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12 Best Bodrum Beach Clubs (2024)

12 Best Bodrum Beach Clubs (2024)

Bodrum in Turkey is home to many fan favourite Bodrum beach clubs. It consists of several high-end beach clubs, perfect for a classy sunset drink or a candlelit supper with a water view. However its not limited to that it also boasts a wide range of beach options to cater to any visitor, tourist or adventure seeker.

With alternatives for children, couples, people on a budget, those looking to unwind or party, and of course those seeking luxury experiences, we review the top 12 Bodrum beach clubs in this article. Also check out these top Kalkan beach clubs in Turkey.

What are the best Bodrum Beach Clubs 2024?

Bodrum is the perfect place to spend a luxurious and carefree holiday. In the summer, the Bodrum peninsula becomes a hotspot for sunbathers, swimmers, and partygoers thanks to its dozens of beach clubs scattered throughout its many beautiful bays and beaches.

After a day of swimming and tanning on the sands of Bodrum, many guests choose to refuel with a meal at one of the many beachside restaurants. Our advice on the best Bodrum beach clubs is essential if you’re one of the many people who don’t want their trip to Bodrum to end without at least a bit of Bodrum beach club action.

Here are the twelve best Bodrum Beach Clubs 2024

  1. Kuum Beach Club

  2. Blue Point Beach Club

  3. Xuma Beach Club

  4. Il Riccio Beach House

  5. Blue Beach Club

  6. Moon Beach Club

  7. Sarnıç Beach Club

  8. Kefi Restaurant and Beach club

  9. Buddha Bar and Beach

  10. Flamm Beach Club

  11. Magi Beach Club

  12. Miya Beach

1.   Kuum Beach Club

Beach clubs Bodrum
Kuum Beach Club

Kuum Hotel & Spa, located on Turkbuku’s picturesque bay, is a model of sophisticated minimalism on the Mediterranean, with a focus on understated luxury and excellent cuisine. It’s easily accessible with a pleasant 14-minute stroll to Turkbuku Beach.

Guests may bask in the Aegean rays on Kuum’s exclusive beach. Kuum’s wonderful beach bar and relaxing sunbathing platforms are in the middle of the breathtaking scenery. Guests can find excellent daytime and evening beach and entertainment options  at the Kuum Beach Club.

Kuum’s exclusive platform beach is 500m in length. Large umbrellas and brightly coloured loungers are spaced far apart to allow for individual enjoyment and relaxation. The first several rows include cane umbrellas with jumbo sunbeds, which are bigger and more comfortable.

Website: Kuum Hotel & Residences
Address: Map Mahallesi Ataturk Cad. No: 150, Bodrum, Tr, Golturkbuku, Turkey
Phone Number: +90 252 311 00 60, +90 549 811 00 60

2.  Blue Point Beach Club

Blue Point Beach Club
Blue point beach club in Bodrum

The Blue Point Beach Club, located in Bodrum’s Turgutreis resort at the D-Marin Marina Turgutreis, is the perfect spot to unwind with a beverage and some delicious cuisine while taking in the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea from the club’s chic veranda.

Relax in style on a plush sun lounger or in a private cabana while enjoying a seaside snack or meal and breathtaking views. You won’t even have to leave the sand to indulge in some of your favorite foods, such as Turkish kebap, doner, pizza, handmade ice cream, and cool beverages. Blue Point Beach Club guests may enjoy several amenities in tandem.

Address: Cennet Koyu Çomça Mevkii Mandarin Oriental 48400/Göltürkbükü
+90 252 311 30 86

3.  Xuma Beach Club

Xuma Beach Club
Xuma Beach Club in Bodrum

Xuma Beach Club in Yalikavak has a picture-perfect bay that does justice to the quality of its beach, sunset parties, food, and more. Xuma is a great place to have a wedding since the beach clubs handle all of the details, from invites to venue selection.

Healthy meal options and attentive service at a fine-dining level allow them to fulfill your eating fantasies.

At Xuma Beach Club, you can relax and unwind thanks to the beautiful beach, pier, and upscale furnishings. At Xuma beach club in the Aegean, you can throw a party on a spacious lawn next to the water to make unforgettable memories and commemorate your special occasions.

Address: Merkez Mahallesi̇ kudur caddesi̇ no:81 yalıkavak bodrum muğla
Phone Number: +90 252 385 47 75, +90 541 531 11 11

4.  Il Riccio Beach House

Il Riccio Beach House
Il Riccio Beach Club

The Il Riccio Beach House is one of the most well-liked beach clubs in the area, and it can be found in the Golturkbuku resort of Bodrum, in Paradise Bay, in a secluded cove surrounded by deep blue seas and pine-covered hills.

The private beach at Il Riccio Beach House is equipped with modern loungers and sun umbrellas, and the deck and patio provide breathtaking views of the bay, making them ideal for a day at the beach.

Il Riccio Beach House is located on a hill overlooking the Aegean; it is a place where the theme of “water” permeates every aspect of the design. The pristine ocean and brilliant blue skies are shown in all their glory.

The green undertones, the glass-enclosed kitchens with hand-painted majolica tiles, and the Aegean blue oak tables provide the ideal equilibrium for preserving this one-of-a-kind adventure.

Every moment you spend at Il Riccio will be unforgettable because of the amazing 5-star treatment you get from the attentive staff, the unique spa services, and the delectable dishes prepared by the chef who was awarded a Michelin star. The 10 rooms and suites at Il Riccio Beach House & Restaurant are all big and beautiful. All of the rooms overlook the ocean and were made with your comfort in mind.

Address: Golturkbuku District. 316 Sokak Street. No: 10/1, Golturkbuku, Bodrum
Phone Number: +90 252 311 70 00

5.  Blue Beach Club

Blue Beach Club

One example of an ultra-luxurious Bodrum beach club is Blue Beach Club & Bar in Golturkbuku, which has made headlines on occasion due to its high prices. Among Bodrum’s beach clubs, this one is one of the most serene, with secluded arbors and plush sun loungers.

The Blue Beach Club is perfect for a sundown cocktail since it is directly on the ocean. Our summer barbecues are held on the beach, and the bar there is spectacular and has breathtaking ocean views.

Blue Beach Club provides the ideal setting for a vacation that can be customized to meet your every desire, whether it’s rest and relaxation or an action-packed itinerary.

Phone Number:+20 (0) 1285010429, +20 (12) 85010429

6.  Moon Beach Club

Moon Beach Club

Its location in Gokcebel Bay, one of Bodrum’s most beautiful and unique bays, gives Moon Beach a distinct edge. Moon Beach is a great place to relax with a dip in the ocean and a nap in a hammock because of the tranquil music that plays there throughout the day.

The noise rises as dusk approaches. Moon Beach also has a restaurant with lofty gastronomic aspirations. Guests can spend the day swimming in the ocean, sunning themselves, and listening to soothing music, and then conclude the day with drinks and a supper at this restaurant.

Address: Dirmil mahallesi sen dogan Caddesi no.43 (Gokcebel Koyu) 48990/Yalikavak
Phone: +90 252 385 22 66

7.  Sarnıç Beach Club

Sarnıç Beach Club

Sarnic, established in 1993, is one of the longest-running beach club in Bodrum. The Sarnic Beach club can be found at Bitez Bay, around a half-hour drive from Bodrum’s downtown.

At Sarnic Beach, guests may spend a perfect day lounging, swimming, playing water sports, dancing and listening to relaxing music at the beachside bar. The vibrant Bitez Bay is especially beautiful after dark.

As a result, surfers flock from around the globe ride the waves at Bitez. Sarnic Beach also provides excellent surfing conditions. The restaurant’s food is excellent, and the relaxing ambience is just the icing on the cake. If you’re looking for a Bodrum beach club where you can relax and enjoy yourself rather than go wild, Sarnç Beach is your best bet.

Address: Sarnic beach, Bitez District,  Çökertme Cad Street. No : 23, Bitez, Bodrum
Tel: +90 252 363 93 00, +90 530 034 34 34

8.  Kefi Restaurant and Beach club

Kefi Restaurant and Beach club

Kefi Beach Club is a wonderful option for vacationers staying in Ortakent, as it provides a kid- and family-friendly atmosphere and other convenient services.

Kefi Beach And Suites is situated next to Bodrum Ortakent Plaj, within 5 minutes walk of Yahsi Beach, and just 20 minutes’ walk from CamelBeach. It’s also just a 15-minute drive to go to Kefi Beach club from Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village.

Kefi Beach Club Bodrum is an excellent choice for travellers visiting Ortakent, offering a family-friendly environment and many helpful amenities to enhance your stay. Looking to explore Bodrum? Then look no further than Kefi beach club.

Address: Ortakent Yahşi Mah Yalı Caddesi No:38 48200/Ortakent
Phone:+90 252 348 31 45

9.  Buddha Bar and Beach

Buddha Bar and Beach

On the Bodrum peninsula, you’ll find Buddha Bar and Beach, an upscale beachfront restaurant and bar open throughout the day and into the night. It is one of the most ambitious Bodrum beach clubs and is located within this year’s edition of the Caresse a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Asarlik.

Buddha-Bar Beach Bodrum is the place to go to unwind in a lively outdoor setting while enjoying Buddha-trademark Bar’s soundtrack, a subtle avant-garde blend of lounge and house music coupled with local sounds, and modern fusion food with sweeping views of the Aegean Sea.

Buddha Bar and Beach, with its global reputation for fine dining, is home to dishes from Michelin-starred chefs. If you’re looking for a unique Bodrum beach club experience on a beautiful beach, you should check out Buddha Bar and Beach.

Address: Adnan Menderes Caddesi No: 89, Asarlık Mevkii PK 225,Bodrum, Muğla Province 48400
Phone :+90 252 311 36 36, +90 252 311 36 46

10. Flamm Beach Club

flamm beach house

Flamm Bodrum is located in the seafront of Golkoy Bay with a private beach, an outdoor pool and 14 rooms surrounded by a green garden and the sea. Tastefully decorated, the bright rooms of Flamm feature all-white walls. It is excellent for relaxing and having a fun day in the sun.

Address: Yali Mahallesi 30. Sokak No:3 48400/Göltürkbükü
Phone Number: +90 252 357 76 00

11. Magi Beach Club

Magi Beach Club

Blue Flag beach and eucalyptus trees make Bodrum’s Magi Beach at Tilkicik Bay, Yalikavak, stand out as a popular beach club. A hearty breakfast is available at Magi Beach, and the restaurant takes its morning meal very seriously.

At breakfast, you may choose from a variety of local specialties like pastries and handmade jams, and then spend the rest of the day basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean while dining on your favourite dishes from their menu.

Beach volleyball, foot tennis, and other water-based activities are just some extras visitors may enjoy at Bodrum’s Magi Beach. At Magi Beach, guests can get a massage while attending one of their sunset parties, including live DJ sets.

Magi Beach has a public exercise space where you can work out freely, and you can also take courses taught by trainers at the nearby gym, Alive Fitness. On the venue’s dock, guests may partake in Raki and seafood feasts. If you are a fitness enthusiast looking for a perfect backpack, explore these top backpack for CrossFit, ensuring you have the ideal gear to support your fitness. Athletes visit beach clubs that have fitness centers, so if you are one, make sure to be ready with your athlete backpack!

Address: Yalıkavak, Tilkicik Koyu, Denizli Sok., 48990 Yalıkavak / Bodrum/Muğla
Phone Number: +90 252 385 53 80, 0532 778 20 26

12. Miya Beach


Miya Beach, located in Yalikavak’s Tilkicik Bay, is a Blue Flag beach, signifying that the water is of very high quality. The facility, which has been decorated with care, is reminiscent of a high-end beach club. Where the sandy beach meets the grass garden is Miya Beach, where many different groups assemble.

The venue plays pleasant tunes and hosts happy hour activities. Miya Beach also takes kids into account, and there are a number of fun things for them to do there. Therefore, Miya Beach might be a top pick for families. Water activities are also available at the location.

The food and drink at Maya Beach, which is similarly forward-thinking, has influences from throughout the world, particularly the Mediterranean.

Address: Yalıkavak Merkez Mah Tilkicik Caddesi 182. Sokak No:3 48990 Muğla/Bodrum
Phone Number: +90 552 798 98 00

Top Categories of Beach Clubs Bodrum Overview

1. Best Bodrum Beach Clubs for Families

Miya Beach and Suites is one of the Best Bodrum Beach Clubs and hotels for families.  It has beautiful, well-preserved natural scenes and boasts fabulous views. (number 12 on the list below)

2. Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum to Party

When it comes to best beach clubs party, beach club Bodrum like Magi hosts popular sunset parties. (number 11 on the list below)

3. Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum to Relax and Chill.

If you want to be close to Bodrum but still have plenty of beaches to call your own, our pick is Kefi beach. It is a great place to relax and chill and is perfect for unwinding. (number 8 on the list below)

4. Best Beach Club in Bodrum on a Budget

The white, cubist sanctuary Kai Beach Club Bodrum is ideal for budget-conscious families. Kai Bodrum beach clubs is more reasonably priced. The best beach clubs Bodrum is spacious and carefully laid out around a spacious pool.

If you’re seeking some privacy in the heart of Bodrum for a low cost, Kai Bodrum beach club is a great option. (not on the list below)

5. Luxury best Beach Club in Bodrum

If you have the budget for an upmarket beach break, Il Riccio Beach House is one of the best beach clubs Bodrum. The Aegean views from the beach are pretty special. (number 4 on the list below)

6. Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum for Couples & Honeymoons

Xuma beach club Bodrum is ideal for a romantic escape on the Turkish coast. (number 3 on the list below)


Bodrum is Turkey’s number-one summer resort. The Mediterranean temperature makes about half the year perfect for beach going in this beautiful city in the Aegean Region. If you are traveling Turkey and want to make the most of it, check out these Marmaris Beach Clubs Turkey.

Tourists and Turks alike come to the Aegean coast between May and September because of its dozens of Blue Flag beaches. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, secluded beach to relax or a lively club scene to dance the night away, In conclusion, Bodrum Beach Clubs are the very best beach club around. Also check out these best Istanbul beach clubs in Turkey.