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16 Best Beach Clubs Miami

16 Best Beach Clubs Miami

Miami is renowned worldwide for its magnificent beaches, nonstop nightlife, and year-round pleasant temperature. Find below 16 of the the best beach clubs in Miami to visit.

We have broken down different categories below and recommended Miami beach clubs that are best for partying, relaxing, for families, couples, those on a budget and those who are looking for luxury.

Where can I find Miami’s premier beach clubs?

The top 10 Miami beach clubs are listed below.

  1. Nikki Beach Club

  2. 1 Beach Club

  3. Baia Beach Club

  4. Shelborne Beach Club

  5. Savoy beach club

  6. DiLido Beach Club

  7. Soho Beach Club

  8. The Bentley Beach Club

  9. Joia Beach Club

  10. Delano Beach Club

  11. Mango’s Tropical Cafe South Beach

  12. Hyde Beach

  13. Story

  14. Liv

  15. Cleveland South Beach Hotel

1. Nikki Beach Club Miami

Nikki beach club Miami

Nikki Beach Club

At One Ocean Drive in the heart of South Beach, Miami’s hottest beach club, Nikki, awaits you with palm trees and the ocean in the background. Combining music, cuisine, entertainment, fashion, and the arts into a unified idea makes this best beach club in Miami unique.

After opening its doors in 1998, Nikki Beach quickly gained popularity, becoming a sight-seeing and relaxation destination for visitors to Miami. Nikki Beach Miami is a large beachfront complex known for its infamous South Beach nightclub, outdoor beach club, Michelin-starred restaurant, and other features.

Nikki Beach attracts a diverse audience from across the world in search of a relaxing day in the sun and a delicious lunch paired with one of the restaurant’s signature cocktails or a rosé.

Phone Number:  +1 305 538 1111
Address: Nikki Beach Miami Beach, One Ocean Drive Miami Beach FL, 33139, USA

2. 1 Hotel South Private Beach Club

1 Hotel South Beach Club

1 Beach Club

The eco-friendly architecture and interior design at the heart of 1 Beach Club exemplify the tranquilly and rejuvenation that have become hallmarks of the beach Club. The  Tulum-style decor often has plush daybeds, piled cushions, and organic materials.

As unique as South Beach itself is, it’s the ideal place for free spirits, dreamers, and those who refuse to conform. Get started on a path of self-discovery and inner transformation that will bring about fresh starts, renewed optimism, a sense of calm and inner peace. Take your supper outdoors and watch the palms move while you dine.

Address: 2341 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Fl 33139
Phone Number: +1 305-302-6817

3. Baia Beach Club

Baia Beach Club Miami

Baia Beach Club

Now that the Mondrian South Beach has been restored, one of Miami’s most famous hangouts, Baia Beach Club, can be found there, bringing the beachy elegance of cultures all over the globe to the resort.

The Baia Beach Club in Miami is an unmatched paradise that captures the freewheeling bohemian attitude, stylish minimalism, and warm welcome of many cultures that are typical of the Mediterranean.

The marina and the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay can also be seen from the rooftop bar of Baia Beach Club, a Miami beach club. Baia Beach Club in Miami provides a wide variety of delicious, locally produced meals and drinks all in one convenient location.

Address: 1100 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone Number: +1 305-514-1949

4. Shelborne Beach Club

Shelborne Beach Club

The Shelborne South Beach Hotel is an icon of Miami that has been around since the 1940s, but it has an air of retro cool that belies its age. Take a stroll down the beach and end it at Oasis Cafe with a cold one.

Guests can rent boats, and other watersports gear, including wave runners, parasail boats, paddle boards, and more, are available for guest use. Visit Shelborne South Beach for a day of richness and elegance.

Address: 1801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone Number:+1 305-531-1271

5. Savoy beach club

Savoy beach club

Savoy Beach Club boasts two world-famous pools, a tropical courtyard, and a private beachfront with a beach club, making it a wonderful spot to go for a swim, have a drink, and relax.

Soak up the Miami heat with a handcrafted cocktail from the Sandbar’s expert bartenders. Munch on fusion food from Asia and other countries under the palms at the pool or beach.

Address: 425 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL, 33139, US
Phone Number: (855) 470-1527

6.  DiLido Beach Club

6.  DiLido Beach Club

This DiLido Beach Club’s oceanfront eatery and bar is a relaxed, stylish sanctuary on one of South Beach’s most stunning beach promenades. The southern Mediterranean and North African coastal cities have contributed to the excellent Sun Cuisine served here.

Thanks to its beautiful atmosphere, attentive staff, and wide selection of unique Sangrias, this restaurant is ideal for a relaxing afternoon of lunch and cocktails. The famous DiLido best beach clubs in Miami is open for lunch all day and offers a menu with Mediterranean influences.

Mixologists are experimenting with spirulina, turmeric, and acai, among other medicinal plants and superfoods, to create new drinks.

Address: 1 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone Number: +1 786-276-4000

7. Soho Beach Club

7.  Soho Beach Club

The Soho Beach House is a social club, hotel, and restaurant for Miami’s artistic community. It is located on South Beach in a historic Art Deco structure. In 2010, the former location of the Sovereign hotel in Miami Beach was transformed into the Soho Beach House. 

There’s a taqueria and tequila bar on the roof, a fancy garden restaurant, and a Cuban coffee bar with cigars in art déco style. It is one of the top cafe in Miami (Also Check out these cafes in Istanbul). There is also a fitness centre, a theatre, and a full service spa.

Address: 4385 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Phone Number: +1 786-507-7900

8. The Bentley Beach Club

8.  The Bentley Beach Club

A membership to the Bentley Beach Club, located within the Hilton Bentley Hotel, will allow you to enjoy the beach in comfort and style. Located at the extreme tip of Ocean Drive in the trendy South Fifth (SoFi) district lies the exclusive Bentley Beach Club.

If you’re visiting Miami Beach and are in the market for a place to kick back in comfort, have a drink, swim, or catch up on the news, the Bentley Beach Club is a must-see. Whether you want to lay in our sumptuous lounge chairs, swim in the sea, or catch up on the news with our PressReader, the Bentley Beach Club is the best beach clubs in Miami and the right place to be.

Address: 101 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone Number: +1 305-938-4604

9. Joia Beach Club

9.  Joia Beach Club

Joia Beach is one of Miami’s most exotic beach clubs, a hidden waterfront restaurant and lounge close to Jungle Island on Watson Island. This restaurant, which seats one hundred and fifty people, is the epitome of luxurious beach relaxation, with its white sand beach backdrop, woven tepee daybeds, and lighting fashioned from shells and palm fronds.

Visitors in the mood for some physical activity can go swimming, paddle boarding, or playing volleyball in the sea, while sailors can drop anchor in the bay. French architect and designer Francois Frossard aimed to give the space a feel that was equal parts Mykonos and Tulum.

The venue has a full-service restaurant housed in a tiki hut. Its menu features Mediterranean dishes prepared by executive chef Erhan Ozkaya (the Bazaar, Mandolin Aegean Bistro, Soho House), such as an arugula and citrus salad with Tulum (Turkish goat’s milk) cheese, Tasmanian trout Crudo, Spanish boquerones, and Turkish grilled octopus.

This 24-hour hotspot requires reservations for its tables and daybeds, but anyone may drop in for the “Paradise Social” happy hour on weekdays.

10. Delano Beach Club

10. Delano Beach Club

Visit the Delano Beach Club in South Beach for a relaxing and enjoyable swim in Miami. Guests can enjoy the resort’s fantastic pool and the beach’s easy accessibility.

The chic and contemporary Delano South Beach pool features underwater speakers so guests can enjoy their favourite tunes while swimming. The property boasts an exclusive beach club and themed garden on the waterfront.

Address: 17th Street Entrance – Poolside Restaurant, 1685 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, Estados Unidos.
Phone Number: 305-674-6491

11. Mango’s Tropical Cafe South Beach

11. Mango's Tropical Cafe South Beach

Lose yourself to the night’s beat with Miami Beach’s hottest DJs, dancers, and live music. You’re about to have a meal worthy of South Beach! You may witness live entertainment from the 80s, 90s, and today’s hits to Brazilian Samba, Cuban Conga, and other Latin beats.

Mango’s features nonstop live music that will transport you to the islands of the Caribbean all night long. The continuous live performances all night at Mango’s take you on a journey throughout the Caribbean.

Address: Salsa Mia South Beach 900 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
Phone Number: +17866280510

12. Hyde Beach

Hyde Beach

When it comes to style and intensity, Hyde doesn’t let up at its debut Miami location, which is located in the centre of South Beach at SLS South Beach. Guests of SLS South Beach can experience Hyde for the first time at their oceanfront location, where they can indulge in the bar’s inventive mixology and Katsuya food, which is influenced by the area’s culinary traditions.

Even if you’re not usually the party type, you should check out Hide Beach because of its 8,000 square feet combined indoor and outdoor space. Enjoy poolside dining with Katsuya-inspired gourmet dishes, unique drinks by the glass or pitcher, and bottle service for the finest spirits and champagne.

Address: 1701 Collins Ave Miami, FL 33139
Phone Number: 305.455.2990



Located on Miami Beach, Story Miami is the place to go if you want to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife. Opened in 2012, STORY has quickly established itself as the premier destination for a wild night out on Miami Beach. We think this club deserves to be called as one of the best beach clubs in the world.

Every night, STORY’s in-house production and design team creates a great, circus-themed environment where the only thing that might stun you is how good everything looks. The 27,000-square-foot club has concert-style lighting, visuals, and a state-of-the-art, limitless hybrid sound system, making it the best of Miami’s beach clubs.

With 60 private VIP tables and five fully stocked bars, STORY is a premier destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable bottle service experience. Story If you’re in Miami and want to hear the latest and greatest DJs and see the hottest musicians perform, you have to stop by Story. When it comes to Miami nightlife, Story is unrivaled.

Address: 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
Phone Number: +1 305-479-4426

14. LIV


The LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach is often regarded as the best in the city. The perfect nightlife destination combines the best features of a sophisticated club and a buzzing lounge. LIV attracts a star-studded clientele and the who’s who of Miami’s social scene.

With over 22,000 square feet dedicated to luxurious design, this venue is fit for the most exclusive events. The club was designed in a voyeuristic style so that everyone in the establishment could look down on the dance floor from anywhere in the room.

LIV reimagines Miami Beach nightlife by fusing the classic appeal of the Fontainebleau with cutting-edge hospitality. Looking for the best night out? LIV Nightclub is where it’s at! Enjoy the greatest bottle service while watching world-class hip-hop, electronic dance music, and Latin performances. Experience a night like no other at LIV.

Address: 4441 Collins Ave, Fontainebleau Miami Beach, FL 33140, United States

15. Cleveland South Beach Hotel

Cleveland South Beach Hotel

At Clevelander South Beach, the excitement of Miami will overwhelm you never like before. Our hotel is a landmark on the Miami Beach skyline, prominently displayed on Ocean Drive within the vibrant Art Deco District. Relax and unwind on the beach, in the pool, or on the gorgeous SPF4 Sun Deck.

At C-LEVEL, the nightlife begins as soon as the sun goes down, and you can feel the electricity on the dance floor while sipping a cocktail and taking in the amazing city views. In Clevelander, we’ve thought of everything to make your time here truly remarkable.

Address: 1020 Ocean Dr #1, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
Phone Number: (877) 532-4006

16. 14 Fisher Island Club

14  Fisher Island Club

The Miami’s Beach Clubs is an exclusive private island beach with breathtaking views, sugar-white sand, and a saltwater pool. Fisher Island Club comprises 216 acres and approximately 800 residences representing over 40 countries.

Accessible only by ferryboat or private yacht, Fisher Island Club is consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest zip codes in the U.S. The private membership-only club boasts a Beach Club with one of the country’s only truly private beaches;

Enjoy breathtaking views, sugar-white sand, and glistening waters at the Beach Club. Shade yourself under our airy and elegant white seaside pavilions along this scenic stretch of private, uncrowded beach.

The Vanderbilt Mansion Pool is relaxing, and the collection of mega-yachts at the marina makes for an interesting backdrop. One touch of a button on your umbrella at the beach or pool, and our consummate staff will fetch your favourite cocktail or an ice-cold towel.

Sunset over Biscayne Bay heralds in a special time of day when members and guests can be found gathering at the Beach Club’s outdoor Sunset Bar for pre-dinner cocktails, tropical breezes and a view of Miami’s iconic skyline.

Address: 1 Fisher Island Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33109, United States
Phone Number:+1 305-535-6000

A Guide to the Miami Beach Club and Its Amenities

The atmosphere of a beach club strikes the perfect mix between relaxation and excitement. When in Miami, you just must spend a day lounging at a beach club. At the beach club, there is no such thing as a bad day.

However, before visiting a beach club, there is plenty to learn and research, such as the many types of entertainment offered and the items to bring along. Before you book a trip to that beach club, make sure you check out this list.

Location: The beach club’s proximity to a body of water is an important factor. While on vacation in Miami, you may be sleeping at a serene resort on one island and making plans to visit a raucous beach clubs in Miami on another.

When planning a beach club vacation, it’s crucial to take into account aspects like peak seasons and expected crowd sizes. A smart strategy to avoid the crowds and discover the finest beach club for your needs is to do some research online and find the top spots in the locations you’re interested in visiting.

Facilities: Clubs on the beach often have their own pools, snorkelling opportunities, and lounge chairs. It’s possible to find accommodations that include extra luxuries like pubs, nightclubs, saunas, and more. Whether inside or out, you and your loved ones may enjoy activities like playing games.

Activities: Activities fill a day spent at many tropical beach clubs here. To separate the facilities from the events requires more effort. A variety of aquatic activities allow visitors to interact with the marine ecosystem, such as swimming, diving, and snorkelling.

Best Miami Beach Clubs Based On Categories

1. Best Beach Clubs Miami for Families

Soho is one of the best beach club Miami for families. (number 7 on the list below)

2.  Best Beach Clubs in Miami to Party

When it comes to hottest beach clubs and party clubs, LIV Beach Club is your go-to destination. (number 14 on the list below)

3. Best Beach Club in Miami to Relax and chill

If you’re looking for a place to relax and chill, Savoy beach club is perfect for unwinding. (number 5 on the list below)

4.  Best Beach Club Miami on a budget

If you’re looking for an affordable beach bar, go no further than Joia Beach Club. (number 9 on the list below)

5.  Luxury Beach Clubs in Miami

The most luxurious and best beach club in Miami is Mango’s Tropical Cafe South Beach (number 11 on the list below)

6. Best Miami Beach Club for Couples & Honeymoons

Savoy beach club is the best Beach Club Miami for couples and honeymoons. (number 5 on the list below)


No matter who you are visiting Miami with and what reason, hopefully these Miami beach club options have given you some insight into which one maybe suitable for you. Enjoy your trip and make sure to visit one of these best beach club Miami.