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10 Best Beach Clubs Dubrovnik (2024)

10 Best Beach Clubs Dubrovnik (2024)

Dubrovnik is a city in southern Dalmatia, Croatia, often known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Ragusa was its original name back in the day. Dubrovnik has some of the world’s greatest sunsets, rich culture, and breathtaking cityscapes. Also checkout these Hvar beach clubs Croatia.

You’ll find fortified towns along the beaches with winding alleys, colourful doors, shutters, and flower-filled window boxes, all set against the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. There’s enough to do inside the city walls, but the offshore islands are where the best beach clubs are.

Top Categories of Beach in Dubrovnik Overview

1. Beach Clubs for Families

Copacabana Beach Club is ideal for young families who want to get their little ones in the water. The large pebble and sand beach are stunning, with gorgeous views and shallow waters that make it a family-friendly beach club. You can also enjoy sunbathing alongside paddle boarding and other water sports, with various inflatables for children. Coral Beach also has a smaller and quieter part, which makes it ideal for families.

2. Beach Clubs for Parties

Are you looking to party away while in Dubrovnik? Banje Beach Club transforms into an amazing beachside nightclub surrounded by torches and candles – perfect for dancing the night away. Banje is popular for its lively DJ sets and delicious drinks

3. Beach Clubs to Relax and Chill

The city doesn’t have long, sandy beaches for strolling, but there are more than a few places to take a dip when visiting Dubrovnik. Lapad Beach Club is a nice little spot to unwind.

At Coral Beach Club, you can relax on one of the luxurious sunbeds, treat yourself to delicious meals in an open-air restaurant, try colorful cocktails or a refreshing wine next to your sunbed, listen to the music, and dance to the beat.

4. Beach Clubs in Dubrovnik on a Budget

For a reasonably priced beach club during your stay in Dubrovnik, you can visit Banje Beach. Admission to the beach is free of charge, which is another of the benefits of this place. Renting deck chairs and umbrellas are rather high, but the food prices are lower than in the bars and restaurants in the old city.

5. Luxurious Beach Clubs in Dubrovnik

For tourists that love exotic and luxurious sites, you can discover the holiday paradise you were dreaming of. Sunset Beach Club, the modern and largest in Dubrovnik, is among the most attractive places for tourists and locals. Sunset offers various services and amenities essential for an unforgettable holiday. Copacabana Beach Club also offers super comfortable extra-large beach cabanas, quality dishes, and boat tours.

 6. Beach Club for Couples and Honeymoons

For people looking for a romantic escape on Croatia’s coastline, then Cima Beach Club is the one-stop for you.

What Are the Best Beach Clubs in Dubrovnik (2024)

  1. Banje Beach Club
  2. Copacabana Beach Club
  3. Coral Beach Club
  4. Cima Beach Club
  5. Sunset Beach Club
  6. Buza Bar
  7. Sveti Jakov Beach Club
  8. Beach Bar Dodo
  9. Ala Mizerija
  10. Sunj Beach Bar

1.   Banje Beach Club

Banje Beach Club

Banje Beach is a stunning pebbly beach with a prime position, just next to the Old Town. Thanks to the plush lounge chairs and baldachin-adorned, exotic bamboo beds, it’s the ideal place to unwind. Banje Beach is a fantastic Mediterranean restaurant by day and a breathtaking beachfront club at night.

This beach club is one of Dubrovnik’s greatest. Its closeness to the city’s historic heart means you may sunbathe while enjoying the Adriatic Sea and terracotta roofs. Banje is accessible by road and sea and has a pier for boaters. The club serves Dalmatian and Mediterranean food. They take pride in their well-crafted wine selection and local products.

Phone number: +385 993 146 485


For event:

Addres: Banje Beach Restaurant Lounge & Club, Frana Supila 10b, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia.

2.  Copacabana Beach Club

Copacabana Beach Club

Copacabana Beach, located on Dubrovnik’s Lapad Peninsula, is a picturesque stretch of pebbles and concrete in the form of a half-moon. One of the city’s longest beaches, it offers a wide variety of fun things to do and see, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists.

The beach club is popular with families since the water is shallow enough for youngsters to swim safely. The beach is a great place to set up any number of water-based activities.

One of the beach’s many cafés is a great place to unwind. Watch the day’s beachgoing action as you eat lunch or sip a cold drink in the afternoon. In the evening, you may grab a drink at the beach bar or hit the dance floor at the club. A bus will take you straight to the club from the heart of Dubrovnik. A lift is available at the concrete section of the beach for anyone who needs assistance entering or exiting the water.

Phone number: +385 99 424 8112, +385 98 335 615

Address: UI. Ivana pl. Zajca, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia


3.  Coral Beach Club

Coral Beach Club

Coral Beach Club is unlike any other beach you’ve ever been to; it’s a quaint retreat far from the madding crowd and, has a first-rate beach club. Coral Beach Club is the place to go if you want to relax on a beach that looks like it was designed by a professional landscape architect and has all the amenities of a high-end nightclub.

The open-air restaurant at the beach club’s coastal location is shaped like a shell. The stunning view of the Adriatic Sea and the restaurant’s contemporary fusion of Mediterranean and subtropical style will make your lunch here memorable.


Opening hours: 9 am to 12 am every day.

Address: UI. Ivana pl. Zajca 30, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Phone number: +385 993 239 430

4.  Cima Beach Club

Cima Beach Club

Cima Beach Club is located at a beautiful sand beach called Sunj on Lopud Island. The island is located in the vicinity of Dubrovnik and is easily reachable by regular local ship lines.

Cima’s beach-adjacent restaurant serves delicious meat, Dalmatian fish specialties, and various salads, pizzas, burgers, etc. The club also has an excellent selection of wine for private and corporate events. Couple that with an unsurpassed view of the open seas and the island’s coastline, and you may rightfully enjoy a sublime experience.


Address: Od Sunja, 20222, Lopud, Croatia.

Phone number: +385 992658 168

5.  Sunset Beach Club

Sunset Beach Club

With only 2.5 kilometres distance from the Old City of Dubrovnik, in Lapad bay, against a backdrop of sea and sky, Sunset Beach Dubrovnik combines the best nature-inspired design with the most exquisite Mediterranean flavours for a perfectly relaxing and fun day-to-night experience.

At Dubrovnik’s largest beach, you can enjoy the beautiful pebble and fine sand and relax on your luxurious sunbed or a VIP cabana all day long. The club is also a perfect place to hold your weddings – in the beautiful surroundings of the olive garden tree, with the sea’s scent and the waves’ music.


Phone number: +385 206 427 00


Address: Setaliste krajla Zvonimira 17, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia.

6.  Buza Bar

Buza Bar

The Buza Bar – a literal hole in the bar in the wall on the side of a cliff. It is one of the most popular beach bars in the Old Town. Located near the south side of the Old Town, you find yourself staring directly at the Adriatic Sea and one of the best views of Lokrum Island.

Over the years, word has spread about Buza bar, which is no longer the secret hideaway it used to be. Today, it is one of Dubrovnik’s most popular sunset hangout spots, and it gets busy. Due to the bar’s rampant popularity, they’ve opened up a second location – Buza II, to accommodate more people.

The bar is extremely basic and simple, and the experience is only for a few. While tables are limited, the rocks are not. You can always take your drink and find a ledge to post nearby if they run out of seats.


Address: South of the main street in Old Town, Flow.meant.transit Dubrovnik

Phone number: +385 99 830 6357

7.  Sveti Jakov Beach Club

Sveti Jakov Beach Club

One of Dubrovnik’s most stunning beaches is Sveti Jakov. The beautiful pebble beach can be found in the eastern section of Dubrovnik town, in a little bay that provides a distant view of the Lokrum and Old Town, and is a favourite meeting place, particularly during the summer.

A pleasant stroll down a street lined with pine trees and a quick descent down a flight of stairs will bring you to this beautiful, secluded bay. Parasols, a volleyball court, sea kayaks, and jet skis are all available for hire at Sveti Jakov, a beautiful restaurant and beach bar made entirely of stone that overlooks the island of Lokrum. Umbrellas and lounge chairs are also available for hire.

The calm water of the ocean is perfect for swimming, and lounging on the beach is as relaxing. It’s ideal for individuals who want tranquil and breathtaking sunset vistas. Twenty minutes of walking will take you through one of the country’s most opulent hotels, Villa Dubrovnik, to the picture-perfect beach. If it’s too hot to walk, take the No. 5 or No. 8 bus from the Old Town; the journey is beautiful.


Address: UI.Vlaha Bukorea 14, 20000, Croatia.

8.  Beach Bar Dodo

Beach Bar Dodo

Located in a remote area of Sulic Beach, under the historic Lovrjenac fort, lies the Beach Bar Dodo. You may take the Adriatic Sea’s breathtaking view from this hidden jewel. Two friends opened the bar as a labour of love in 2015, and it has since become a popular hangout during the warm months.

You can find this pub within a few minutes walk of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, the city’s main attraction, and enjoy a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is known for its Buzara and salads, and guests can unwind at this pub while enjoying a refreshing beverage and listening to soothing lounge music. Guests can find all the makings of a great time here: comfortable outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi, and attentive wait staff.


Address: Od Kolorine, Plaza Sulic u Pilama, 20000 Dubravnik


Phone number: +385 95 856 8623

9. Ala Mizerija

Ala Mizerija

Having seen Fort Lovrijenac, it’s time to rest at this bar. Looking over the Adriatic Sea, the lovely cliff beach bar café is an easy walk away from the heart of the Old Town. Away from crowds and noise, it is a perfect place to relax.

The stunning rocks towering over you, the wonderful turquoise of the sea, and the sound of the rock being swept by every wave make you feel as if you’re in a movie. Located on Sulic beach, at Ala Mizerija, you can find reasonably priced food, good service, and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The locals like Mediterranean dishes; you can always enjoy nicely cooked seafood salads, tuna sandwiches, and fried fish. They also serve delicious draft beer, white wine, and great coffee. If you plan on visit Korea next, make sure to visit these best cafes in Korea.

Address: Ulica od Tabakarije 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Phone number: +385 989 795 470


10. Sunj Beach Bar

Sunj Beach Bar

Located on the Island of Lopud, Sunj beach is one of the most popular beaches on the Island of Lopud. This sandy beach with shallow waters is ideal for families with small children, young people, or even sports fans.

A short boat rides away from Dubrovnik port. The beach also has golf buggies, which is always an option. You get food with amazing qualities at a reasonable price, with helpful and friendly staff. There’s also the option of enjoying a private boat tour to the island or even participating in a sea kayaking expedition.

On the beach, guests will have to limit themselves to volleyball and water sport such as jet skiing.

Address: Plaza Sunj, 20222, Lopud Croatia

Phone number: +385 923 010 319


Facebook: Sunj Beach Bar

Dubrovnik Beach Club: A Travel Guide

1. Sight Seeing in Dubrovnik

There’s an adventure waiting around in every corner in Dubrovnik, and it’s so easy to see the city in a day or two.

2. Visit the statue of writer Marin Drzic

This bronze statue of “Dubrovnik’s Shakespeare” was created by famed sculptor Ivan Mestrovic and has one notable feature: a gold-colored nose. Visitors believe the gold sections will give them good luck if they rub it. However, the locals generally frown upon rubbing the statue, so your best bet is snapping a picture.

3. Visit the filming locations from Game of Thrones

For fans of Game of Thrones, you can tour the filming locations in Croatia; the country is full of them. Look out for the Lovrijenac fort – the scenic spot that served as Red Keep, and step into history since the fort dates back as far as the 11th century. You can also climb the Jesuit Stairs, famous for Cersei’s “walk of shame” scene in G.O.T. It is also a great place to take a picture.

You can also explore TV locations on Lokrum Island. The island served as the city of Qarth in some episodes of Game of Thrones, and even has a Game of Thrones exhibition in the former Benedictine monastery.

4. Explore the Blue Cave on Kolocep Island

Kolocep Island is one of the smallest of the Elaphiti Island located northwest of Dubrovnik in the Elaphiti archipelago. You can enjoy a swim in the crystalline water and explore different natural caves such as the Blue Cave. The Blue Cave has turquoise water surrounded by a lush, natural vegetation.

5. Stroll along the Stradun

No matter where you go, the Old Town is one of the must-see places in Dubrovnik. You can visit souvenir shops and restaurants down this scenic main street, which run through Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Cars aren’t allowed, so you can explore easily on foot. You can also head down to the Stradun after sunset to see it illuminated by lanterns.

6. Visit Dubrovnik’s St. Blaise

St. Blaise church, Dubrovnik’s most beloved church, built in the 18th century in honor of Dubrovnik’s patron saint. The city’s Baroque Cathedral was built in the 18th century and housed an impressive treasury with relics of Saint Blaise.

Dubrovnik Travel Essentials

Flights and Hotels Accommodation

Prices in all Dubrovnik hotels fluctuate depending on the seasons. Find reasonably priced places to stay, and transportation to and from the airport, on WayAway and WayAway is a flight aggregator providing travelers with the best rates on airlines. helps to find a great range of hotels and prices.

Airport and Hotel Transfer
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Car Rentals

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Yacht Rentals

Renting a boat from Searadars is the best way to see the magnificent waters of Dubrovnik. Charters of private sailboats, motorboats, and yachts are available to visit famous landmarks via this company.

Transportation Options: Shuttles, Trains, Cabs, and Ferries

While it’s easy to learn about the city’s many transportation options—including taxis, buses, and ferries—visitors still require guidance as they explore the metropolis. You can access all of the public transportation choices in your area by simply visiting the 12Go website.

Bike Rentals

Cycling is a terrific way to get fitness while taking in the landscape. It is also an excellent opportunity to explore the Old Town of Dubrovnik and sights that a vehicle or bus would not allow you to see.

There are several maps available that offer suggested riding routes across town. Bikes Bookings is the place to go if you want to hire a bike. Motorcycles and safety gear are available for rent to both novice and experienced riders.

Attractions, Exhibitions, and Museums

The greatest way to see everything that Croatia has to offer in terms of museums, galleries, and historic landmarks is on foot. Tiqets is a reputable ticket exchange where you can find cultural events to attend. To enjoy the most amazing vacation possible, it’s a good idea to check through TripAdvisor reviews written by other travelers.


Dubrovnik is a city with lots to offer. At every, an adventure awaits you. You can take a sunset kayaking tour, explore the Lovrijenac fort, or go wine tasting. Try reserving a spot on one of the top-rated tours or activities on Viator or Get Your Guide.


The Pearl of the Adriatic is a place anyone should see. The city, culture, and views are absolutely fascinating.

The coastline is postcard-worthy, and the islands are stunning. Food lovers will be right at home on their trip to Dubrovnik. While Dubrovnik has its charm, these best beach clubs in Croatia offer more tranquil and scenic alternative for relaxation.

Dubrovnik is the proper place to pamper yourself and spend a dream day. Also check out these top beach clubs in Split, Croatia.