10 Best Beach Clubs Puglia (2023)

10 Best Beach Clubs Puglia (2023)

Puglia, the southern region of Italy, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque coastline. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day lounging on the beach or a vibrant night out, Puglia’s beach clubs have it all. This article will explore the 10 Best Beach Clubs Puglia for 2023, each offering unique features and experiences. From trendy spots with stylish decor to family-friendly clubs with activities for children, there’s a beach club in Puglia for everyone. So, grab your sun hat, put on some sunscreen, and get ready to enjoy the ultimate beach day in Puglia.

Top Categories of Beach Clubs in Puglia Overview:

Puglia boasts a thriving beach club scene that caters to diverse preferences and interests. Whether a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time visitor, you’ll find a beach club that suits your tastes among the many options available. To help you navigate this lively scene, here are the top categories of beach clubs you can expect to encounter in Puglia:

1. Beach Clubs in Puglia for Families:

A range of family-friendly beach clubs are available in Puglia, offering activities for both children and adults. Featuring a playground for children and beach volleyball courts, Lido La Pineta is a great place for families. (number 6 on the list below)

2. Beach Clubs in Puglia to Party:

Puglia’s beach clubs offer a lively party scene for those looking to dance the night away. Guna Beach Club is a popular partygoer spot with regular DJ sets and live music events. (number 2 on the list below)

3. Beach Clubs in Puglia on a Budget:

Travelers on a budget can still enjoy Puglia’s beautiful beaches and beach clubs without breaking the bank. COCO Beach Club offers affordable rates for sun loungers and umbrellas and a restaurant serving reasonably priced food. (number 4 on the list below)

4. Luxury Beach Clubs in Puglia:

For those seeking a luxurious beach experience, Puglia offers high-end beach clubs with luxurious amenities. Coccaro Beach Club is one of Puglia’s most exclusive beach clubs, with a private stretch of sandy beach, a spa, and a restaurant serving gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. (number 1 on the list below)

5. Beach Clubs in Puglia for Couples & Honeymoons:

Puglia Beach Clubs also cater to couples seeking a romantic and intimate beach experience. Viar Beach Club is a great option for couples, with private cabanas and a restaurant that serves delicious food with stunning sea views. (number 8 on the list below)

Quick Guide to Puglia:

Looking for a helpful guide to make the most of your trip to Puglia? Look no further! Before setting out on your adventure, it’s essential to consider your lodging and transportation arrangements carefully. With this in mind, we’ve prepared a quick guide with essential tips to ensure you have an unforgettable experience in this vibrant region.

Stay in Puglia:

Accommodations in Puglia are diverse, so there is something for everyone. You’ll find everything you need, from luxurious hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts to budget-friendly hostels. Some popular areas to stay in Puglia include the historic center of Lecce, the charming town of Alberobello, and the beachfront city of Gallipoli.

Getting Around Puglia:

While Puglia is a relatively small region, several transportation options help you get around. One of the most popular ways to explore Puglia is by car, which allows you to visit different towns and attractions easily. Guided tours and bike rentals are also available for those who prefer not to drive.

Car Rentals:

Discover Cars is one of the most famous companies that offers car rentals at competitive rates and has a wide selection of vehicles that you can choose from. With pickup locations throughout Puglia, you can easily rent a car and explore the region at your own pace.

Bike Bookings:

If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier way around Puglia, consider renting a bike through Bike Bookings. This company offers a variety of bike types and sizes, as well as guided tours and customizable itineraries.


There are several tour companies for those who prefer to explore Puglia with a guide. Viator and Get Your Guide offer a variety of guided tours and experiences, from food and wine tours to historical and cultural walking tours. These tours provide a great way to learn about the region’s history and culture and see some of its most beautiful sights.

What are the best beach clubs in Puglia?

Puglia beach clubs offer a unique experience for visitors, ranging from luxurious spas and infinity pools to family-friendly activities and delicious cuisine. No matter which beach club you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy Puglia’s warm Mediterranean sun and stunning coastal scenery. Here are the 10 best Beach Clubs Puglia for 2023:

  1. Coccaro Beach Club
  2. Guna Beach Club
  3. Apulian Beach Club
  4. COCO Beach Club
  5. Miami Beach Club
  6. Lido il Panda Beach Club
  7. Mare Mosso Beach Club
  8. Viar Beach Club
  9. Wonder Beach Club
  10. Island Beach Club

1. Coccaro Beach Club

best beach clubs puglia

Coccaro Beach Club is a luxurious beach club located in Savelletri, Brindisi, in the heart of Puglia. This exclusive beach club offers guests a picturesque location on the Adriatic Sea with stunning views of crystal-clear waters. The club features an elegant restaurant, serving fresh and delicious seafood dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients. In addition, the club has a beach bar where guests can enjoy cocktails, refreshing drinks, and snacks while soaking up the sun. Coccaro Beach Club also offers various beach activities, including beach volleyball and beach soccer, and boat rentals for those who want to explore the coast. The club has a private beach area with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, perfect for a relaxing day on the beach. With excellent service and a breathtaking location, Coccaro Beach Club is a must-visit for anyone looking for a luxurious beach experience in Puglia.

Address: SP90, 72015 Savelletri BR, Italy

Phone: +39 080 412 3467

Website: https://www.coccarobeachclub.it/en/home/

Email: coccarobeachclub@gmail.com

2. Guna Beach Club

puglia beach clubs

Guna Beach Club, located in Punta Penna, Brindisi, is a trendy and modern beach club that offers an unforgettable beach day experience. A stylish beach club offering comfortable sun loungers, stunning sea views, and a stylish interior, this beach club is the ideal place to relax and soak up the sun. The club also offers delicious food and cocktails, making it a great spot for a beachside lunch or sunset drinks. Additionally, Guna Beach Club hosts regular events, including live music and DJ sets, creating a lively and fun atmosphere for its visitors. It is important to note that the staff at the club is friendly and attentive, so guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay. With its prime location and unique features, Guna Beach Club is worth visiting during your Puglia trip.

Address: Contrada Apani, 2/a, 72100 Punta Penna, Brindisi BR, Italy

Phone: +39 347 627 2032

Website: http://www.gunabeach.com/

Email: info@gunabeach.com

3. Apulian Beach Club

The Apulian Beach Club is a stunning beachfront venue located in Specchiolla, a small town on the Adriatic coast of Puglia. Among the many amenities at the club, it’s possible to rent sun loungers, and umbrellas, eat delicious Mediterranean cuisine at the restaurant, have refreshing drinks at the bar, and enjoy a night out on the beach. The club also features a large swimming pool and a children’s playground, making it a perfect spot for families with children. The club’s stylish decor and beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea create a tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal place to unwind and soak up the Mediterranean sun. The club’s website offers further details about its amenities and services, and visitors can also contact the club by phone or email to make reservations or inquire about events.

Address: Costa Adriatica – Marina di, 72012 Specchiolla BR, Italy

Phone: +39 351 590 6691

Website: http://www.apulianbeachclub.it/

Email: info@apulianbeachclub.it

4. COCO Beach Club

COCO Beach Club is a stunning beach club in Polignano a Mare, one of Puglia’s most picturesque coastal towns. The beach club is situated right on the beach, offering stunning views of the crystal-clear waters and rugged cliffs that characterize this part of Italy. The club boasts a stylish modern decor, with comfortable lounge chairs, daybeds, and umbrellas scattered throughout the beachfront. Additionally, the club features a restaurant that serves fresh seafood and Italian cuisine, along with a wide range of delicious cocktails and drinks. COCO Beach Club is one of the best places to relax and soak up the sun on a beautiful day at the beach in Puglia, whether you are seeking to savor tasty food and drinks or relax and soak up the sun.

Address: Lungomare Zara, 35, 70044 Polignano a Mare BA, Italy

Phone: +39 331 842 9862

Website: https://www.ilcoco.it/

Email: beach@ilcoco.it

5. Miami Beach Club

Miami Beach Club is a beach club located in Polignano a Mare, Puglia. It is located on the picturesque Adriatic Coast, on the edge of a crystal-clear sea, and offers breathtaking views of the crystal-clear waters that surround it. There is a variety of sun loungers and umbrellas available at the club, which is ideal for spending a day relaxing in the warm Mediterranean sun. Also, Miami Beach Club features a restaurant that offers tasty Mediterranean cuisine and a bar that serves refreshing cocktails and beverages. The club hosts regular events, including DJ sets and live music, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists. An enjoyable day on the beach with family and friends can be enjoyed at Miami Beach Club, with its beautiful location and vibrant atmosphere.

Address: S. Giovanni, 210/b, 70044 Polignano a mare BA, Italy

Phone: +39 393 900 8170

Website: https://www.miamibeachvillage.it/

6. Lido il Panda Beach Club

Lido il Panda Beach Club is a must-visit beach club located in Castellaneta Marina, in the province of Taranto. This beach club is part of the larger Kale Beach Club, a popular resort area in the region. The club is right on the water, with stunning views of the sea and a long stretch of sandy beach. A playground and a kids’ club are available at Lido il Panda, a family-friendly beach club. Aside from umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, the club also offers a relaxing atmosphere where guests can enjoy the sun all day. Drinks and snacks can be enjoyed on the beach at the on-site bar. With its idyllic location and family-friendly atmosphere, Lido il Panda Beach Club is a great option for anyone looking to spend a day on the beach in Puglia.

Address: Lungomare Eroi del Mare, 23, 74011 Castellaneta Marina TA, Italy

Phone: +39 099 843 9098

Website: https://www.kalebeach.it/

7.  Mare Mosso Beach Club

Mare Mosso Beach Club, located on the Litoranea Savelletri in Torre Canne, is a trendy and stylish beach club with a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available at the beach club, and a restaurant serves delicious shrimp and cocktails. The club’s decor is modern and chic, with white and blue accents that complement the surrounding area’s natural beauty. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is perfect for a day of relaxation or a night out with friends. Open from May to October, the club offers a variety of events and entertainment. Puglia’s Mare Mosso Beach Club offers luxurious amenities and breathtaking views, making it the ultimate beach experience.

Address: Zona Forcatella, S.P. 90, Litoranea Savelletri, 72015 Torre Canne BR, Italy

Phone: +39 320 694 6320

Website: https://maremossobeachclub.it/

Email: info@maremossobeachclub.com

8. Viar Beach Club

Viar Beach Club is a picturesque beach club located in Pilone, Brindisi that offers visitors a relaxing and stylish experience. The club boasts a stunning seaside location with pristine waters and a beautiful coastline. The club’s decor features a chic, minimalist design with natural elements such as wood and stone that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Visitors can unwind on the club’s sun loungers while enjoying the panoramic views and the sound of the waves. When looking for an active day at the club, beach volleyball, and water sports are available. The beach club’s restaurant serves delicious seafood dishes and refreshing cocktails with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The attentive staff ensures a pleasant and memorable stay and provides excellent service.

Address: Via del Procaccia, 72017 Pilone BR, Italy

Phone: +39 0831 350020

Website: https://viarbeachclub.wordpress.com/

Email: info@viarbeachclub.it

9. Wonder Beach Club

Wonder Beach Club is a stunning beach club located on the coastline of Mola di Bari in Puglia, Italy. It boasts pristine sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and a breathtaking sea view. Wonder Beach Club is known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, a perfect blend of music, entertainment, and relaxation. The club has a variety of sun loungers, umbrellas, and cabanas available for rent, ensuring that guests can comfortably relax. A restaurant and a bar serve delicious Mediterranean dishes and drinks at the club. The staff is friendly and accommodating, ensuring guests have a memorable experience. The Wonder Beach Club in Puglia is the perfect place to soak up the sun and enjoy a day by the sea.

Address: Litoranea Mola-Cozze, 12, 70042 Mola di Bari BA, Italy

Phone: +39 080 473 2963

Website: http://www.wonderbeachclub.it/

10. Island Beach Club

Island Beach Club is a hidden gem located on the Isola dello Scoglio in the coastal town of Porto Cesareo. This beach club offers a secluded and intimate atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a quiet and relaxing day on the beach. The club features a pristine white sandy beach with crystal-clear waters, various sun loungers and umbrellas, and a restaurant serving delicious seafood and cocktails. Island Beach Club also offers water sports activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling, allowing visitors to explore the beautiful coastline. You can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life at Island Beach Club thanks to its stunning views and peaceful ambiance.

Address: Isola dello Scoglio, 5, 73010 Porto cesareo LE, Italy

Phone: +39 380 465 0269

Website: https://www.isolabeach.com/

Email: info@isolabeach.com

Things to do in Puglia Beach Clubs

When it comes to beach clubs, Puglia offers more than just lounging on the beach and sipping cocktails. Here are some top things to do in Puglia’s beach clubs.

Enjoy Water Sports

A variety of water sports activities are available at many beach clubs in Puglia. From jet skiing to paddleboarding and kayaking, plenty keeps you entertained. Lido Bambù in Polignano a Mare offers snorkeling and diving excursions, allowing you to explore the underwater world of the Adriatic Sea.

Indulge in Local Cuisine

The cuisine of Puglia is legendary, and many beach clubs serve traditional Puglian dishes. Lido Morelli in Gallipoli is known for its fresh seafood, including grilled octopus and pasta with sea urchins. Coccaro Beach Club in Fasano offers a gourmet dining experience, with a menu featuring Mediterranean-inspired dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Attend Events and Parties

Many beach clubs in Puglia host regular events and parties, ranging from live music performances to themed parties. Lido La Pineta in Torre Lapillo hosts beach parties with DJ sets and live music, while Zen Beach in Ostuni hosts yoga classes and sunset aperitifs.

Relax with Spa Treatments

If you’re looking to unwind and relax, beach clubs in Puglia offer a range of spa treatments and massages. Coccaro Beach Club in Fasano has a luxurious spa that offers a variety of treatments, including hot stone massages and body scrubs. Zen Beach in Ostuni has a wellness area that offers yoga classes and massages.

Play Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is popular in Puglia’s beach clubs, with many clubs offering beach volleyball courts. Lido Sabbiadoro in Gallipoli has a beach volleyball court and a playground for children, making it a great spot for families.

Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea is a must-do when visiting Puglia’s beach clubs. Lido Bambù in Polignano a Mare is known for its stunning sunset views, with the sun setting over the cliffs and the sea. Coccaro Beach Club in Fasano offers a unique sunset experience with a rooftop bar overlooking the sea.

Dance the Night Away

Many beach clubs in Puglia transform into nightclubs after sunset, with DJs playing music until the early morning. Lido Salsello in Bisceglie is known for its lively party atmosphere, with a dance floor on the beach and a variety of music genres played throughout the night.

Puglia’s beach clubs offer much more than just lounging on the beach. With a variety of activities, events, and dining experiences, beach clubs in Puglia offer something for everyone.

Puglia Travel Essentials:

If you’re gearing up for a trip to Puglia, a few essential items can enhance your experience and make your visit unforgettable. Below are the top travel essentials that you won’t want to leave behind:

Flights & Hotels Accommodation:

When planning a trip to Puglia, finding affordable flights and comfortable accommodation is essential. WayAway and Booking.com are excellent options for booking flights and hotel accommodations. WayAway offers competitive prices on flights to Puglia and other destinations, while Booking.com offers a wide range of hotel options to fit any budget.

Airport & Hotel Transfers:

To make your travel experience more comfortable, it’s essential to have reliable airport and hotel transfers. Kwik Taxi is a trusted and reliable transfer service that offers affordable and efficient transportation to and from airports and hotels in Puglia.

Rental Services:

For those who prefer to explore Puglia on their terms, rental services such as Discover Cars are a great option. Discover Cars offer a wide range of rental vehicles, from small to luxury cars, to help you explore the region at your own pace.

Attractions, Museums & Shows:

You can explore various attractions, museums, and shows in Puglia. These attractions can be found and booked on Tiqets and TripAdvisor. Tiqets offers fast-track access to popular attractions, while TripAdvisor provides comprehensive information and reviews on various shows and events.


To experience the best of Puglia’s culture and attractions, booking activities with Viator and Get Your Guide is highly recommended. These websites offer a wide range of activities, from food and wine tours to city tours and outdoor adventures, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy during their trip to Puglia.


Puglia’s beach clubs offer stunning coastal scenery, crystal-clear waters, and luxurious amenities. From exclusive clubs with infinity pools and gourmet restaurants to family-friendly spots with playgrounds and beach volleyball courts, Puglia has something for everyone. These 10 best beach clubs in Puglia for 2023 offer an unforgettable experience, whether you’re looking for a relaxing day lounging on the beach or a vibrant night out with friends. So, whether you’re a local or a tourist, add these beach clubs to your itinerary for the ultimate beach experience in Puglia.

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