couples & Honeymoons:

Galilee Beach Club is a great choice for couples seeking a romantic getaway. This club has a pool, spa, and plenty of beach amenities for all ages. Plus, they offer unlimited use of their bikes, kayaks, and paddle boats! (number 4 on the list below)

Rhode Island Quick Guide:

Rhode Island is a beautiful place to visit, and with so many things to do, it can be hard to know where to start. This Quick Guide to Rhode Island should help you get the most out of your visit.

Stay in Rhode Island:

Hotels, hostels, and budget-friendly accommodations are available in Rhode Island. Regardless of your budget and needs, you can find the right stay.

Getting Around Rhode Island:

Getting around Rhode Island is easy and convenient, with plenty of transportation options available. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer driving, biking, or taking a tour.

Car Rental:

Car rental is a great option for those who prefer to have their transportation during their visit. Discover Cars is a great choice for car rentals in Rhode Island, offering a range of vehicles at affordable prices.

Bike Rentals:

For an environmentally friendly means of transportation, consider renting bikes. Bike Bookings offers a wide selection of bikes for rent, making it one of the best places to rent bikes.


For those who prefer to have a guide, there are plenty of tours available in Rhode Island. Get Your Guide and Viator are two great options for tours, offering a range of experiences, from cultural tours to adventure tours. Everybody can find something to their liking, whether they want to see the sites or get their adrenaline pumping.

What are the best beach clubs in Rhode Island?

You’ll find plenty of beach getaway options in Rhode Island if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing vacation. There’s a beach club perfect for everyone in this state, whether you’re looking for a luxurious, all-inclusive resort or a family-friendly spot.

Here are the best Beach Clubs Rhode Island in 2024.

  1. Green Hill Beach Club
  2. Paddy’s Beach Club
  3. Seaside Beach Club
  4. Galilee Beach Club
  5. Conochet Club Beach
  6. Bonnet Shores Beach Club
  7. Willow Dell Beach Club
  8. North Beach Club House
  9. Dunes Club
  10. Ballard’s Beach Resort

1.    Green Hill Beach Club

Green Hill Beach Club

Green Hill Beach Club is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. As a private establishment, it offers a secluded and intimate atmosphere for its members. The club is spread over 4 acres of prime beachfront real estate, with over 800 feet of pristine shoreline.

The clubhouse is the perfect place for members to gather and socialize, with a casual and formal atmosphere suitable for any occasion. The club also provides beach parking for members, gas grills and kitchen facilities for outdoor cooking.

Storage facilities are also available for beach chairs and umbrellas, making it easier for members to enjoy the sun and sand without worrying about carrying heavy gear. The club also provides outdoor showers and restroom facilities for members, as well as a bocce court and ping pong table for leisure activities.

In short, Green Hill Beach Club offers its members a complete beachfront experience, providing everything they need to have a great day.

Address: 1064 Green Hill Beach Rd, South Kingstown, RI 02879, United States

Phone: +1 401-789-3540


Email: ​

2.    Paddy’s Beach Club

Paddy's Beach Club

Paddy’s Beach Club! Located just minutes from Misquamicut Beach, this restaurant and resort is the perfect spot for a day at the beach. At Paddy’s Beach Club, you can enjoy drinks and snacks on the beach while taking in beautiful views of the ocean.

In addition to the beach, the restaurant also has an outdoor lounge with views of the ocean and a great atmosphere. For a more immersive experience, enjoy live music at the Oceanside Lounge.

Whether staying for a day or enjoying the beach all week, Paddy’s Beach Club is the perfect spot to relax and have a great time. With its convenient location and great amenities, Paddy’s Beach Club is sure to be a favorite summer spot in Rhode Island.

Address: 159 Atlantic Ave, Westerly, RI 02891, United States

Phone: 401-596-2610



3.    Seaside Beach Club

Seaside Beach Club

Seaside Beach Club is a luxurious and peaceful retreat located in the heart of Pompano Beach. The perfect getaway for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our tropical paradise is surrounded by palm-lined courtyards and heated pools.

Take a stroll along our tranquil beaches, and feel the gentle waves wash over you as you enjoy a day of relaxation. Indulge in a relaxing bath in one of our heated pools, or take a refreshing dip in our sparkling jacuzzi. Please take advantage of our pristine tennis courts or volleyball courts.

Seaside Beach Club has everything you need if you’re planning a night out. From lively nightlife in downtown Pompano Beach to world-renowned attractions like the Venetian and the Palazzo, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Address: 651 Atlantic Ave, Westerly, RI 02891, United States

Phone: +1 401-322-0201



4.    Galilee Beach Club

Galilee Beach Club

Choosing the best beach club for your wedding or reception is important. For your special day, you want the perfect venue that is beautiful, comfortable and has the right atmosphere. Galilee Beach Club is the ideal choice for weddings and receptions in Rhode Island.

Galilee Beach Club is located on the waterfront at Galilee Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island. They offer various wedding and reception options that are perfect for any occasion. Beautiful views of Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean surround the waterfront ceremony location.

The elegant reception venue features exquisite cuisine, state-of-the-art equipment, and an atmosphere perfect for any wedding or special event. Their attentive staff is dedicated to making your wedding or reception experience perfect.

They offer a wide range of services that will make your event special. From catering to decoration, it can help make your wedding or reception a memorable event.

Address: 220 Sand Hill Cove Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882, United States

Phone: +1 401-789-9675



5.    Conochet Club Beach

Conochet Club Beach

Conochet Club Beach is a stunning beach club located in Rhode Island, offering its guests a luxurious and peaceful experience. Swimming and wading are both possible in the shallow waters around the club. Beautiful coast views surround the club.

The beach club is known for its private atmosphere, making it ideal for those who want to escape the busy crowds. Conochet Club Beach is a great place to spend a day, with a range of amenities, including a pool, tennis courts, and a restaurant.

Water sports are also available at the club, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Conochet Club Beach are always on hand to help guests with any needs. Overall, Conochet Club Beach is a great choice for anyone looking for a luxurious and relaxing beach club experience in Rhode Island.

Address: Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island

6.    Bonnet Shores Beach Club

Bonnet Shores Beach Club

Bonnet Shores Beach Club should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a beach club experience that will leave you feeling spoiled and summer-ready. Situated on one of the most scenic stretches of coastline in Rhode Island, this club offers stunning views of Narragansett Bay from nearly every spot on its sprawling property.

At Bonnet Shores, you can enjoy the sun and sand all day long – and there’s always something happening here. Whether you’re looking to take in some of the best sunbathing and swimming in the area, catch a game of tennis, or relax with a good book, this club has it all.

The attention to detail and impeccable service at Bonnet Shores make it stand out from its competition. From the moment you walk in the door, you’re made to feel like an honored guest – and the staff goes out of their way to ensure you have a perfect time.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal in one of the club’s many restaurants, a relaxing soak in the spa, or just a place to take a break from every day, Bonnet Shores Beach Club has you covered.

Address: 175 Bonnet Point Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882, United States

Phone: +1 401-783-2832


7.    Willow Dell Beach Club

Willow Dell Beach Club

If you’re looking for a summer retreat in Rhode Island, look at Willow Dell Beach Club. This private beach club is just minutes from the sandy shores of Narragansett Bay and is the perfect place to spend a summer day.

Members of the club can enjoy swimming and sunbathe at the club’s private oceanfront beach. There’s also a playground, a pavilion, and a bar and grill, so there’s plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Willow Dell Beach Club is the perfect place to spend a summer day, and it’s also a great place to explore the area. If you’re interested in visiting some of Rhode Island’s other famous beaches, like Sandy Point or Newport Beach, you’ll only be a short drive away.

Address: Willow Dell Beach, South Kingstown, RI 02879, United States

8.    North Beach Club House

North Beach Club House

At the North Beach Club House, guests can enjoy various amenities, from swimming in the large pool to playing tennis on the courts. Family-friendly amenities include a restaurant, bar, and playground for kids, making it the perfect family destination.

With its stunning coastal views, the North Beach Club House is an ideal location for events and special occasions, such as weddings and corporate functions. The expansive deck overlooking the beach provides a picturesque backdrop for any event, and the club’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean adds to its allure.

Whether you’re looking to relax or celebrate, the North Beach Club House is sure to provide a memorable experience.

Address: 79 Boston Neck Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882, United States

Phone: +1 401-788-2573



9.    Dunes Club

Dunes Club

The Dunes Club is a top choice for beach weddings in Narragansett, Rhode Island. This breathtaking venue offers stunning ocean views, making it a picture-perfect location for your special day.

The club has a range of facilities, including a shallow-water beach and a range of water sports, making it an ideal location for your ceremony and reception. The Dunes Club’s expert wedding coordinators are dedicated to helping you plan the wedding of your dreams from start to finish.

With its beautiful location and top-notch facilities, the Dunes Club will create lasting memories for you and your guests. Take a look at weddings at the venue and get in touch with View Carats & Cake to start planning your dream beach wedding.

Phone: 06-412-6550



10. Ballard’s Beach Resort & Club

Ballard's Beach Resort & Club

Ballard’s Beach Resort is a must-visit for anyone looking for the ultimate beach experience in Rhode Island. This resort is the perfect place to relax in the sun and enjoy stunning sea views from its vantage point on the beach.

In addition, the resort boasts a top-notch bar and music scene, making it a popular destination for day and night activities. As one of the island’s most historically significant hotels, Ballard’s offers a unique and authentic experience that will leave a lasting impression on its visitors.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet escape or a lively atmosphere, Ballard’s Beach Resort & Club has it all, making it the perfect destination for your next beach vacation.

Address: 42 Water St, New Shoreham, RI 02807, United States

Phone: +1 401-466-2231



Best Things to Do in Rhode Island

If you want to get away from the busy city life and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you can plan your vacation to Rhode Island. This place is located on the New England coast, one of the most beautiful places where you can relax and enjoy a lot of fun.

1. Visit Newport

This place is famous for its beautiful scenery, luxurious mansions, and rich history. If you want to visit this place, you should book a hotel as it is the only way to get the real feel of this place.

2. Enjoy a Beach Walk

This place is famous for its amazing beaches and the white sand. It is possible to start your trip from Providence if you intend to visit this place. Then, you will reach the Pawtuxet River, which is located in Newport. Then, you will see the beautiful mansions.

3. See the Newport Jazz Festival

If you want to see the culture of this place, then attend the Newport Jazz Festival, which is held every year in July. The jazz festival includes many famous musicians, and the music will blow your mind.

4. Go to Newport Aquarium

Visit the Newport Aquarium if you’re interested in marine life. There you can see sea turtles, star fish, jellyfish, and many more.

5. Visit the Newport Art Museum

The Newport Art Museum is located in this place, and you will see the historical paintings.

6. Explore the Historic Mansions

Historic Mansions are also one of the best things to do in Rhode Island. You can visit the Hope Chapel, the Beechwood Mansion, and many more.

7. See the Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove is one of this place’s most famous tourist destinations, and you can see the beautiful ocean water.

8. Visit the Newport Public Market

The Newport Public Market is the perfect place if you are looking for some delicious food and drinks. You will get to taste authentic Indian food as well as seafood.

Rhode Island Travel Essentials:

Before you go, consider what your essential travel items are. Here are a few of our favorites:

Flights & Hotels Accommodation:

WayAway or are great resources for finding flights and hotels. Rates can be compared quickly and easily on both websites, which have user-friendly search engines.

Airport & Hotel Transfers:

Transfers to and from airports and hotels are easy with Kwik Taxi. They offer competitive rates and are reliable.

Rental Services:

You can rent a car from Discover Cars with ease. They have a wide selection of cars and excellent customer service.

Attractions, Museums & Shows:

Check out Tiqets and TripAdvisor for the latest deals on attractions, museums, and shows. Both sites offer great advice on what to see and where to go.


Viator and Get Your Guide are great resources for finding activities in different cities. Viator offers detailed descriptions and pictures, while Get Your Guide offers ratings and reviews of different activities.


The 10 Best Rhode Island Beach Clubs in 2024 are all great places to relax and have fun. These clubs have fantastic scenery and are perfect for a day out with friends. Whether looking for a quiet day by the water or a livelier atmosphere, these clubs will have something for you.