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12 Best Beach Clubs Kalkan (2024)

12 Best Beach Clubs Kalkan (2024)

12 Best Beach Clubs Kalkan (2024)

The Turkish town of Kalkan is on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Tucked away on the blue beaches of southern Turkey lies a small piece of heaven that welcomes guests worldwide. It’s difficult to match Kalkan’s stunning setting sandwiched between the Taurus Mountains and the breathtaking shoreline.

Kalkan is a sophisticated old town with some excellent examples of Ottoman Greek architecture. It is well known for its whitewashed residences that slope down to the sea and its vividly coloured bougainvillaeas.

Kalkan is a fantastic vacation destination with lots of beaches. To help you plan your trip to Kalkan, we have compiled a list of 15 of the greatest beach clubs in the area. Also check out these top Bodrum beach clubs in Turkey.

Top Categories of Beach Clubs in Kalkan Overview

●      Beach Clubs in Kalkan for Families

Kalamar Beach Club is ideal for families. It has a great terrace right on the beachfront and offers a pleasant dining experience.

●      Beach Clubs in Kalkan to Party

Yali Beach Club is all about the loud music and the parties.

●      Beach Clubs in Kalkan on a budget

Kalkan Beach Park is a family-friendly restaurant/bar that provides a great dining experience. Compared to other pricey beach clubs, Kalkan Beach Park is ideal for those on a budget

●      Luxury Beach Clubs in Kalkan

When it comes to luxury and exclusivity, Mahal Beach Club is the way to go.

●      Beach Clubs in Kalkan for Couples & Honeymoons

The services of Zest Beach Club are ideal for newlyweds. Couples who have always wanted a seaside wedding will be delighted by the ample space and welcoming atmosphere. The beach, with its peaceful atmosphere and intimate setting, is perfect for a romantic evening for two.

Kalkan Quick Guide

Watersports, entertainment, and discovering hidden beaches all make Kalkan the ideal holiday destination. This section of the “Turquoise Coast” is famous for its pristine seas and rough topography, and it is dotted with unidentified pebbly coastlines and little bays that draw visitors from all over the globe.

The popular beach clubs in town are great places to relax and have a good time. The serviced sunbathing platforms at Kalkan have loungers and parasols, as well as ramps leading directly into the ocean.

We have compiled a quick guide with all the information you’ll need on your trip.

Staying in Kalkan

Kalkan, a town with a rich history, is one of the most picturesque spots along Turkey’s stunning Mediterranean coast. Charming and untouched, Kalkan is a refuge of a pristine environment, azure water, ancient history, traditional Turkish hospitality, and more.

Kalkan’s condos, hotels, and resorts can accommodate visitors on a wide range of budgets, from those searching for a simple place to sleep to those seeking a five-star experience. We have listed a few great places to stay in Kalkan.

Getting Around – Buses, Trains, Taxi & Ferrys

To go to areas outside of the downtown core of Kalkan, we encourage you to take advantage of the city’s cheap and convenient public transit on 12go.

Car Rental

Comfort and ease are priorities for every traveller. One of the best ways to see everything that Kalkan has to offer is by renting a car, and Discover Cars  is a fantastic agency with a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. 

Yacht Rentals

There are a series of beautiful beaches along the southern coast of Kalkan, and you can see them all by renting a boat with Searadars.

Charters are available for private motorboats, sailboats, and yachts to famous landmarks. In addition to being an excellent yacht charter service, they also offer our visitors an extraordinary and unforgettable opportunity to see Kalkan.

Bike Rentals

Rent a bike from Bikes Bookings and explore the charming hillside alleyways and cobblestone streets of Kalkan at your own pace. They provide motorcycles for beginners and experts alike, along with the necessary safety equipment.


Finding the finest tours and tour guides is the first exploration step. Find the greatest sites to explore on  Viator and Get your Guide. They have several trips to breathtaking locations, perfect for a vacation away from it all.

What are the best Kalkan Beach Clubs in 2024?

 Kalkan is located near several water taxis that can transport you to any of the bay’s many beach clubs. In the heart of Kalkan lies a refuge that is rich in history, personality, and architecture. Kalkan’s beaches and beach clubs have gained international renown because of the city’s central district, which is a historical and architectural treasure trove.

The beach clubs are built into the foot of the mountains and have cemented platform terraces and gardens in addition to the usual amenities of swimming, sunbathing, water sports, and dining. Kalkan’s beach clubs are ideal spots to spend a day with the family, whether you want to swim, snorkel, or simply sit on the terrace and take in the sights of the Mediterranean.

Anyone wishing to go out and have some adventures should check out Kalkan. Here are the 12 best Beach Clubs in Kalkan 2024.

1.  Beach Park Kalkan

1.  Beach Park Kalkan

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind summer destination, go no further than Kalkan Beach Park.

At Kalkan Beach Park, visitors have the option of swimming in either the sea or a pool, providing a unique and enjoyable experience. The beach is a great place for families to spend time together, and it’s a particularly secure environment for kids to run about and have fun. In the adult-only spaces, you can kick back, relax, and take in the breathtaking scenery in peace.

Unwind and forget your worries with the stunning waters of the Mediterranean. After being pampered at Kalkan Beach Park with a massage, visitors may dance the night away with the sand between their toes and the stars above.

Address: Kalkan Mahallesi Kışla Caddesi no: 41 07960/Kalkan



Phone Number: +90 545 979 10 10, +90 242 844 29 89

2.  Green Beach Hotel

2.  Green Beach Hotel

The breathtaking panorama of Kalkan’s sea and landscape from Green Beach Beach Club is something you just must see to believe. The beach club is a 16-minute stroll from Emerald Beach Kalkan and has beachfront rooms in addition to a restaurant, a bar, and a garden. There is a 400-meter beachfront platform that overlooks the whole of Kisla Bay, making it a popular attraction for visitors.

In Kalkan Bay, known for its turquoise waters and stunning natural scenery, Green Beach club provides a unique take on the traditional bed & breakfast. At the beach club in Kalkan, guests may swim in the azure waters with Caretta.


Address: Kışla Cd. No:37 Kalkan, Kışla Cd. No:37, 07580 Kaş/Antalya

E-mail Address:

Phone numbers: +48 517-944-631, +90 545 525 83 42, +90 242 844 33 00

3.  Kalamar Beach Club

3.  Kalamar Beach Club

If you’re looking for a private club that can host your business event, film shoot, beach picnic, wedding, birthday, graduation, retirement, or other special occasions Kalama Beach Club is ideal for you.

Families with kids and groups of young people wishing to swim, kayak, and generally relax find the Kalamar beach club a great vacation spot. The brilliant blue water and warm temperatures of 18-30 degrees Celsius at Kalamar beach club make it possible for visitors to see stingrays, turtles, and starfish while they swim among the reefs and islands.

Address:  (330) Kalkan Mahallesi Kes Sokak No: 9/Kalkan

Phone Number: (808)262-5995



4.  Indigo Beach Club

Indigo Beach Club

If you’re looking for a place to unwind, get some vitamin D, and take in some breathtaking views, go to one of Kalkan’s renowned Indigo beach club. Indigo, previously known as IBO beach club, is a trendy beach club with a restaurant, sunbed platforms, and water sports that is located just outside the harbour wall and charges patrons an admission fee.

Sunbeds and parasols may be found on the lower terrace, providing an easy access into the water. Indigo beach club is an excellent spot for a drink as the sun sets and the boats return to port. Ringoes, banana boats, and jet skis are just some of the water activities that guests can enjoy at Indigo beach club.


Address: Iskele Sokak Kalkan Harbour 07960/Kalkan

Phone Number: +90 242 844 21 12


5.  Palm Beach Club

Palm Beach Club

Sunbathing on the beach or in Palm Beach Club’s magnificent private bay is two ways for guests to unwind throughout their stay Kalkan. The beach club provides a wide variety of water activities, as well as barbeque with an extensive menu of freshly caught local fish, calamaries, and other quality cuts of meat and free-range poultry. Relax in peace at the Kalkan Palm Beach club.


Address: Zeytinkayasi Mahallesi Komurluk mevkii/Kalkan Antalya

Phone Number: +90 242 844 39 87, +90 533 303 5310

6.  Villa Mahal

Villa Mahal

The Hotel Villa Mahal is breathtaking with its white, curving walls that cascade down a hillside into the infinite blue of the Mediterranean. Nestled into the hillside above Kalkan Bay, this chic boutique hotel exudes elegance and sophistication.

It’s impossible to take a bad photo here, with the Lycian Coast and the gorgeous Turkish Mediterranean as your backdrop. Located on the Lycian coast in southwestern Turkey, Villa Mahal overlooks the Gulf of Kalkan. Also check out these best Istanbul beach clubs in Turkey.

Especially because of its spectacular coastline, beautiful beaches, and plenty of interesting historical landmarks. The Mahal is located on a pine-covered slope at the far end of Kalkan bay, and it has a one-of-a-kind façade, from the white walls that curve gracefully inward to the sleek, contemporary interiors that maximise the natural light from the ocean.

The Mahal Beach Club is a series of platforms cut into the side of a hill, where guests may relax in the cool shade of the olive trees. Overlooking the sea, whose subsurface springs provide for very clean, low-salinity water.


Address: P.K. 4, 07960 Kalkan, Antalya, Turkey

Phone Number: +90 242 844 32 68, +90 (242) 844 21 22

7.  Patara Prince

7.  Patara Prince

Patara’s Royal beach club is located inside the expansive and well-appointed Patara Prince resort and contains both a family-sized pool and an adult-only pool. A sizable sunbathing platform stretches out into the lake, and nearby are a waterside bar and restaurant.

The pristine waters of Kalkan, Turkey’s oldest and cleanest harbour, are the result of snowmelt draining from the Taurus Mountains and mixing with rich minerals as they travel through the hills. Right at this spot sits the one-of-a-kind Patara Prince Resort for guests to explore. If you are traveling Turkey and want to make the most of it, check out these best Marmaris Beach Clubs Turkey.


Address: Kışla Yolu Caddesi Kalkan Antalya 07961/Kalkan

Phone Number: +90 541 287 17 30


8.  Zest

8.  Zest

Zest is a chill beach club that serves breakfast, lunch, and supper at its two eateries and bar. Guests can r elax in the salt water infinity pool that stretches 25 metres and have a beverage while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Transportation to their Komorluk dock is on the house, with a free guest boat provide for guests to have a splendid time. When in Kalkan, visit Zest, the chicest beach club along the Antalya coast. Zest is well situated just outside the port, providing breathtaking views of the turquoise shoreline and the tranquility of the horizon.


Phone Number: +90 530 360 8696


Address: Zest Beach Club, Kalkan, Turkey

9.  Çakıl Beach Club

9.  Çakıl Beach Club

One of the greatest Antalya beach restaurants, Guests will find the Çakıl Beach club on the glistening sands of Konyaalt in the city of Antalya. In 2020, Çakıl Beach Club launched as the city’s first waterfront beach club.

It’s connected to the Pirat Hotel and is found immediately after Indigo. With a large terrace and picturesque views of Kalkan, as well as some excellent burgers, this place is hard to beat. There was a wide platform to go out on and into the sea, and a small beach area for guests to make the most of their holidays.


Address: Konyaaltı No.23

Email Address:

Phone Number: +90 (532) 668 57 37

10. Yali Beach Club

10. Yali Beach Club

Yali Beach Club has a sensation of openness and space thanks to the many wooden platforms that hug the cliff face. Many stairways go to the water, and there is also a bar and restaurant. Yali is a popular hangout because to its nightly specials and jazz performances.

Situated on the shores of Yali Island, the Beach Club, Get away from it all and recharge your batteries close to the shimmering blue waters and bright sunshine. It’s open all day and serves small appetisers, mezze-sharing platters, and major courses. Yali Beach Club is the perfect place for a quiet, romantic dinner for two.

Address:Yaliboyu Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi No: 13 Yali Beach Otel 07960/Kalkan

Phone Numbers: +90 242 844 34 70

11. Kulube Hotel

11. Kulube Hotel

The Kulube hotel and beach club are a little-known treasure. Situated in a charming little cove, it is often considered to be among the most attractive. The Kulube Hotel boasts a private beach with a beach bar and private cabanas. The hotel’s bar and eateries are spread out over many wooden decks.

Kulube is one of the few sites in Kalkan with access to warm water since it is the farthest away from the springs that make the sea in Kalkan Bay quite cold. Guests will find sun loungers on the seaside platforms hewn from the rock at the Kulube Hotel.

There is a selection of spa services and alternative therapies to choose from. However, the experience is complete with you relaxing in the sauna or getting a massage while staying at this beach club.


Address: Kalamar Koyu Funda Sokak No:13 07960/Kalkan

Phone number: +90 242 844 38 23

12. Caretta Beach Club

Caretta Beach Club

You may find the exclusive Caretta beach club nestled on a rocky ledge in Kalkan Bay, far from the main action. The Mediterranean Sea can be seen in all its glory from the patio, restaurant, and accommodations at Caretta.

There are many levels available at the beach club, each with its unique feel and amount of solitude. There are steps leading into the clear water, perfect for a quick swim after a long day, and a bar and restaurant nearby to relieve thirst or hunger.

Caretta Boutique Hotel is a great place to stay for divers and other watersports enthusiasts, and it’s open all year round.


Address: Yali Boyu Mah. Iskele Sok. N: 6 Kalkan, 7960 Kas – Antalya – Turkey

Phone Number:+90 505 269 07 53

Kalkan Travel Essentials

The enchantment of Kalkan keeps many tourists coming back year after year. We have curated a selection of the top hotels, vacation rentals and other attractions in Kalkan to let you experience this gem for yourself. Here you will discover all you need to know to have the vacation of a lifetime in Kalkan.

Flights & Hotels Accommodation

Anywhere you want to go, regardless of distance, can be reached with the touch of a mouse, thanks to the availability of cheap flights and hotels from both large and budget airlines. WayAway and will always have the lowest prices, regardless of when you go, how much money you have to spend, or how far in advance you book.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

From making your reservation to checking into your hotel, your trip doesn’t have to be a hassle at all. Don’t worry; your transfer from the airport to the hotel will go off without a hitch when you book with Kwik Taxi. Arriving late wouldn’t be a problem, since they provide airport and hotel shuttle service around the clock.

Rental Services

You will need a means of transportation to get you through all the activities lined up on your holiday, and Discover Cars are here to help you find the perfect car for your trip.

Transport Services

If you’re looking for transportation services while in Kalkan, 12go is a great option. 12go offers a wide range of transportation options, from private transportation services to city transportation.

Attractions, Museums And Shows

Kalkan is a beautiful and fascinating destination. Both the Saklkent and the Xanthos Ancient City (Xanthos Antik Kenti) are well worth a visit while in Kalkan. Tiqets is the best way to get tickets to attractions including museums, arenas, and other tourist sites.

Discover the best Kalkan has to offer by reading traveller reviews on TripAdvisor. You may put your mind at ease by reading testimonials from happy customers when you’re having second thoughts. On TripAdvisor, you can read reviews written by real travellers about the best activities in Kalkan.


There is no dull moment in Kalkan; you just have to know where to find it. If you want some fun and exciting activities lined up daily on your Kalkan trip, Viator or Get your Guide are great resources to help you find fun activities and tours in Kalkan.


Kalkan is a city full of opportunities for fun experiences that will last a lifetime. Keeping in mind that an ideal holiday combines relaxation and entertainment. The city has many boat rides, day outings, and guided tours to allow you to see its beautiful coastline up close.

Many of Kalkan’s beach clubs include excellent dining options and friendly staff. Views of the sea are breathtaking, and the glimmering lights at night provide a genuinely enchanted atmosphere. Holidaymakers are spoilt for places to stay and things to do in Kalkan.