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15 Best Beach Clubs Puerto Vallarta (2024)

15 Best Beach Clubs Puerto Vallarta (2024)

15 Best Beach Clubs Puerto Vallarta (2024)

Cities with natural beaches, historical monuments, and works of art make great tourism destinations, and Puerto Vallarta is no different. Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Jalisco, and it is one of the most popular vacation destinations especially for its renowned Puerto Vallarta beach clubs.

The top 15 beach clubs in Puerto Vallarta are listed below. To make it easier for you to choose the beach club that best suits you, we have divided it into many categories. Whether you are travelling alone, with a partner, a family, to party cheaply, or you want a premium location.

Top Categories of Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta Overview

●      Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta for Families

Swell Beach Club is ideal for families. It has a great terrace right on the beachfront and offers a pleasant dining experience. (this is number 4 below)

●      Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta to Party

The newest beach club on the block, Chicabal Sunset club, is all about the loud music and the parties. ( this is number 8 below)

●      Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta, on a budget

Swell Beach Club is a family-friendly restaurant/bar that provides a great dining experience. Compared to other pricey beach clubs, Swell is ideal for those on a budget. (this is number 4 below)

●      Luxury Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta

When it comes to luxury and exclusivity, Táu Beach Club is the way to go. (this is number 2 below)

●      Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta for Couples & Honeymoons

Wikari Beach club are the best for couples and honeymooners. The wide space and family-friendly environment are ideal for couples who have long dreamt of having a beach wedding. The privacy of the beach also exudes the lovey-dovey feel couples desire. (this is number 1 below)

Puerto Vallarta Quick Guide

If you are travelling to Puerto Vallarta here are some travel essentials that you may need.

Staying in Puerto Vallarta

Here are some popular places to stay in Puerto Vallarta:

Getting Around – Buses, Trains, Taxi & Ferrys

Buses, trains, taxis, and ferries are affordable and efficient transportation options to reach neighborhoods beyond the city center in Puerto Vallarta and 12go is the best place to find your means of transportation.

Car Rental

If travelling by a car is your means of transportation Discover Cars is a great rental company with many cars to help you have a splendid time.

Bike Rentals

Downtown Vallarta’s lovely cobbled roads and pretty hillside backstreets are ideal for sightseeing, but to fully appreciate the town’s splendor, hire a bike from Bikes Bookings. Whether you are an experienced rider, they have all bikes available with the required safety tools to get you started.


Exploring begins with finding the best tours and tour guides. Instead of wandering and making decisions on where to tour as you go, it is advisable to find the best places to tour on Viator and Get your Guide. They offer many popular and trustworthy tours that highlight the best and most interesting parts of town.

What are the best Puerto Vallarta Beach Clubs in 2024?

Here are the 15 best Beach Clubs in Puerto Vallarta.

1.   Wikari Beach Club


Wikari Beach club is uniquely designed for couples, families and groups of friends who just want to relax and enjoy quality time. The beach club provides exclusivity for private events like birthdays, weddings and business meetings.

At Wikari beach club, guests can enjoy a relaxing day outdoors, in a completely secluded area. Relaxing and stretching outdoors on the lounge  chairs, beds and hammocks as you breathe the refreshing sea air. In this unique beach club on the beaches of Quimixto, food and drinks are in abundance.

You get to enjoy the variety of dishes and cocktails. Better yet you can go glamping — an exciting blend of glamour and camping. At the exclusive Wikari beach club, you get to connect with nature, breathe the outdoors and enjoy the sea in the bay of Puerto Vallarta.

Tel: (322) 351 3054

Address: Quimixto, 48400 El Tuito, Jalisco


2.   Táu Beach Club

Táu Beach Club

Táu Beach Club is located in Condominio Porto Fino at the heart of the prestigious residential zone La Marina in Puerto Vallarta, Táu Beach Club showcases open-air spaces.

The Puerto Vallarta way of life inspires Táu Beach Club. Táu represents the God Sun in the Wixárica culture, which embodies the vital energy, the heat, and the source of life. Táu beach club in Puerto Vallarta celebrates the authenticity of each moment to create unique experiences.

The adult-only beach is ideal for savoring life’s small luxuries. Guests can unwind with a nice book, soak in the summer sun, or cool down in the pool, jacuzzi, or on the beach with a pool by the sea. Táu has a lot to offer visitors.

Address: Av Paseo de la Marina 655, Marina Vallarta, 48354 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico


Telephone:  +52 (322) 226 9534, (322) 226 9518 and (322) 226 9525


3.   Sapphire Ocean Club

Sapphire Ocean Club

Sapphire is beautiful beach club located at Los Muertos Beach in the “Zona Romantica” of Puerto Vallarta. Here guests can enjoy authentic Mediterranean specialties, sunshine, ocean breezes.

Whether you are soaking up the sun or taking a dip in the pool or dining at the beachfront, Sapphire has an offering for all gropus of age groups. The beachfront restaurant is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy an ice-cold beer, a refreshing cocktail. At Sapphire ensures your day a memorable one.

Sapphire Ocean Club has various beachfront suites that guest can relax and unwind. The ocean club is and within walking distance to fine dining, bars, art galleries, theaters and is a perfect departure spot to all fun-filled activities around Banderas Bay.

Address: Malecon # 1, Col. Emiliano Zapata, 48399 Puerto Vallarta

Phone Number: +52 322 223 3264


4.   Swell Beach Club

Swell Beach Club

Swell Beach Club is a family-friendly restaurant/bar on Playa Los Muertos. Swell is a fun place to go for a variety of fresh dishes and cold drinks served by a welcoming and competent staff. You can eat and drink on the sand under palapas, in giant soft chairs at the sunken bar, or on lounge chairs under umbrellas by the seaside.

In the evenings, Swell provides a great dining experience with vegetarian and gluten-free options. Swell Beach provides a quiet and romantic setting for families to enjoy and dine beneath the starry sky with candles and torch lights.

Address: Amapas 182, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico

Phone Number:+52 322 223 0497


5.   Mantamar Beach Club

Mantamar Beach Club

Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi bar is a classy, exclusive, fashionable, and trendy beach club that is an excellent choice for people looking for the best pool parties and parties in Puerto Vallarta.Guests can immerse themselves in a colorful sanctuary of pleasure, with music, luxury, and VIP services. This beach club is exclusive for adults and caters both heterosexuals, pan sexuals and homosexuals.

Located at Los Muertos beach, Mantamar Beach Club provides unrivaled service and atmosphere in Puerto Vallarta, both during the day and at night. With an infinity pool, inventive cocktails, a wonderful casual gourmet menu and activities to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.

Address: Calle Malecon 169, Col. Emiliano Zapata, 48399 Puerto Vallarta

Phone Number: +52 322 222 6260


Website:  Club de Playa Gay Puerto Vallarta Solo Adultos | Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi (

6.   Mango Beach Club

Mango Beach Club

Mango Beach Club is an outdoor deck beach bar that offers guests a tropical oasis, tiki torches, surf boards, beach balls, water guns and everything required to have a splendid holiday. Mango beach club features wheelchair accessible outdoor seating.

They offer mexican cuisine and is a great place to host both daytime and night time parties in Puerto Vallarta.

Address: Calle Uruguay 109, 5 de Diciembre, 48350 Puerto Vallarta

Phone Number: +52 322 222 0796


7.   Majahuitas Beach

Majahuitas Beach

Majahuitas is a stunning secret cove where the Sierra Madre mountains and the luring sea of Puerto Vallarta collide in a spectacular clash.The warm, clear-emerald ocean, numerous sea life, and lush vegetation take your complete attention as you go south of Puerto Vallarta by boat. Few beaches in the area invoke nature’s power with such force.

This beach club is located in front of the coastal strip at Majahuitas Beach and is regarded as a small piece of heaven on Earth. Guests on the beachfront can enjoy signature culinary experiences with the warm sun on their backs and a refreshing cocktail in their hands.

From soaking up the sun’s rays and sipping cocktails made with local fruits and artisanal liquors to savoring our organic Mexican-Mediterranean fusion meal, Majahuitas Beach club has it all.

Majahuitas Beach Club

Address: Playa Majahuitas, 48314 Puerto Vallarta



8.   Chicabal Sunset Beach Club

Chicabal Sunset Beach Club

This beach club just opened, and its proposal to transport you to “another universe” is inspired by the newest party and beach trends. Yacht service, urban cuisine, lavish cabanas, irreverent party themes, and cutting-edge music will pique your interest. Guests can immerse themselves in the moment’s trademark entertainment while viewing the sunset.

Chicabal Beach Club offers boat services, urban gastronomy, magnificent cabanas, loud music, and the opportunity to sample urban cuisine.

Address: Avenida, Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio 2485, interior Plaza Península, Z.Hotelera, 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Phone +52 998 385 1099


9.   EL Solar Beach Club

EL Solar Beach Club

EL Solar Beach Club, is located in downtown vallarta, just a few blocks from the Malecon. The beach club a terrific spot to unwind, drink mezcal cocktails, and listen to music while relaxing on the beach.

El Solar Beach Bar is a bar on Playa Camarones featuring loungers and chairs. The bar is linked to the restaurant El Barracuda, so you can sit, drink, dine, and relax on the beach all in one place.

You can enjoy a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. One of their specialty beverages is the Barracuda, which combines peppermint, cucumber, orange juice, and raicilla. EL Solar Beach Club is a nice place to spend a day at Puerto Vallarta.

Address Col. CLL Paraguay,5 de Diciembre 48350 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico

Phone Number: +52 322 222 4034

Website: El Barracuda

10.  El Dorado Golf and Beach Club

El Dorado Golf and Beach Club

El Dorado beach club, located on one of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beaches, is the ideal spot to relax and enjoy an ice cold Pacifico beer and an order of Fresh Fish Ceviche while sunbathing on our gorgeous lounge chairs.

Since the early 1960s, El Dorado has been a popular coastal getaway. With a variety of exquisite Mexican cuisine from every part of the country and unusual beverages, This beach club’s stunning view of Los Muertos Beach wonderfully frames your day at the beach

El Dorado golf and beach club is an excellent option if you plan a day dedicated to relaxation.

Address:Playa  Los Muertos Beach, Pulpito 102 Col. Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Phone Number: (322) 223-5568

11.  Maraika


Casitas Maraika Beach Club is situated at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, so you won’t have to compete for a good location on the beautiful white sandy beach or in the pure blue waters.

It distinguishes itself from other Puerto Vallarta beach bars in that guests can only get to Casitas Maraika by hiking through the bush or taking a boat excursion. The remoteness and serenity are ideal for individuals seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


Address: Playa del Caballo casa 1 Puerto Vallarta

Phone Number: +52 322 128 2556

12.  Mixto Beach Club

Mixto Beach Club

MIXTO is designed to enhance your feeling of reconnection with nature. Quimixto is a well-known and popular beach found between Las Ánimas and Majahuitas, by the La Puerta river mouth, in the southern part of Banderas Bay. Quimixto is known for its nice beach and a waterfall that characterizes Puerto Vallarta.

Address: South Shore, Quimixto, 48399 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico

Phone Number: +52 322 170 4968



13.  PuntoMar Beach Club

PuntoMar Beach Club

PuntoMar Beach Club is located directly adjacent to Puerto Vallarta’s Maritime Terminal and is 2.5 kilometers from the Malecon Boardwalk. Punto Mar’s delivers tasty meals and richly prepared beverages in addition to a broad menu.

The beverage and food selections are broad and varied. The beach area is alive with activity, and the mood at PuntoMar beach club is friendly.

The atmosphere encourages relaxation, and the menu emphasizes regional flavors and seafood dishes, ranging from traditional aguachiles and ceviches to shrimp burgers. It is a family-friendly beach club in Puerto Vallarta and an excellent choice for a day at the beach.

Address: Calle Quetzal 108, 48333 Puerto Vallarta

Phone number: +52 322 139 0250

14. Pacifico Beach Club

Pacifico Beach Club

With its incredible poolside pools, the unparalleled talent of its djs, and the delicious menu of Mexican and international cuisine, Pacifico Beach Club will provide you with the ideal space to enjoy all the comforts of the most extraordinary way.

Pacifico beach clubs have a lot of attractions to keep guests entertained. The Pirate ship Vallarta promises a world of adventure and swashbuckling action while the Canopy River offers you unforgettable experiences.

There is no fee to access to the beach club but you will need to check in and provide your guest card because it is reserved exclusively for members and their guests.

Address: Ramal Carretera Federal 200 Km. 19 Bahía de Banderas., Punta de Mita, Mexico

Phone Number: +52 329 291 6209


15. Ritmos Beach Café

Ritmos Beach Café

Ritmos Beach Cafe is fondly called”Green Chairs” because the cafe has mostly green chairs. Ritmos is a gay-friendly beachfront cafe along Playa de Los Muertos in Zona Romántica, Puerto Vallarta. Guests looking to eat good food and relax by the beach will enjoy a day at Ritmos Beach Café.

Address: Malecón 177, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., México

Phone: +52 322 222 1371


Puerto Vallarta Travel Essentials

Here are some essential travel tips to help make your trip to Puerto Vallarta a memorable one:

Flights & Hotels Accommodation

Distance is not a barrier, and with just a click of a button on you can find affordable flights and hotels for major and budget airlines. Regardless of your travel date, budget and reservations, you will definitely get the best deals on WayAway and

Airport & Hotel Transfers

Your vacation can be seamless from booking all the way through to your lodge. No need to fret because, with Kwik Taxi, you will get a smooth ride from the airport to your hotel. With their 24-hour airport and hotel transfer service, arriving late would be fine.

Rental Services

You will need a means of transportation to get you through all the activities lined up on your holiday, and Discover Cars is here to help you find the perfect car for your trip.

Transport Services,

If you’re looking for transportation services while in Puerto Vallarta, 12go is a great option. 12go offers a wide range of transportation options, from private transportation services to city transportation.

Attractions, Museums & Shows

Puerto Vallarta is an appealing and pleasant city to explore. From the Galleria Dante to the 4D museum of Art Vallarta, the city is a beauty to behold. To purchase tickets to the various attractions, destinations, museums, and shows, Tiqets is the best choice. Use TripAdvisor to find user-generated reviews of the best attractions in Puerto Vallarta. When in doubt, a positive user-generated review is sure to put your mind at ease when in doubt. Use TripAdvisor to find user-generated reviews of the best attractions in Puerto Vallarta.


There is no dull moment in Puerto Vallarta; you just have to know where to find it. If you want some fun and exciting activities lined up daily on your Puerto Vallarta trip, Viator or Get your Guide are great resources to help you find fun activities and tours in Puerto Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta’s beaches, markets, and streets filled with vibrant art and culture make it a perfect tourist destination. Whether you want to relax and unwind or party all night, a beach club in Puerto Vallarta suits your needs.

When making your list of places to visit and have maximum fun, add “visiting the best beach clubs in Puerto Vallarta.” When you think of beaches, beach clubs, water sports, and vibrant nightlife by the seashore in Mexico, the top place that should come to mind is Puerto Vallarta.