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About Us

Welcome to The Green Voyage, where we explore the world from city streets to mountain trails, bringing you closer to the essence of travel. Our mission is to enrich your journeys with diverse cultural insights, eco-conscious practices, and unforgettable experiences. Join us for practical advice, engaging stories, and the latest travel insights, whether you’re a seasoned explorer or just starting out. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the wonders of the world.

The Green Voyage team, a mix of globe-trotters, offers unique travel guides infused with authentic experiences from living worldwide. We blend beauty, practicality, and eco-consciousness into memorable journeys.

About the Team

Meet our diverse team behind The Green Voyage. We are an adventurous group of individuals of all ages who have crisscrossed the globe, living in various parts of the world and exploring different cultures. Our well-traveled backgrounds uniquely position us to understand the intricacies of overseas exploration. Each team member brings a practical touch to our travel guides, incorporating the authentic and the local into every recommendation. Whether navigating bustling city streets, trekking serene mountain trails, or following eco-friendly practices, we draw from our personal experiences to create guides that resonate with you. Our team is here to share the beauty, practicalities, and common sense of travel, ensuring your journeys are always memorable.

Sarah Griffin – Managing Editor and Contributing Writer

Sarah is an experienced editor and writer from the UK. Having lived in Spain for the last eight years, she has a passion for the Mediterranean, from the ocean to the cuisine to the laid-back way of life. Solo travel, city breaks, and the culture and food of new places inspire her passion for writing.

Kitty Holland – Content Editor and Contributing Writer

Kitty is a travel professional who has dedicated her career to representing luxury hotels worldwide. She’s lived in the US, Canada, Egypt, the Maldives, UAE, and Thailand. Born in England, her passions extend to photography, diving, Nordic walking and travel, and her love for feline and elephants, showcasing her diverse interests and expertise.

Jef Ybanez​ –  Editorial Assistant

Jef, born in the Philippines, is a local tourist at heart who combines his passion for graphic art, photography, travel, and motorcycle riding with a professional background in general admin support for businesses. His favorite destination is Siargao Island, which showcases his love for the beach and life in Asia.

Ashleigh Nicole – Contributing Writer

Former Executive Chef turned freelance writer and globetrotter, Ashleigh is a connoisseur of global flavors and is passionate about exploring new destinations. She has a deep appreciation for nature, beaches, and cultural history.

Keep in Touch 

We encourage you to keep in touch and share your own travel stories with us, as every journey is a story worth telling. Email us anytime