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10 Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena (2024)

10 Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena (2024)

10 Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena (2024)

Cartagena, a small town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, is a stunning example of Spanish colonial architecture and has some of the best beaches in the country. It’s a large city and port on Colombia’s northern coast, right on the water with the Caribbean to the west.

Cartagena’s amazing beach clubs are the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing and adventurous vacation. There is a club out there that suits your every need, whether you’re looking for a quiet place to read or a lively place to dance the night away.

With the help of this article, you may tailor your trip to Cartagena to meet your specific needs. Check out why these clubs highlight every vacation to Cartagena, from the beautiful settings to the first-rate services and exciting events.

Top Categories of Beach in Cartagena Overview

1. Beach Clubs for Families

Callejón de Santa Teresa is the place for you if you are on holiday with the family. A quiet beach is a great place for you to escape the crowd. It is located in a residential area where the waves are quite gentle – making it perfect for families with children.

The area also has plenty of restaurants and bars and a few playgrounds for the little ones.

2. Beach Club for Parties

If you love to party, you are heading to the right place, as Cartagena loves to party. Cartagena has a number of beach clubs with great party atmospheres for groups of friends, bachelors and bachelorettes. Blue Apple and Playa Honda – located in the city’s heart- is a great top for you. The beach club has plenty of bars and restaurants in its area. The beach is also popular with surfers.

3. Beach Clubs to Relax and Chill

Makani is a new luxury beach club located on Tierra Bomba island. If you’ve got the budget and really want to treat yourself to one of the biggest beach club pools we’ve seen in Cartagena or take a day to enjoy a wellness spa experience, this is the place. Makani is highly recommended for a day of pampering and indulgence, with excellent options for food and cocktails

4. Beach Clubs in Cartagena on a Budget

If you are on a budget and searching for a reasonably priced beach club, Fenix Beach Club is where you should head. As one of the most popular clubs in Cartagena, it is one of the most accessible beaches. Amare Beach Club is also a great place to go. The beach is quiet, beautiful, and is not extravagant as other clubs in Cartagena.

5. Luxurious Beach Club in Cartagena

Makani Beach Club is worth every penny you spend. If you are looking for something remote with great restaurants, bars, and a great beach, Makani is the place for you. You can also check out Los Colibries, located in the El Poblado neighborhood of Cartagena.

6. Beach Club for Couples and Honeymooners

For people looking for a romantic escape on Cartagena de Indias, Playa Blanca, and Bomba Beach offer a peaceful setting. There’s a lot of sand, and it’s easy to find a spot without other people.

What are the best Cartagena Beach Clubs 2024?

Cartagena is home to a wide variety of exciting beach clubs, all of which offer something distinctive. You may expect to find a swimming pool, sundeck, bar, and kitchen at any decent club. As a bonus, you may find beach clubs where you can sunbathe, windsurf, scuba dive, go cycling, and do much more. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 beach clubs in Cartagena.

Top 10 Best Beach Clubs To Visit in Cartagena (2024)

1. Nena Beach Club

2. Amare Beach Club

3. Fenix Beach Club

4. Makani Beach Club

5. Blue Apple Beach Club

6. Genta de Mar Beach Club

7. Bomba Beach Club

8. Bora Bora by Tropicana

9. Marina Beach Club

10. Namaste Beach Club

1. Nena Beach Club At Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca

Where else to spend sunny days than lounging on a sun bed, cocktail in one hand, book in the other while listening to either DJ or crashing waves? Nena Beach Club & Hostel is a new exclusive space with services and products designed for the world’s traveler in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.

Fifty minutes from Cartagena, it is a stylish way to enjoy the white sand and blue water in one of the best spots in Colombia. Swimming, music, drinks, comfort, and activities will make your days on the beach and by the sea an experience full of unique and unforgettable moments.

Located in Playa Blanca, Isla Baru, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, and 10 minutes walking from parking 2 to the Nacional Park Los Corales. Nena Beach club has a perfect location in front of the sea, ten private rooms, 3 ocean-front glamping with private bathrooms, and a dormitory.

Address: Calle Principal 072, Playa Blanca, Isla Baru, Cartagena de Indias, Bolivar, Colombia

Phone number: +57 310 508 9543

For more info/reservations:

2. Amare Beach Club

Amare Beach Club

Amare Beach Club Cartagena is a firm favorite, with locals craving a beach day without the crowds of tourists or vendors. It’s only 10 minutes from the city, but you would never know it. It’s hidden on the far side of Tierra Bomba on a beach called Playa Linda (which translates to “beautiful beach”). Here you have a view of the ocean, the beach, and the palm trees – what more could one ask for?

Amare is a gem of a place. The beach is huge and white. The sky is blue 320 days of the year, and the water is clean and clear. At Amare, you can choose your style. Set back under the palms, you’ll find a gorgeous pool and plenty of relaxing places. For those that want more “on the beach action,” head to the loungers set on the beach.

But it’s not just the setting you’ll love at Amare Beach Club. You’ll also find excellent cocktails recommended by all the city’s bartenders, plus deliciously satisfying design-your-own bowl-style lunches. And look out for the regular events, featuring ome of the best DJs in town (and some of the coolest locals)

This beach club truly is for those in the know wanting to experience local Cartagenero culture at its coolest!


Whatsapp: +57 324 385 4059


3. Fenix Beach Club & Hotel

Fenix Beach Club & Hotel

Located on the Island of Tierra Bomba, Fenix Beach Club has fast become one of Cartagena’s most respected beach clubs. With a laidback but cared-for vibe, the staff and surroundings make it easy for you to relax.

Set on a large white sandy beach in Punta Arena, Fenix is just 10 minutes by boat from Cartagena – meaning you get to escape the hustle and bustle and get a fantastic view of the city from the beach. There are plenty of areas to relax at Fenix – which has a volleyball court and various options for enjoying the sea including kayaks and paddle boards. There’s also a large pool, set back from the beach in the gardens, as well as a bar, some beautiful lounge spaces, a great restaurant, and incredible weaved wooden orbs you will want to see at night.

Fenix Beach Club is well known for events, so you can check out their listings to see which local DJs are playing. Even on a quiet day, you can find a great playlist setting the mood for your beach day. The cocktails are delicious and the food is fantastic – paellas, ceviches, and the city’s famous fish and coconut rice.

Address: Fenix Beach, Tierra Bomba,  Provincia de Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia.

Phone number: +57 318 377 1676


4. Makani Luxury Beach Club

Makani Luxury Beach Club

Makani Luxury Beach is the perfect place to make your daydreams a reality. Located on one of the most privileged shores of the Island of Tierra Bomba, it is just 15 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Cartagena. A natural space surrounded by exquisite architecture with a majestic design, tropical plants, and gardens that harmonize with a peaceful environment and the sublime sound of the turquoise waters of the sea.

Arriving at the jetty, you’ll find spacious sunbeds made with reclaimed material to relax on for the day, set on a white beach dotted with palm trees – perfect for that idyllic Caribbean beach photo. They offer an eclectic diversity of delicate and elaborate dishes cooked with fresh, responsible, and locally sourced ingredients and drinks that pay homage to the exciting cocktail culture.

The club is open from 10 am to 8 pm.


Phone number: +57 318 335 6186

Address: Tierra Bomba Island, Arroyo Beach, Cartagena, Colombia.

5. Blue Apple Beach Club

Blue Apple Beach Club

If you want a guilt-free holiday in the Colombian sun, Blue Apple Beach is your destination. Just 20 minutes away from Cartagena, Blue Apple is a laid-back beach club and boutique hotel where like-minded locals and in-the-know visitors enjoy lazy days, music, and great food in a beautiful setting.

Hidden away on the southern shore of the island of Tiera Bomba, the club is a certified B-Corp, solar-powered, zero waste, and a living employer – suitable for all ages. The club has a menu inspired by Mediterranean favorites and local Colombian-Caribbean specialties, made from fresh ingredients sourced locally.

It is also a converted private home designed using local architectural techniques and materials. Each room is unique, with frequent, affordable water taxis between the club and town. The club opens every day from 9 am to 5:30 pm and it is also considered as one of the best beach club in the world.


Phone Number: +57 316 750 6979

Address; Blue Apple Beach House, Isla Tierra Bomba, Bocachica, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia.

6. Gente de Mar

Gente de Mar

Gente de Mar is a charming resort surrounded by crystalline water, white sand, and the most beautiful reef in the region that provides an intimate experience with nature. Located on the Punta Sur beach of Isla Grande, in the Rosario Islands,45 minutes away from Cartagena de Indias, it is the perfect paradise to enjoy unforgettable moments surrounded by peace and comfort.

The club is pet friendly for tourists who love to move with their pets. It also has a spa for you to relax and be taken care of, hammock areas, and game zones, and offers several activities for children and adults, such as beach volleyball and water sports. They also have free Wi-Fi

Phone number: +57 310 634 1105, +57 300466 5489



Address: Punta Sur Isla Grande Archipelago Nuestra Senora del Rosario, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia. 

7. Bomba Beach

Bomba Beach

The Bomba Beach Club is a fusion of Caribbean styles, enhanced by the flavor of local food, with a vibrant, tropical, and colorful atmosphere. Located on Tierra Bomba Island, the club assigns a designated place on the beach or pool area for all reservations.

The location depends on the number of people on the reservation. The VIP package of the club assigns the pergolas on the first line to those with VIP reservations. For couples, the club generally assigns beach beds or spaces in the side kiosks designed for two people.

The club is also ideal for group celebrations, bachelors parties, integrations, pre-weddings, weddings, and post-weddings. Also, it’s perfect for retreats or simply for a day of disconnection and relaxation on a beautiful beach.

The beach is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm.


Phone number: +57 300 678 0848


8. Bora Bora Beach Club

Bora Bora Beach Club

A true beach club in Islas del Rosario, Bora Bora Beach Club is a unique place for anyone who wishes to disconnect from everyday life and connect with the sea, landscape, and the Caribbean spirit. Just 50 minutes away from Cartagena, you can spend an unforgettable day at the club, whether as a couple, with friends, with family, or on your own.

The club has its accommodation service with cabins located in the VIP Area. The VIP Area of the club is exclusively made up of the patio of the Beach House + the Right Wing of the club. The area is open only to people over 16 years old. It also offers additional lunch options even though the seats are limited.

If you prefer just to have lunch or you want to enjoy the club, you can make reservations ahead. You can also split your time between lounging with a tropical cocktail, dancing to the DJ’s tunes, and cooling down with a swim in the jewel-colored sea. Snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding are also available if you’d like to see more of the coral reef around the island.

Address:  Islas del Rosario – Bolivar Colombia, 130019

Phone number: +57 324 502 6025



9. Marina Beach Club

Marina Beach Club

Just 10 minutes away from Cartagena de Indias, on the beautiful island of Tierra Bomba, is Mariana Beach. Marina is a great fit if you want to spend time at a beach with sun, fun, tranquillity, exclusivity, good food, and drink.

The club features an outdoor swimming pool, evening entertainment, and room service. The club is a great place to host any social and corporate event, including weddings. It also offers a fusion menu to enjoy savoring Chef’s delicacies, an exquisite combination that encompasses the representative flavors of international cuisine.

The night bar on Mariana’s beach is surrounded by white sand, you can walk with your bare feet and feel the warmth of the sand between your toes. It is a subtly decorated bar with elements of typical local craft and wooden furniture, comfortable to enjoy and share cocktails, drinks, good music, and wine.

Phone number: +57 323 305 8769


Address: Isla Tierra Bomba, Cartagena 130001, Colombia

10. Namaste Beach Club

Namaste Beach Club

Offering an outdoor pool and private beach area, Namaste Beach Club and Hotel is located on De Tierra Bomba Island. It features a terrace, hammocks, and spectacular views of the sea. Other facilities offered at the club include water sports facilities and a shared lounge.

An array of activities can be enjoyed on the site or in the surroundings, including fishing, hiking, and snorkeling.

If you feel like visiting the surroundings, check out the Palace of the Inquisition and Cartagena’s Gold Museum- 6.3km from the island and by boat. It is also a wellness focus hotel that offers 4fourdaily activities included on the rate, including Yoga, meditation, sound healing, and fire ceremony.


Phone number: +57 300 678 0848

Address: Isla, Tierra Bomba, Tierrabomba, Bolivar, Colombia.

Cartagena Travel Essentials

Cartagena is a historic city with plenty to offer its visitors – food, drinks, views, and entertainment. Regardless of your travel habits, you will surely have an unforgettable time in Cartagena. Get your bags, passport, swimsuits, and party hats ready to have a good time with these travel essentials.

Flight and Accommodation

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Airport and Hotel Transfer

Kwik Taxi is a 24-hour taxi service active in over 100 countries. They provide cheap airport and hotel transfers and are hassle-free and secure.

Bike Rentals

In Cartagena, guests will find various fun things to do and intriguing places to visit. Rent a bike from Bikes Bookings and pedal through the town’s narrow lanes for a fun day trip. Motorbikes and safety gear are available for rent by both novices and seasoned riders.

Car Rentals

 Discover Cars is the ideal site to browse, compare, and rent a vehicle. They provide a diverse selection of rental automobiles, from economy vehicles to high-end sedans. They offer affordable, spacious cars with GPS navigation systems, climate control, and entertainment systems – perfect for making your trip extra special!

Yacht Rentals

Renting a boat from  Searadars is the best way to see Cartagena’s magnificent beaches. Charters of private sailboats, motorboats, and yachts are available to visit famous landmarks.

Transportation Options: Shuttles, Trains, Cabs, and Ferries

Getting about town is simple since Visitors can find information on transportation alternatives, including taxis, public transportation, and ferries, with relative ease. You only need to visit the 12Go website to find every possible transportation alternative.

They are an efficient means of transportation since the website links users to private and public transportation choices inside cities.

Attractions, Exhibitions, and Museums

To see all the beauty Cartagena has to offer, go to the website of a reliable ticket broker for arts and cultural events, Tiqets. Be sure to read reviews from other visitors on TripAdvisor to ensure you have the most amazing time in Cartagena.


Cartagena is home to many exciting and entertaining attractions and activities. The Cathedral of Santa Catalina de Alejandria, Colonial buildings with Andalusian influences, the Cartagena Gold Museum, and Las Islas del Rosaria, one of Colombia’s most significant national parks, are just a few of the many attractions inside Cartagena’s walled city.

In Cartagena, it is not necessary to follow the usual tourist itinerary. Instead of rushing around the city to see everything, take your time and enjoy a leisurely walk through the Old Town at any time of day or night. Cartagena’s captivating and well-kept medieval city holds its own against Brazil’s Peru Cuzco, Ouro Preto and Rio De Janeiro. 

Check out some of Viator or Get Your Guide’s top-rated tours and activities for a day of excitement and adventure, offering various options, from walking to Segway tours. Also check out these best Rio De Janeiro Beach Clubs if you are planning to visit.


Some people say Cartagena reminds them of old Havana, for others, it’s their favorite nooks and side streets of Spain. Wherever it recalls for you, there’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that Cartagena is one of the prettiest cities in South America. Be sure to enjoy Cartagena and all it has to offer.