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10 Best Beach Club Athens

10 Best Beach Club Athens

Summer is a great time to spend lazy days on the beach as the weather heats up. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious meal, a lively evening party, or just some peace, these clubs have you covered. Swimming, sunbathing, and sailing are offered at these clubs.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to spend a day (or ten) soaking up the sun and enjoying some cocktails, look no further than our list of the 10 best beach clubs Athens!

What are the top ten best beach clubs in Athens in 2023?

When looking for the best places to take in the Athens vibes in 2323, it’s hard not to mention the beaches. Whether you’re a fan of the sand and waves or love spending time in the sun, there’s a beach club in Athens.

Here are the ten best beach clubs athens:

  1. Mavili Beach Club

  2. Terraza Rooftop Club

  3. Astir Beach Club

  4. Zen Beach Club

  5. Bikini Beach Club

  6. Akanthus Summer Club

  7. Bolivar Beach Bar

  8. Holy Spirit Beach Club

  9. Island Club & Restaurant

  10. Lohan Seaside Beach Club

1. Mavili Beach Club

Mavili Beach Club

Mavili Beach Club in Athens

Mavili Beach Club is a luxurious spot for all your beach needs. Whether you’re looking to spend a day by the water, catch a show at the beach club’s club theater or relax in the sun, Mavili Beach Club has it all.

The Athens beach clubs beautiful architecture and lush gardens are a perfect backdrop for a day at the beach. You can also take a swim in the pool or relax by the fire in the club theater. Whether you’re looking for fun or relaxation, Mavili Beach Club has it all.

You can play tennis, swim in the pool or enjoy a day at the beach. If you want a night out, you can also visit the casino and the cinema. Mavili Beach Club is perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. With everything you need right at your fingertips, Mavili Beach Club is the ideal place to spend a day in Athens.

Address: Timoleontos Vassou 8, Athina 115 21, Greece
Phone: +30 21 6200 7699

2. La Terraza Club Bar

Terraza Rooftop Club

The Terraza Rooftop Club is the perfect place to enjoy a summer night in Athens. With its stunning cityscape views, this rooftop beach club is ideal for a night of drink and dancing. The Terraza Rooftop Club is a new summer concept from the team at the Playground.

The terrace is heated and has a great view of the city, making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy the summer weather.

Address: Triptolemou 31, Athina 118 54, Greece
Phone: +30 695 999 5752

3. Astir Beach Club

Astir Beach Club in Athens

Astir Beach Club

Astir Beach Club is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a picturesque getaway. Nestled on the Laimos Peninsula, this exclusive beach club is only accessible by invitation.

With stunning views of the Aegean Sea, Astir Beach Club offers a range of amenities, including a heated pool, a spa, a range of dining options, and a private upscale beach club. With facilities that are in perfect condition and attentive service from the staff, Astir Beach Club is the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself.

The small designer boutiques and restaurants nearby make it easy to get your fill of Greek food and drink at the beach bar.

Address: Apollonos 40, Vouliagmeni 166 71, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0890 1619

4. Zen Beach Club

Zen Beach Club

Located on the cover of the Vouliagmeni peninsula, this beach club is perfect for all kinds of visitors. With a fully serviced beach and sunbeds, and umbrellas, Zen Beach Club is perfect for a lazy day on the sand.

In addition to the beach, the club also has a large open space that leads onto the beach, perfect for picnicking. The beach restaurant here is renowned for its seafood and is always bustling with people. Reservations are highly recommended, as this beach club is always busy.

Address: Νηρηίδες, Vakchou, Vouliagmeni, Ανατολική, Athina 166 71, Greece
Phone: +30 694 224 0878

5. Bikini Beach Club

 Bikini Beach Club

Bikini Beach Club is located in the charming town of Loutra Alimos, just a short tram ride from the city center. This is a great choice for visitors looking for easy access to all the area offers. The beach here is beautiful and perfect for a relaxing day in the sun.

There are plenty of sunbeds and parasols on organised beach for guests to use, and a variety of activities and events are always in progress. Entry to the beach is always free, and there are plenty of ways to spend your day here.

There’s something for everyone, from a relaxing bath in the sun to relaxing on the sunbeds and enjoying some music in the sand. The beach club comes alive in the evening with concerts, wedding events, and loud dance parties. This is a great place to enjoy a summer night in Athens.

Address: Απεναντι απο, Leof. Poseidonos 78, Alimos 174 55, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0982 1133

6. Akanthus Summer Club

Akanthus Summer Club

A summer day at Akanthus Summer Club is ideal during the summer months. The venue is perfect for a fun-filled day with family and friends. The staff is professional and offers excellent service. The food is delicious and unique.

The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. Akanthus Summer Club offers a wide variety of activities. Whether you want to relax on the beach or venture indoors for fun games, there is something for everyone at Akanthus Summer Club. So come on down and enjoy some summertime fun at Akanthus Summer Club!

Address: Leof. Poseidonos, Alimos 174 55, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0968 0800

7. Bolivar Beach Bar Club

Bolivar Beach Club

Bolivar Beach Club is likely the first place that comes to mind when it comes to the best beaches in Athens. With its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and lush surroundings, this exclusive beach club is perfect for a summer day spent relaxing and enjoying the lovely weather.

Bolivar Beach Club is a private beach with crystal-clear waters and panoramic views of Athens. The beach club has a private pool, sun loungers, parasols, and beach umbrellas. You can also enjoy a variety of refreshments and light meals while enjoying the splendid view.

The sun-drenched sand and the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea will soothe and relax you, while the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine will tantalize your taste. Bolivar Beach Bar is ideal if you’re looking for a place to relax with your family.

Address: Leof. Poseidonos, Alimos 174 55, Greece
Phone: +30 697 036 7684

8. Holy Spirit Beach Club

Holy Spirit Beach Club

Located on the Aegean Sea, Holy Spirit Beach bar offers panoramic views of the sea. The beach club features a lush green lawn, white sand beaches, and a lush garden. The beach bar offers a variety of cocktails coffee and alcoholic drinks, as well as light meals and snacks.

The beach club is perfect for a relaxing day by the pool or a fun night out with friends. Holy Spirit Beach bar is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for an athens beach club that is both luxurious and relaxing. Reserve your spot today and enjoy a day of paradise in Athens.

Address: Ακτή ΕΟΤ, Athina 161 72, Greece
Phone: +30 697 318 1445

9. Island Club & Restaurant

 Island Club & Restaurant

The Island Club features many activities and attractions, perfect for all ages. There are plenty of pools and beaches to enjoy, as well as a range of restaurants and the best beach bars. A private island is available if you want something more private.

Whether you’re looking for a day of sunbathing and swimming or a night of partying romantic dinner and entertainment, Island Restaurant has something for everyone. Enjoy some of the best weather Greece offers at one of the island’s most delightful beach clubs.

Check out our comparisons guide on Greece vs Italy if you are wondering which place has the best beach clubs.

Address: 27th km, Athens-Sounio Avenue, 166 72, Greece
Phone: +30 21 0965 3563

10. Lohan Seaside Beach Club

Lohan Seaside Beach Club

Lohan Seaside Beach Club is a revolutionary beach club designed to unite people through quality music and positive vibes. The club is located in the heart of Athens, Greece, and is easily accessible by public transportation. The club has an extensive beachfront property that offers stunning views of the nearby seaside villages and the Aegean Sea.

The all-day and night club offers various activities and amenities, including a full lounge area, large dance floor, well-equipped beach bar, a heated pool, and lush gardens. Lohan Seaside Beach Club is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Greek scenery.

Address: tram stop, Leof. Posidonos (Loutra, Alimos 174 55, Greece
Phone: +30 698 750 1825

Some Simple Ways to Enjoy Beach Clubs with Your Friends

Are you bored with spending a holiday alone? Enjoy beach clubs with your friends for a great time. Beach clubs are the perfect place to enjoy the sun, sea, and other things that can make your summer enjoyable.

You will miss the amazing time if you have never been to a beach club. Here are some tips for enjoying beach clubs with your friends.

1. Start early

The best part of beach clubs is they start early in the morning before sunset. So, you can start early to enjoy the activities and also you will have a great time with your friends.

2. Choose the right location

You should choose the beach club which is located in a good area. The right location will save you money on taxis and other expenses.

3. Choose a suitable dress code

You should wear comfortable clothing that fits your body. So, you don’t want to wear too many clothes, and you can wear shorts, jeans, and t-shirts.

4. Get a good sunscreen

Most people don’t use sunscreen while playing on the beach. You should use sunscreen as the sun’s rays can damage your skin and burn it.

5. Avoid alcohol

Most people drink alcohol while at beach clubs. You can also have a cocktail with alcohol as it is part of the beach club experience, but don’t overdo it, as it will make you drunk.

6. Stay hydrated

It is always advisable to stay hydrated, as drinking water keeps you healthy and relaxed.

7. Enjoy the activities

You can enjoy the activities like swimming, boating, dancing, etc. Spending time playing this game is fun.

Top Categories of Beach Clubs in Athens Overview

If you’re looking for a fun-filled day on the beach, Athens has plenty of beach clubs to choose from. From family-friendly options to those with a more nightlife-focused vibe, there’s something for everyone.

1. Best Beach Clubs in Athens for Families

Astir Beach Club is perfect for families looking for beach fun. With supervised swimming areas, a playground, and plenty of beach toys and games, there’s plenty for the little ones to do. Plus, the restaurant on site offers delicious food and drinks, so you can spend your day without worrying about packing lunch.

2. Beach Clubs and Best Beach Bars in Athens to Party

If you’re looking for a place to party all day, Bikini Beach Club is the place for you. Bikini Beach Club is the ultimate spot for a fun day, with a pool, cabanas, and plenty of beach bars and beach clubs.

3. Best Athens Beach Clubs on a budget

On a budget, those looking for a fun day at the beach should check out Mavili Beach Club. With a pool, and the best beach bars, and plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas, Mavili Beach Club is the perfect place to spend a lazy day in the sun.

4. Best Luxury Beach Clubs in Athens

Zen Beach Club is your place if you want a luxurious beach experience. Zen Beach Club is a beautiful and relaxing spot with its white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush landscaping.

5. Beach Clubs Athens for Couples & Honeymoons

Holy Spirit Beach Club is just what you’re looking for, whether you’re looking for romantic beach days or a relaxing stay. With its soft white sand beaches, luxurious cabanas, and delicious food and drinks, Holy Spirit Beach Club is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Athens Travel Essentials

Remember to arrange your flights, accommodation, transportation, and attractions in advance when planning your trip to Athens.

Flights & Hotels Accommodation:

When planning your trip to Athens, one of the first things you’ll need to do is book flights and hotels. While many different options are available, we recommend using WayAway and

Airport & Hotel Transfers:

When arriving in Athens, you must take a taxi to your hotel. A Kwik Taxi is the best option for getting around Athens. They are reliable and affordable.

Rental Services:

You can rent a car with Discover Cars.

Transport Services:

Once in Athens, you must be aware of the local transportation options. 12go is a great app for accessing all of the transportation options in Athens and is affordable and easy to use.

Attractions, Museums & Shows:

When it comes to attractions, museums, and shows in Athens, you’ll need to take advantage of Tiqets and TripAdvisor. Tiqets lets you buy tickets for various attractions, while TripAdvisor lets you find reviews of attractions and restaurants in Athens.


If you’re looking for activities in Athens, you can check out Viator and Get Your Guide. Viator offers a variety of activities, from walking tours to wine tastings. Get your guide provides activities such as city tours, beer tastings, and culinary experiences.


Enjoy the sun, relax, and have fun at the 10 Best Beach Clubs in Athens. These clubs are perfect for anyone looking for a place to enjoy the great outdoors and have a great time.

Here are ten of the best beach clubs in Athens, from most popular to most recommended. Also check out Corfu beach clubs, Corfu is an island located in Greece.